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Adams County
This unit does a good job in laying out the concepts, techniques and strategies for teaching productive skills. The techniques offered with the red-boxed subtitles are very reader-friendly and extreme
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This unit deals with different aspects of being a teacher and a learner, the qualities that make a good teacher and the different roles they perform in the classroom, as well as various issues regardi
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It all starts with understanding and agreeing to the role of the teacher and having the right qualities to teach. You cannot engage your students unless you understand what a good student should proce
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A good teacher should love teaching, patient and kind also able to motivate the learners. Make a strong connection or bound between the teacher and the learners by understanding their desire to learn
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In unit sixteen (16), I learnt how to teach reported speech by using interesting and communicative games. It is difficult for students to understand the forms and usages of the five conditional senten
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This unit elobarate on the ways of evaluating and testing students .Thus, to assess students language level we can use the following ; tutorials, test and evaluation by students .Also tests can furt
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Arapahoe County
In my opinion, this unit is so informative and clearly outlined. When studying it thoroughly, i have chance to review my knowledge one more time to make sure they are completely right. I know differen
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This Unit is about teaching special groups. It goes over the differences between groups of students. Including beginners, individuals, children, mono and multilingual classes, as well as business Eng
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This unit covered more on how to teach the vocabulary, grammar, and functions of a new language to students. Teaching vocabulary is important for new students to learn the basic words needed for a ne
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This course goes over modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. It discusses modals their uses, the difference between true modals and semi modals, and the difficulties with teaching each. This Unit al
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Unit 2 provided me with a brief review of the parts of speech in the English language. It clarifies an idea of how to recognize and classify these parts of speech. Generally speaking, there are 7 main
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When conducting a diagnostic or progress test- or any type of test to gauge where the student is in their ESL studies, it is important to include reading, writing, listening, and speaking evaluations.
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As teacher it`s sometimes hard to select which words to teach, but this unit gave me same guidelines what criteria can be used for selecting a new vocabulary. I also learnt what do students need to kn
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I learnt to identify most common usages of future tenses. It was also intresting to learn what are typical student mistakes and erros, when they are using future tenses, for example confusion between
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I found it interesting to learn about the "modals" and how they can be expressed in a number of different ideas, Obligation, possibility, permission, ability and advice. The chart outlining the auxili
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I have found this unit to be the most challenging of all of the units so far. I enjoyed and understood the intonation and will definitely use some of the teaching material for teaching this topic, th
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I learnt that accuracy activities are used to practice correct usage of grammar and language. Fluency activities are usually provide opportunities for students to experiment and be creative with the l
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When watching this video lessons, i found out how important it is as a teacher to use positive reinforcement to deal with incorrect answers, because it will facilitate students motivation to participa
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Black Hawk
The "if" clause can be a tricky topic for students. Teachers will need to teach the first, second, third, and mixed conditional. Students also need to be taught how verbs in direct speech sentences ch
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This unit focuses on the qualities of both teachers and learners that form the basis of the teacher-student relationship. There are many different kinds of learners, as well as many different roles th
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Blue River
The ESA methods seen like a very good start to learning how to teach English as it seems to cover all the basic necessities required in a class (involvement, the actual lesson, and the practice of the
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In my opinion grammar is very important for effective communication. I have learned a lot of useful information from this Unit. It is crucial to have strong grammatical skills and at the same time it
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This section was fairly easy to learn and very well explained. As most sections, More examples are always wanted and sometimes needed. There was a lot of examples in this section but more wouldn't hur
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This unit went over productive skills necessary to learning a new language. This productive skills are writing and speaking, which are just as important as reading and listening. For speaking and writ
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Bow Mar
Thank you for your useful lesson regarding to equipment and teaching aids. There is no doubt that it not only offers a variety of good equipment that can be used in our classes but also gives us some
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There are many different methods to approach teaching English, many with different pros and cons and of course each has strengths according to the types of students. Since I from my own language learn
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Before reading this unit, I understand a few of equipment and teaching aids. But after reading it, I have many source of information to access teaching aids, dictionaries and other else. This unit als
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I really enjoyed learning about the different categories of learners. I agree that you need to really use some special techniques and methodologies when teaching "beginners". When teaching one on one
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8 .The future tense is one of the most complex areas of English language and Unit 8 provides the various future tenses , forms and usage . The future simple ( I shall/will ,you will ,he/she/it will,w
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Unit 13 is about the teaching of pronounciation and phonology .This unit treats detailly English phonology like intonation, stress , rythmn. Intonation is generally considered to be the variation in
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I learnt what factors as a teacher need to be considered when arranging seating order. I also learnt how to keep balance with Teacher talking time and Student talking time. This unit helped me to real
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Buena Vista
Studying the Ittt course has been interesting, yet educative journey. Learning on teaching English in a foreign country has been insightful and the fears associated with it, abated. I am more than eve
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Productive skills: speaking and writing have the same purpose to communicate and this unit give a valid understanding of how we must teach speaking and writing skills to our students and what are the
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CaƱon City
This unit is well-designed to help teachers navigate the sometimes tricky concepts of modals, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. I found that I needed a refresher on all three. As a teacher trainer,
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In this unit I learnt about Passive Voice and how it is changed from the active voice to change the focus of the sentence. I learned about the different clauses. The Independent, Dependent and Relativ
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I Learned that with the past simple tense we use the auxiliary verb do and it changes to did not in the negative form. I also learned about many fun activities for example an activity where you bring
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UST like unit 11, unit 12 talks about two of the four language skills but this time productive skills that is speaking and writing .I learnt that when two or more people are communicating , it is beca
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Castle Pines
I feel that this unit opened up my mind to more possibilities of how teaching can go wrong. For example even if the teacher has a desire to teach well and participate and help as much as possible, th
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Castle Rock
There is no excuse to use the student's native language, no matter the size or type of classroom. Visual aids and educational tools can overcome this barrier, especially with young learners. You do no
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This unit looked at the importance of stress and pronunciation. When saying a sentence, where one puts the stress emphasizes the whole meaning of the sentence. For example, "I LOVE strawberries" emp
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Speaking and writing are the productive components skills. In order to be successful with the students and give the students the best opportunity for learning, the teacher needs to help ensure the stu
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This unit looks at techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specific groups such as beginners, individuals, young learners and business students. Teaching beginners can be intimidatin
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Central City
Managing classes has been a very interesting unit, with the various ways of communicating with students whilst maintaining respect to each other. With the teacher's high sense of professionalism thro
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I learnt how to form conditional sentences using the word if and also that there are five main types of conditional sentences in English. Each expresses a different degree of probability that a situat
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Cherry Hills Village
In fact, it is a lot of informative and useful in this unit. Through this, i have chances to review some of my grammar. In addtion, i can get much more skills to help students learn tenses without bor
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Cheyenne Wells
This unit was extremely educational and fun. In school as an English speaker, phonetic script was never taught. Using phonetic script as an exercise was a lot of fun. Memorization of the place and
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Clear Creek County
In fact, this unit is useful enough to help me know differences between authentic and created materials. Authentic materials are those interesting and real although they are not appropriate for all le
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Coal Creek
From the lesson, a good teacher's role seems to be somewhat supremacy in the classroom. Therefore the professional discharge of these roles will have an effective impact on a good learner. The profes
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In this unit learned much on the equipment that can be used as teaching aids. One of the most important things a teacher can have in a classroom is a board at the front of the class to write on. It'
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Both videos showed me what is the difference between a "good" and "bad" teacher. In summation, the main concept is that a teacher creates the atmosphere of learning in the classroom. If the teacher s
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