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I found learning about the 5 main conditionals very interesting and easy to follow. I can understand by looking at the examples that it can become tricky even if you are a native speaker. The teaching
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Sugar City
Native speakers learn modal verbs with ease, however teachers need to show EFL students different cases where each modal verb can be used. Teachers also need to show students how to use the active voi
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This lesson on equipment and teaching aids was very thorough. It provided a few older pieces of equipment which I think is good to advise the younger generation of the purpose for these tools incase
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Lesson Planning is covered in this unit. Teachers plan their lessons to set goals and detail the methods for achieving them. The lesson plan serves as a working document to guide the class and also as
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Teller County
Continuous evaluation of students creates awareness to gradually monitor progress after every lesson and improve upon weaknesses. This can also help the teacher to know whether goals set for the lesso
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In this unit I learned about all the special groups of learners that there are. The different types of Beginners and that I should be very patient with them and make use of visual aids. With one on on
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This unit presents a number of commonly taught subjects in English Grammar that have not been covered by previous units. These subjects include modal verbs in English communication as well as phrasal
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I found this section very intriguing as it's been a long time since I have heard of adjectives, nouns, and many more of these key words from the chapter. I remember learning about them in elementary b
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Course books and lesson materials are some important aspects treated in this unit. In which i leart that lesson materials can be authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers etc and that since
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Two Buttes
To be honest, I had expected more content in this final unit, which covers trouble-shooting, as there is so much that may 'go wrong' in a class (especially a language class). However, one can underst
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This unit involved two videos of actual classroom lessons to compare and contrast. Video one showed a teacher who was frustrated and impatient with a low level of student participation and comprehensi
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I feel that i have learnt consider the advantages and disadvantages of authentic or created materials. Unit reminded me to avoid base lessons around the course book, otherwise course book will dictate
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I already have learned grammar a while ago, so it has been a great chance to remind myself and to make it clear how the English grammar works. I can understand the grammatical factors clearly and can
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Throughout this unit I learned about the different teaching aids one can use and found them quite interesting. It was very instructive to learn about the modern aids, such as the IWB and the use of co
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In this unit I learned about teaching receptive skills. The two types of receptive skills are reading and listening. There are two reasons for reading and listening: for a purpose (such as reading ins
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This unit focuses on evaluation and testing of students. Tests are broken down into several categories. Placement and diagnostic tests are useful at the beginning of a course. Progress testing is used
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When teaching parts of speech, it's important to make sure that learners understand the use of specific words and words like them. For example when using definite articles it's important to understan
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This unit was helpful in understanding how to teach conditionals and reported speech to ESL students in any setting. It was very helpful to understand the different mistakes that students could potent
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Weld County
There are several reasons why the teacher might have difficulty managing the class or teaching the material. At the beginning, it is important to establish a rapport with students and not simply drill
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This unit covers teaching methods, methodologies, and feedback. I gained a lot of useful information on the different styles of teaching as well as the purpose behind them. Specifically I learned abou
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I found it interesting to see and learn about the placement test, and how it is similar in content to the diagnostic test. I like the idea of conducting progress tests and will definitely try this in
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I have learned a lot about the different methodologies. I now know hoe the ESA methodology works. First it is the Engage stage where you play games and use music with the students to get them relaxed
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Wheat Ridge
It is wonderful to have these first hand knowledge on teaching special groups. I feel so ready to teach, and the step by step guide is really helpful, even for new teachers. This Unit is self explana
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Course books can be both a blessing and a curse. While the books can be a great outline for subject matter taught, they shouldn't be the end all. A teacher needs to be able to adapt to the needs of th
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This unit covered the basics of how to teach a new language, staring with the differences between teaching grammar and function versus vocabulary. I found it very helpful that there were examples of h
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This unit introduces a lot of new vocabulary concerning pronunciation and the physiology of speaking. It also introduces a phonetic alphabet which breaks down exactly how a word is pronounced. I think
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In this unit, I learned a lot on the importance of pronunciation and phonology. These are often overlooked in teaching English because teachers are often not taught it themselves. However, it can be q
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Winter Park
I learned that perfect forms have some form of the verb "to have" and the past participle. I also learned that all perfect continuous forms that the verb "to have" followed by "been" and the "ing" for
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Woodland Park
The content covered in this unit was not only invaluable, it was also clear, concise and extremely reader-friendly. I had never seen a diagram that outlines the changes in verb tenses when changing fr
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In this unit I have learned basic rules about modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice , active voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. This part of grammar was always confusing for me but now I got b
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This unit was helpful because it went over receptive skills. The receptive skills are reading and listening, which are just as important in learning a new language as speaking and writing. The lesson
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This unit looks at the productive skills of reading and writing in the classroom. The importance of both accuracy and fluency is highlighted, and the types of classroom activities that support them ar
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