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This lesson covered a lot of information. From the phonetic alphabet to the parts of our mouths used for articulation. I think it will be especially helpful in teaching intonation and have already bee
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Pagosa Springs
teaching pronunciation & phonology is one of the great challengers that most teachers escape from due to the complexity and not enough background knowledge on how to teach. the chapter has great infor
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My biggest takeaway for this course has been the different roles the teacher plays. Not one class will be the same as the next, and all students will learn differently and pick up a new language at a
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Palmer Lake
This unit was tough. We an English speaker, and growing up in the Canadian education system, we were only taught 3 tenses. The 4 subcategories was naturally picked up with every day usage. Because
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I really liked how the introduction simplified this unit, that there are 4 things that the students need to do with a new language ; be exposed to it,understand its meaning, understand how its constru
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In this section I was able to learn the importance, benefit, and disadvantage towards authentic and creative materials. As well as, I also learnt the benefits and importance of course books and how to
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unit 1 examines the qualities , role and responsibilties of both teachers and students in a classroom .I learnt that a good teacher should be kind and patients, really love teaching , lively and enter
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This unit covers the subject of pronunciation. How we use intonation and stress to emphasis our speech, as well as techniques and activities that can help students gain confidence when using the langu
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Managing the classroom itself is just as important as teaching the information. If there are five students or fifty students, the instructor must make the best of each situation and learn to capitaliz
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I learned much on modals, passive voice, and phrasal verbs in this unit. Modal auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to express meaning to the main verb. They express different ideas such as ob
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In this unit I learnt that the materials you use for your lessons plays a vital role. When using these materials they should be well prepared for example when you are going to use any technology make
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Pitkin County
With technological advancement, it is not surprising that there is influx of sources of English learning materials all around. These, I must admit will enhance a teacher's work and make the class more
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This Unit covers the different kinds of tests, as well as when and how to use them. I think my biggest take away was the importance of tests. They do not only provide a means to grade the student but
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Poncha Springs
It is quite interesting to note the similarities in the Present tenses and Past tenses. It will be less difficult if good students can study them and connect sentences with either the present or past
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In this unit, I watched two videos covering the same ESA lesson taught in two very different ways. In the first video, the students were left confused and the lesson was not encourging the students t
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Unit 1 gives a good basic understanding of the roles of the teacher and how important it is to use them properly during a lesson. At the same time, not only the teacher but the learners need to posses
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This unit focused on the various theories and teaching methods that can be used during a standard lesson. My main takeaway from this lesson really boils down to the different ways in which I can use t
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I learnt that modal auxiliary verbs such as will, shall, may, might, can, could, must, ought to, should, would, used to and need are used with main verbs to indicate necessity, capability, or willingn
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The point of this section highlights key components when constructing sentences to identify the tense (time) of what is happening. For example, a present tense is something that is happening now, whe
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Red Cliff
These videos give an obvious differentiation between a good lesson and a bad lesson. It demonstrates effectively that a teacher's attitude greatly affects the students attitude. Also, the second les
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This unit helped me to understand the importance of receptive skills: reading and listening. It is very important to use the receptive skills equally in the class. It was very interesting to learn abo
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This was a great unit and I learned a lot about how to teach pronunciation to students. It was very informative with regard to the provision of techniques for teaching difficult words although I found
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I learned that the main influence in a classroom setting is the teacher. The teacher is the center of learning that both initiates, facilitates, and ensures learning. They have to present informatio
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Modals , phrasal verbs and passive voice are also important in Emglish Grammar . Unit 18 , not only elaborate on how the above are used in English Grammar but also gives some ideas and aids on how to
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Rocky Ford
This section was easier to understand than the present tense section because it was able to draw a lot of parallels with the present tense lesson. It was interesting to find that some of the tenses w
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Planning lessons need to have SMART goals- specific (but flexible within parameters of class), measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Having these will help plan for further lessons and lo
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This final lesson was very helpful and practical. It went over different classroom skills to ensure successful class time. Specifically, this unit went over how to start a first class. Some tips inclu
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There are many resources available for TEFL students and teachers. They need to be utilized correctly. (Cassette tapes are very out of date). When writing on the board, only putting essential or reque
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Saguache County
The first lesson, compared to the second had a lot of flaws, with some unprofessional behaviors in front of the students. The teacher arrived late, with no introduction between teacher and students an
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I learnt more about lesson planning in this unit. I learnt to keep my lesson plan simple and flexible. I should use the same structure to make it easier. When setting up my lesson plan, time managemen
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San Luis
This unit gave great ideas on how to handle a classroom. It opens up a lot of possibilities (such as grouping arrangements) to better plan a lessons. It also emphasizes on the importance of the teac
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In this unit I learnt bout the problems that I might face as a teacher. I learnt that my first lessons are vital in building good rapport especially when it is a new group. I should make this as fun a
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In this unit I learn about Receptive Skills which is reading and listening and Productive Skills which is speaking and writing. I learnt that with Receptive skills it will be more difficult for the st
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I really liked how it broken down how the readers and listeners employ a number of different skills when reading and listening depending on what they want to get out of the task. I personally use all
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I've learned how to teach in different specialized groups and the needs each require. Teaching beginners can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of EFL teaching. There are many different types of beg
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In this unit I have learnt about the qualities, roles and responsibilities of both students and teachers. This unit is very useful because it discusses the different levels of ability in the English l
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This unit was very helpful because I learned a lot about the different methods of teaching in the classroom. The most interesting portion, I found, was the Engage Study Activate method. It was very he
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Sheridan Lake
I believe that planning a lesson is basically essential, to keep records and progress of both the students and teacher. But the best will be to plan the lesson and integrate flexibility as this Unit a
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I am a type of teacher that believes in lesson planning. I believe that if you don't have an objective of the course and how you plan to get there it is hard to measure if you have achieved what you h
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Silver Cliff
Once again we find a unit that is makes for a worthwhile read for both veteran and rookie teachers- the content addressed in this unit is invaluable and could/should be easily prepped into an ice-brea
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Silver Plume
This unit was well-prepared and is useful in that new teachers will have a better understanding of the when/where/how/why of various exams/testing methods- which are valid (and often the most valued)
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This unit really helped me refresh what exactly English grammar consists of. The examples were extremely beneficial. I have learned Spanish grammar most recently, so this will help me when teaching En
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This troubleshooting section helped me identify some of the issues that may come up between large classes, students who are at different levels, students who are reluctant to participate and who are u
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This unit focused mainly on the present tense verb forms in English. I was actually unfamiliar with the terminology related to Present continuous and present perfect continuous. I was also not aware o
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Snowmass Village
This chapter gave great and simple examples of ESA lessons that can be used to focus on teaching vocabulary, grammar, and function. More of these ESA examples would be great. I think giving a more d
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South Fork
A lot of motivation and encouragement will need to be given to students to perfect their writing skills, as much as they desire to speak the language, since a good handwriting speaks well about a pers
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The tense system is an integral part of every language. Some expressions in the English language cannot be directly translated into other languages. Every language has a different tense system, for ex
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Managing the class is an important part of being a teacher. You need to take into consideration many factors when teaching in a new environment. I found the section on eye contact, gestures, and voi
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Steamboat Springs
Intonation is an important part of the English language. Students need to know which words to emphasize in a sentence. Teachers, however, should not focus too much on the exact pronunciation of words
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Throughout this unit I learned more about the past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The past simple tense is shown when something is done at a definite
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