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This covers the management of a class from gestures, appropriate seating, and teacher/student talk time to disciplinary tips. I learned different ways to use gestures, eye contact, and voice to includ
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Larimer County
I think the Present Simple and the Present Continuous would be very confusing to explain. They technically are present tenses. It is that they indicated the present action (eg. to think) with someth
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This unit covered the productive skills in teaching: speaking and writing. Both skills require accuracy and fluency, however writing usually requires a greater degree of accuracy, while speaking requi
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Las Animas
I must say, the last section of this test, where it was required to read phonetically both the questions and the four answers to each question, was quite interesting. The charts/diagrams in the unit w
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From this unit I learned a great deal about classroom management. In particular, how a teacher can use gestures, their voice and eye contact in a classroom to communicate and manage the class. It was
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I learned about the structures of lesson planning. A lesson should be kept simple, structured, balanced, not scripted, open for flexibility and adaptation, and the teacher must be organised. Putting a
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This section looked at conditionals and reported speech. For example, in a conditional phrase, something must be met for an action/event to take place. For example, "If I had enough money, then I wo
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There are four basic language skills that our students must master. In unit eleven (11), I focused on the receptive skills. This unit was very helpful because it provides detailed explanations of how
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Writing a lesson plan is important for me and I am glad I can learn in detail about it from this unit. As a teacher I have a personal aims such as improving my teaching skills and I would also anxiou
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Log Lane Village
Thank you for your extremmely useful materials, i would definitely appreciate it that not only distinguishes obviously a variety of tests such as placement test, progress test, diagnose test, practice
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Lone Tree
The future tenses can be confusing for students because oftentimes present tense can also be used to signify a future event. It is also one of the most complex areas in the English language, therefore
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This unit gave two very clear examples of what a good teaching session and a bad teaching session look like. The first session the teacher was unclear, non-engaging, didn't give enough time to answer
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The purpose of this unit involved looking at productive skills. For example, how to not neglect writing as it is important for students to write, as it can help with comprehension. In order to improv
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As previous Units', the Unit 3 was also very informative. I have learned a lot of new information which needs to be practiced. The material gave me a deep understanding of theories of teaching. It is
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This lesson further expanded unit 3 into the methods and uses of teaching methodologies. For example, in some cases a straight arrow is good for teaching when the teacher knows the student needs. A
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I have learnt what qualities and roles a good teacher should have in the classroom, therefore i`am now more aware responsibilities of teacher than before. This unit helps me to prepare to carry out th
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This unit looks at how to teach new language, including vocabulary, grammar and language functions (i.e. Inviting, requesting, disagreeing, etc.) Suitable activities for each lesson topic, as well as
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This unit went over the importance of course materials and the different methods of teaching with outside materials. Teachers can use authentic materials, like newspaper clippings, which can be helpfu
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Manitou Springs
It feels that a receptive skills lesson is fairly easy to plan for when it comes to material, but the handling of pre-teaching of the vocabulary and how handle a scenario where a student or the class
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The general theme of this unit is focused around the basic aspects of teaching and the learners. This includes the different ways in which a teacher can effectively teach a lesson or handle activities
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I find this Unit very interesting and informative. It gave me an exact understanding of how a good teacher should be. I have examined the roles and responsibilities of a good teacher. I consider this
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In this unit I learnt about speaking and writing skills. Writing will be the most difficult skill for students and requires a greater deal of accuracy and writing skills shouldn't be neglected because
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This unit explores many different aspects of classroom management. Topics covered include classroom arrangement, establishing rapport with your students and how to use your voice effectively, as well
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This unit talked about sentence structure and the basic parts of speech. It covers nouns, verbs, articles, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, and gerunds. It then breaks down e
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This unit help me to see what are the most common problem situation that teacher can encounter in the classroom and how to deal with those situations. I learnt that in the first lesson a teacher shoul
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This unit looks at the different forms of conditional sentences and how to teach them effectively in the classroom, as well as the differences between direct and reported speech. Both areas are report
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This unit is about what is the good teacher and good learner. There are some roles as a good teacher, like moderator, assessor, facilitator, etc. And the students can be varied with their age, life e
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Monte Vista
I learned that a teacher must be able to use different teaching strategies in order to properly manage and motivate students. The teacher must find a happy medium between correcting students and encou
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This unit examines the variety of materials teachers can use to effectively help students in the classroom. It covers the differences, advantages and disadvantages between authentic and created mater
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I learnt that a teacher often has opportunity to use various methods for teaching. By using appropiate approaches teachers can create effective learning environments. By using teaching methods based
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I learnt how would I as a teacher adapt my approach to beginner students. I also got a good ideas for teaching individual students, such as find out the students` specific language problems and find a
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In this unit, I learned more about the use of course books and lesson planning. Using a course book does have its advantages, such as being less time-consuming, provides a syllabus, provides a balance
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Mount Crested Butte
Actually, it is extremely different between learning and teaching a foreign language, specially English. For me, it is not too hard to achieve or master my English, however, it seem quite difficult to
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Mountain View
It is difficult to choose the right vocabulary to teach to the class, however it should be based on teachability, frequency and coverage, appropriacy to the task, and appropriacy to students. Students
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Mountain Village
Ideally, although course books may be available for teaching, I believe that they are not straight jackets, even for inexperienced teachers to solely rely on them. Good teachers must identify their st
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Through this unit i have learnt to form sentences using the past tense. Firstly i learnt that the simple past tense is used to talk about a completed action in a time before now. Secondly i learnt t
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In this unit I learnt many effective techniques and methods that I can use in the classroom. I don't have any negative comments about this unit. I appreciate the thorough explanation of the engage st
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New Castle
Teaching new language has well explained the needed approach to use to ensure that students understand the language they are being taught. From the breakdown and simplicity to the construction of the
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This unit focuses on the other two language skills, speaking and writing. These skills are needed for one to express oneself instead of only collecting information from listening and reading. I think
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Teaching pronunciation and phonology often goes overlooked because the teacher isn't as familiar with it as he/she should be, or doesn't feel comfortable teaching it. Pronunciation of a word/sentence
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I found the watching the 2 videos very interesting. I really felt bad for the students in the first video as the teacher did many many things wrong. I didn't like how he spoke under his breath and c
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This unit covers the roles and the responsibilities of both the teacher and the student. First I learned that good teachers share the same characteristics. They are kind, patient, love teaching, and
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Oak Creek
The ESA method is an effective method in an ESL classroom. It is important to engage (E stage) the class and warm them up for the lesson. The study (S) stage should be used to study the specific gramm
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This lesson explains the teaching of receptive skills listening and reading. It goes over the differences between listening/reading for a purpose and listening/reading for entertainment. It also talks
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Olney Springs
Great demonstration of possible course material. However, as mentioned before, I think it would be nice to get more examples of course materials for different levels. Even though it was described in
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This video unit is a very interesting sample of how a good lesson should be done and how it should not! The first video was very annoying. the teacher's manner and attitude were very stressful and unf
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Orchard City
English grammar is important, howewer, teaching learners how to get all of it perfectly and easily is still a controversal problem. In fact, there is considerable difference between young children and
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Throughout this unit I learned about the importance of testing ones students and the appropriate ways and methods in which to do it. It was very helpful to have to unit because my appreciation for tes
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The receptive skills such as reading and listening, learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. Choosing a suitable topic the lesson for is important, becaus
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In this section, I was able to thoroughly understand the differences between a good teacher and a bad teacher. I was able to take notice of the small and minor details such as In lesson 1 the teacher
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