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In this Unit I have learned qualities of a good teacher. Qualities such as patience, a good knowledge of the subject they are teaching, and the ability to motivate the students are all assets to your
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In this unit, I have learned that lesson planning is an integral part of teaching new students. However, a balance between planning and flexibility within the classroom must be maintained. Too much
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This unit covered the parts of speech which denote the function of each word in a sentence. The parts of speech are: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, articles, gerunds, conjunctions, infin
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Arkansas City
Depending on where you are teaching english, the resources available may vary. It is important to know what is available to you and utilize them to more efficiently communicate the lesson. Another vit
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Ash Flat
Complicated! That is the very first word that comes to mind, as I attempt to sort through the many different tenses, and how they apply to the English language. Again, I could not express enough of th
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This first unit has introduced me to the elements being a teacher. The information provided a macro perspective and a micro perspective. The information covered ranged from teacher roles and qualities
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There are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills-reading and listening and also productive skills which are speaking and writing. I have also learnt that as a teacher you are supposed to
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This unit is about coursebooks and lesson materials. It points out the advantages and disadvantages of authentic and created materials and gives us some examples of created materials such as a crosswo
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Bald Knob
This lesson was about classroom dynamics, the relationship between teachers and students, and the relationship between students as well. I learned basic principles of classroom set up and activity set
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Today I learned about Lesson Planning Lesson planning should be simple. Must not have script. Must maintain the same structure. Write anticipated margin. Being flexible. Being Organized 1. Check tha
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In this unit, I have learnt four different tenses which are past simple, past continuous , past perfect, past perfect continuous. 1. The forms of past simple: Verb-ed. didn't+ based form of verb, did
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This unit showed a lot of important information. As it said, whatever of the level of the class, however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson there are important points that students nee
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This topic solidified my knowledge in the English language. As previously stated, majority of the items in this unit comes easy to me given that I have been speaking the language my entire life. Howev
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Teaching English can be a complicated affair. There are a lot of factors that go into the methods to use such as learning level, age, and motivations. Each one of these requires a different set of t
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This unit introduces modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. After some units of English grammar learning, I got to have an overview of English grammar, and as it is said from this last unit of gramm
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This Unit I reinforce the past tenses, it is not so different from present tenses, but it is important to know how to explain and how can make easier the understanding of this topic to the students.
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Bee Branch
There are four essential skills when learning any language, which can be divided into receptive skills and productive skills. This unit focused on receptive skills, reading and listening. Both are imp
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Today I learned about countable and uncountable nouns, adjective, adverb, preposition, verb, pronoun, infinite, gerund, comparative adjective, superlative adjective and conjunction. It is a bit confus
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Bella Vista
Out of all the tenses, future tense has is the most difficult because there are extra tenses to express slightly different things happening in the future. Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perf
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This lesson we learn about different way of evaluating students levels and progress in the classroom. There are a few ways to assess a language level through tutorials, evaluation and tests. The fi
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This unit is very useful to know how to plan or how to improve our lesson planning. Now it is important for me to know that there is no specific form to plan but is important to considerate different
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In this Unit 18 I learnt about modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. These verbs
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FUTURE SIMPLE The simple future refers to a time later than now, and expresses facts or certainty. In this case there is no 'attitude'. The simple future is used: To predict a future event: It will
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It was a bit ironic in my last test that in my unit reflection I spoke about the past tenses being easier to understand, when my result reflected otherwise. But, I can learn from my mistakes and use t
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Unit four was another intense section, that dug deep into the core of grammar. The first four tenses were explained clearly. There are several details that the student will simply need to memorize, su
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This unit was about managing behavior in the classroom. It talked about the various types of seating arrangements and the pros and cons of those. It also talked about ways to effectively manage undesi
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In this unit I basically learnt the differences between direct and reported speech. Conditionals are basically sentences which refer to the past, present and future possibilities. There are basically
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Black Oak
I was quite surprised by the knowledge that writing was often the least emphasized. As I understand that this can be a hurdle when attempting to apply the English language in a completely business set
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Black Rock
After already learning the four different categories of present tense, the past tense should be very analogous. Any time the present tense used the present participle, now you use the past participle
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Blue Eye
This unit discusses the various types of exams and testing students might be expected to take, and how and why they're used. It discusses which tests or exams are given and when, and how teachers can
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Bluff City
Stepping away from the material and back to teaching theory, this unit discussed the importance of classroom management by listing the different factors, and how to accommodate for each one. There is
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There are number of ways to assess student`s language level 1. tutorials 2. evaluation by the students 3. test TESTS 1. Placement test- to assist the information of groups of students at the same le
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This unit was absolutely productive and exciting and interesting both!It is so important to watch such kind of videos to see how the real class should be done.While watching I imagine myself there in
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This unit covered the various forms of the present tense. The present tense has four aspects: present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. The unit discussed th
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This unit explains about the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner ,The roles and responsibility of a teacher.The different levels of learners and also their motivation level ,experie
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Although I have learned how to properly speak, read, and write English throughout my lifetime I haven't given much thought to the rules of grammar. In this unit I have learned the simple breakdown of
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This unit generally classifies learners of English into five different groups which includes beginners, individual students, children, business man and monolingual and multilingual classroom. in this
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Lesson planning is a difficult skill without knowing the intended outcome that you are trying to achieve. Lesson plans should be flexible and include student's current level, areas where they are not
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This is the final unit and I have learned a lot. I cannot wait to put what I have learned into practice. This unit is about trouble shooting and possible solutions to common problem situations. It giv
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There are different methodologies used to teach a language, and the most appropriate should depend on the difficulties of the language as well as the the level the students' are at. Typically the meth
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This unit helps summarize unit 3 and 9 together for greater understanding of the material. More specifically, I liked how the test incorporated specific examples that relate to one topic. Having to an
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Frankly speaking, I met some troubles doing the test concerning questions about Phrasal Verbs . But I hope that material comprised in this unit was helpful and now it is no obscurities in this matter.
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As far as I am concerned, a lesson plan is really important for a teacher, especially for teachers who don't have really many experiences. just as it is said in this unit, a lesson plan can remind the
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Buffalo City
Lesson plans that are strict are not advised since they usually create a more teacher center environment; however, for new teacher, it will be very difficult to proceed with no plan. When developing a
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Bull Shoals
This unit discusses various types of equipment and teaching aids that might be available to a teacher. Among those discussed were interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors, computers, audio cassett
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This unit covers in detail about the four type of past tenses in english language ,Its also explains the structure of different form of the tenses along with examples ,usages and how it should be
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I have learnt a lot in this chapter and I have to admit I related to the teaching children part, the teaching children part, its true that its rewarding and sometimes difficult. I also learnt about cl
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Calico Rock
This was a very informative unit. I think it is very important to understand the goal of each student. This allows for tailored lessons for their success. Understanding if a student wants to travel or
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In this unit I have learnt the comparison between productive and receptive skills, the productive skills include speaking and writing. We need these skills to communicate just like the receptive skill
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My favorite classes to teach are the ones where the students do not know each other before hand. It is especially fun to create activities that allow the students to show off who they are the best wa
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