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Fort Smith
It is important to understand the correlation between reading and listening. They are two different but intertwined sensors. The both play a very important role in the ability to comprehend and will d
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This unit was all about lesson planning. Lesson planning is important for several reasons: it's an aid for planning and helps teachers to logically think through the lesson, it's a working document to
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Fountain Lake
This unit discusses modals, transitive verbs and phrases. It gives details about how modals are used, and discusses what common errors students might make. It also shows which odals are used formally
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This unit discussed the use of lesson materials and course books in the classroom. First, there was a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of using authentic (i.e. magazine, newspaper, me
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This has been the most useful lesson so far. It has given me a lot of teaching strategies that I can use in my future classes. I particularly like how it gives a list of example activities for each
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Types of Classes 1. Beginners Tips for teaching Beginners Possible problems Motivation Teaching Individual Lessons 1. Suitable Activities 2. Homework 3. Checking Teaching Kids 1. A slower and more c
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I find that most text books provide a solid foundation and a good order of English concepts to teach. The readings are usually on par with a student's abilities and the grammar lessons match the read
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This unit is one of the most important to learn for me, because English is not my native language but I think the pronunciation and phonology is one of most difficult to teach. And I agree with the in
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This unit focused on the four aspects of present tense. These aspects are present simple, present continuous, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. I learned that there are a variety of
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Green Forest
In teaching a new language, lessons can be classified broadly into three types depending on the kind of material being taught. These are Vocabulary, Grammar/ Language Structure, and Language Function.
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Unit Two gave an overview of the parts of speech. It explained nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions. While there are exceptions listed, and while the rules unit two gave a
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Course books are very essential when it comes to teaching, some teachers do love them and some hate them. Teachers have to create their own materials, so that the lesson goes smoothly. In this topic I
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to be a good teacher means to have good learners . To be gentle and encouraging while helping build confidence.Encouranging motivations by makinh classes varied and interesting. To be a fair teacher w
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Phonology is a study of science, analysis and classification of the physical properties of sounds. Techniques for indicating and teaching intonation 1. Nonsense words 2. By gesture 3. Humming or Sin
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This units deals with seven most common tenses used with future meaning, Its explains about the different future tenses such as future simple,future continuous, future perfect ,future perfect continuo
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It is interesting to discuss the purpose of teaching vocabulary. I have taught many students that are barely able to speak a sentence. This is not because they don't understand the proper grammar.
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Testing a student in school is part of the natural order of teaching. Every student expects it to happen and teachers often remind students to study this material or that or an upcoming exam. They a
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This unit help me to know and understand the different ways, theories, methods and techniques that I can use with different types of students. It is very important to know every technique to explore a
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Although there are many exceptions as to how a sentences should be structured, there is a rule of thumb to begin from. First, it is necessary to determine the part of speech for a words, then learn h
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This unit covered the two productive skills: speaking and writing. Both are used to communicate and are equally important in the learning of the language. Speaking skills concern both accuracy and flu
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Heber Springs
Present Tense can be broken up into four different forms: Simple, Continuous, Perfect, and Perfect Continuous. Tenses refer to time in which the actions, states or activities, but there is also a co
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In this lesson we went over course books and materials. Often teachers have to create their own materials but in some cases it is provided for them. The materials are grouped into authentic materials
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In this lesson I learned about teaching special groups and the different types of classes. The first type of class in this unit was for beginners. There are a few categories that students can fall
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Holly Mountain
This unit discusses troubleshooting and possible pitfalls and potential problem areas for teaching English Language Learners. It discusses some of the most common struggles teachers may encounter, inc
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The beginning text is correct. Students make a lot of errors with present tense. I have been teaching grammar for 7 years and my best idea is to talk about the situation more than the technical name
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As with the previous tense-based grammar lessons, future tenses focuses on various forms of discussing the future in the English language. We observe how subtle arrangements and conjugations can drama
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Horseshoe Bend
Unit 20 goes over common issues that teachers come across during their English teaching careers. It starts off with how a first lesson should be taught, and emphasizes that building rapport between th
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Hot Springs
Past tenses were fast, but a little bit complicated for me. Sometimes people use tenses automatically and they don´t think about it. It´s just coming to their minds naturally. This unit help me how
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The content of this unit focused on lesson playing. This material emphasized the importance of organizing and preparing various aspects of a lesson beforehand on paper. The most important details one
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I have learnt a lot in this unit, especially with the future tense system. The future tense system is one of the most complex because of the similarities. It comprises of the following; which are the
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This unit covered the three basic structures of the English language. These include grammar, the tree trunk and branches of language, and vocabulary and functions, the beautiful leaves that add variet
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The reasons why many different teaching aids are used its because there make the lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different schools have various teaching equipme
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This was a very illuminating unit. These videos demonstrate the importance of a positive attitude when teaching a class. Watching the first video, I felt frustrated, confused, and empathized with the
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This is one of the more complex parts of English and my of my students tend to avoid saying sentences in reported speech simply to avoid having to use such complex sentences. It is really important t
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This was a great unit on productive skills. The video added to the material by addressing both productive skills and receptive skills. The ESA examples are helpful in illustrating the ways the informa
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As a native English speaker, this unit was supplemental to my current knowledge. The information ranged from easy to difficult. The most difficult content was the complexity that is associated with th
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This unit was difficult as it included various questions that I have not previously stumbled upon. The different degrees of tests a teacher can utilize to evaluate its students presented in this unit
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Lake City
This unit was about how to teach speaking and writing skills. It also included lists of games that can be used to help teach these skills. I think I learned a lot about writing, because before this un
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Lake Village
Unit 9 is about structure, discipline and focus. I believe these are all important factors for this course and for a new teacher. I believe that having a lesson plan is a definite particularly for new
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Technology in the classroom is super important. Students that live in a high technology household respond very positively to any stimuli that remind them of their home. Using Youtube clips and movie
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This unit deals with different type of teaching theories ,methodologies and techniques practised around the world from the beginning. It also explains the teaching method with examples before focusin
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I this unit I basically learnt everything about troubleshooting, how to control large classes and classes on different levels.I also learnt about the common problems that teachers face when teaching,
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Lead Hill
I appreciated the addition of the many different types of learners and the different settings of teaching between children, one to one, multilingual and business. I was a bit concerned about the idea
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In this lesson, I have learned the important components of 'Classroom Management'. You do not necessarily need to be an extrovert to be an effective instructor. A good instructor maintains a balance
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In this unit, I have learnt that when you are teaching a new language there are four critical things that students need to do when learning a new language; which are as follows, exposure, meaning, con
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I have learnt about ESA, which stands for Engage, Study and Activate. These are very important stages of teaching and there must be included in every lesson. This is an effective way of teaching. I ha
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This kind of grammar is better suited for more advanced English learners. My grade 3 students, while very smart and hard working, would have a very difficult time with this material. This is better
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Little Rock
This unit was useful and fast. I like units full of tips and tricks and this one was really helpful. I discovered what is good for begginers, what is good for multilanguage group, what is the right wa
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This unit covered modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, relative clauses and passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs are used to add meaning to a main verb. The true modals are will, would, shall, should
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This Unit is so important for me, cause I could reinforce different knowledge about speaking and writing. As we know, writing is the most abandoned or neglected skill in the TEFL world, so we need to
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