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This unit covers a handful of potential problems teachers might have in a classroom setting. These included, first lessons, warming up, classes with different levels, large classes, using their native
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This unit shows the distinctions between an effective lesson and a less effective lesson via two videos of two lessons. The first video demonstrated the students' confusion because of the ineffective
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Prairie Grove
This unit was about coursebooks and lesson materials. There were good tips how to find good books, articles, reviews, records. What is necessary to know before choosing materials. What is difference
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In this unit, I have learned about the most effective methods for teaching a new language. One of the most effective methods is the ESA structure for teaching. This method exposes a student to a ne
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Books and Materials 1. Authentic Materials Programs, magazines, newspapers, songs, poems, brochures, menus, films on video - the list is endless/ Why use authentic materials? > They are real and
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I was happy that the unit pointed out that reading lessons are easier for students to work with because the words are printed on paper. They can be read over and over again and words translated to he
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Well from the very beginning of this unit I've found some relevant things for me that I had known before but could not sum up in one General concept, I am talking about four things that students need
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From this unit, I have got to go deeper to the basic skills in any language, which are receptive skill - reading and listening, and productive skills - speaking and writing. Though we always know that
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From this unit, I have learned how to arrange a class by using ESA method. At the same time, I have got to look back to my previous teaching way and found out some mistakes and deficiencies I used to
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In this unit I basically learnt the various ways to evaluate the progress and the respective levels of students. There are a number of ways to assess students such as tutorials, evaluation by the stud
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Classroom management was the second scariest part of first starting teaching. It was difficult at first to learn the proper way to arrange the classroom and build a rapport with the students. I am p
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Unit 15 is called Evaluation and Testing and shows the different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress as well as some of the common external exams students may need to prepare for. Some of
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In this lesson we went over teaching equipment and different aids that can be used in the classroom. The first one is the board which is self explanatory. It is important to be planned and organised b
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This unit covered the various things teachers need to know about teaching a new language, specifically about teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. In regards to selecting vocabulary,
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This unit involved the comparison of two videos the exemplified both a poorly run lesson and an effective lesson. The first lesson was hard to watch, if I'm honest. The teacher was impatient, confusin
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This unit was all about the two receptive skills involved with language learning: listening and reading. Equally important, listening and reading could be used for two broad categories: for a purpose
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The zero conditional The zero conditional is used for when the time being referred to is now or always and the situation is real and possible. The zero conditional is often used to refer to general tr
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In this Unit I learnt great information about the common problems situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom, also different ways of dealing with them. In general I learnt how to face th
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The past tenses include past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous just like the present tenses. The forms and usages of different past tenses in this unit is really clear
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This unit was a great continuation to the present tense details in unit four. The present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous forms were supported by the new pas
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I have been a grammar teacher for over 7 years, so this chapter came as no surprise in the form of content. I did find it interesting that the names for things are different. Personal pronouns are u
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This Unit has important topics to start this test. We are not perfect teachers but we can improve ourselves trying to inspire and motivate our students. The learning process is very important and we n
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Siloam Springs
Present tenses unit was perfect relax after theories unit. It´s clear, short and useful review about all present tenses. The most helpful parts are usages. Sometimes it´s hard to explain why and in
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I like it when unit comprises some material, certain activities that i can use in my classes. Also,I appreciate when unit is not so volumnious ,doesn't have many pages therefore it is easier to accomp
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South Lead Hill
The introduction to this unit certainly bears relevance: future tenses present some of the most difficult challenges of learning the English language. Indeed, I often wonder how to differentiate betwe
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In this unit the lesson went over modals, phrasal verbs, relative clauses and the passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs are used to express different degrees of formality. Some basic rules of modals
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St. Joe
This unit reminded me "not-favourite" subject - Phonetics and Phonology from university! Of course, pronunciation is important and it´s necessary to give attention on it, especially place of articul
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This unit was all about teaching pronunciation and phonology. Pronunciation, although often neglected in the classroom, is an important part of learning the English language. It is the bridge between
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Star City
I am excited to learn that creativity is encouraged in the classroom. I believe this gives for a greater learning ability for the students. Regardless of the course book we are referring to, non of th
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This unit deals with ideas of Teaching new language that is the vocabulary,grammar,and function of the language. It explains in detail about teaching vocabulary ,how to select a vocabulary to teach
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In this unit, I have learned that the future is one of the most multifaceted aspects of the English language. The seven most frequently used forms of the future tense are as follows; the future simple
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Sulphur Springs
This unit was about the most basic grammar. It focused primarily on the different parts of speech, and did not dwell particularly long on verbs, though it did provide a list of some conjugations that
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This Unit is vital too, to understand how is the better way to manage a lesson. It is really useful for me to know how to organize, manage , and maintain discipline with a good mood with the students.
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As far as I am concerned, evaluation and testing are important ways for both teachers and students to get to know better about ourselves. for students, they can not only find out what they have missed
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There are two productive skills: speaking and writing. We have different speaking activities based on accuracy or fluency in the classroom: Accuracy based activities includes controlled activities and
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Valley Springs
Since feedback is important to students to help them improve, it is important to understand the different types of examination. For starters, a placement exam can be taken to determine the level of st
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Van Buren
Although it may seem like the first lesson was not that bad, subtle differences in teaching technique can improve the overall understanding to the student. The problems in the first lesson included st
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I have been an English teacher to beginners, intermediate, advanced, pre school, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, and adult learners. One of the benefits of teaching ESL is that
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In this unit, I managed to learn about past tenses, the system and structure of past tenses is basically not too different from the present tenses, except that past tenses obviously relate to the past
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This unit was about present tense verbs. It explained that there are 12 tenses in the English language, and that that can be a difficult concept for ELL because many other languages do not have as man
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One more step has been overcome! Well, be honest I cannot say that I am impressed by this unit but nevertheless this is knowledge that we mustn't neclect anyway and every piece of information is going
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Walker Creek
Conditional statements are phrases with two clauses, where the conditional action is lead with the word 'if/when' and the consequence is stated normally, and either clause can be first. The there are
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Walnut Ridge
This unit gave me after the many years of studying languages perfect and clear explanation of the articles! I like how the explanation of all parts of speech is clear, understandable and effective. Th
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In this unit, all are about classroom management. Firstly, eye-contact, gesture and the voice are very important in the classroom. Secondly, there are different ways to group students and each of them
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In this unit, we get to know why it is important to plan a lesson:1. It creates a record of what the class has covered.2.It helps with the entire planning process.3. It acts as a document to refer to
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West Fork
Thus unit discussed the different types of course materials. It discussed at length the importance of textbooks, and how important it was for teachers to supplement with authentic materials and levele
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West Helena
This I thought was a very well prepared unit. While studying, I was able to place myself in a classroom and imagine the process for each piece described. Additionally, the explanations for seating, li
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West Memphis
Course material is another topic in teaching that is highly debated on how it should be balanced. Rule of thumb: the teacher's creativity should always be used along side with material to create the m
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Western Grove
This unit contains a lot of new terms and theories. It´s perfect that this unit gives real examples how to create lessons, how to structure lessons, ... Really helpful part is about corrections. Befo
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White Hall
This unit was a little bit harder for me, especially parts - phrasal verbs and realtive clauses. In my opinion it´s not the most important part for basic communication it´s for studenst whor really
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