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In this lesson we went over course books and materials. Often teachers have to create their own materials but in some cases it is provided for them. The materials are grouped into authentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials can be described as anything a native speaker would hear or read. A few examples of some would be magazines, newspapers, TV guides or even menus. Authentic materials are good for learners because it gives them real life situations they could be in and it is more interesting. They can also be more geared toward the interests of students. Created materials are designed by the teacher to replace or substitute for the course book. Common materials are crosswords, flashcards, word searches etc. Course books usually consist of a set of materials. It is like the students guideline for the class. It may have workbooks, cassettes, videos, published materials and maybe some suggested books to read. A few advantages of a course book would be that it offers progression, it's tested and tried, provides a syllabus which is graded to student level and offers many good ideas for newer teachers. A few disadvantages would be that it is more generalized rather than specific, it can become predictable, teachers don't get to choose and it dictates what is taught. It is best when using a course book to not base all of the lessons around it. Try to be creative and adapt to the level of the students. Lastly, a teacher should analyze the course book before using it. The things to keep in mind are the price, availability, design, methodology, skills, difficulty, syllabus, interesting topics and what supplementary materials it has.