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There are five categories of beginners to be considered for teaching English as a second language: absolute beginners, false beginners, adult beginners, young beginners, and beginners without working
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This unit was helpful in distinguishing the differences between the different present tenses. The information was delivered clearly and effectively. I enjoyed the numerous examples and usages given
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This unit focuses on modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. Passive and active voice are different ways to write sentences that put the focus on different subjects (the doer or recipient of the
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I learned in this unit the different kinds of tests that can be given to students and when these test are appropriate. I already understood that a placement test was given to determine which level a s
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While, at its core, the idea of testing can be intimidating to some students, they are actually very useful tools for students and teachers alike int he learning process. They can be used to track pro
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I realized through this lesson that listening and comprehending is just as important as speaking. Reading, when studying a new language, can make you feel like you are really progressing in the langua
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This unit primarily covered something that I might have overlooked when thinking about teaching: the materials that are utilized to teach. When I think back to my own language study, there were a mix
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Unit 7 hones in on an area I am more keen to delve into than any other: Efficacy of application. There are underlying considerations whenever we wish to impart an idea or concept to a new group of lea
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Covering created material, authentic material and course books this unit really points out the balance needed to create a student focused lesson, taking into consideration the relevance and applicatio
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In this unit I learned about the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book within a lesson, along with when and why either substitute material or additional material is a good idea. The unit
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As stated in this unit, exams at the various stages of the educational process work to help both student and teacher to gain a better grasp of abilities and appropriate placement. An important issue
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This was an interesting video lesson showing the differences in techniques between the 'two' teachers. The 'bad' teacher exhibited many mistakes regarding engaging the students, as well as discouragin
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La Verkin
From where I work, Course Books are provided to us but I seldom follow or use the course book in class, no matter if it's Authentic or Created materials, mostly I will prepare my own set for each less
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Teaching receptive/productive skills one on one or within a group setting creates a balanced and well-rounded approach to the concentration the student develops to a particular subject or topic. Furth
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This section provided some very useful information related to teaching the language. I found the example lesson structure techniques related to introducing vocabulary, grammar structures, and function
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In this unit on evaluation and testing, I have learned of the several different types of test offered to students who want to learn English as a Foreign Language. I learned that each test's goals are
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Regarding evaluation and testing, it seems elementary that some testing and evaluation would be needed to provide a baseline and metric of performance with respect to students/course goals. This secti
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This section was about how to test students and the different kinds of examinations there are. It went through the different reasons for different kind of exams. I think it would be helpful to give
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There is a wide range of opinion regarding the use of course books for ESL teaching. Although there are obvious advantages of using course books, such as a tested syllabus and a progression of topics
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In this unit, I've learned the differences between the different types of special groups and each groups' particular teaching styles for each. I've learned that when it comes to a group of beginners,
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This unit focuses on equipment and teaching aids. There are many pieces of "equipment" or aids that a teacher can use in the classroom to help in both instruction and practice. Some are more helpful i
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Unit two – Parts of Speech This unit is a general overview of the parts of speech. I personally found it to be a good review of many rules. Most of which I have not studied since my freshman year i
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Conditionals are sentences that use 'if' or 'when' to refer to past, present or future possibilities. The 'if' clause or the main clause can come in the first part of the sentence. There are five co
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The unit was useful in giving descriptive terminology to the necessary segregation of skill levels of students, as well as teaching methodology. While many aspiring teachers may innately comprehend th
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The videos were a useful, albeit cringe-worthy tool for expressing the pros/cons a specific action types. The stark contrast of a negative, harsh, and confused teacher versus a prepared, positive, and
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This unit was a brief review of types co course materials to use in curriculum/lesson planning. It brought out the strengths and weaknesses of published/printed materials such as course books, and sug
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I have noticed that Unit Nine, Lesson Planning, seems to be a combination of Unit Three (Theories, methods and techniques) and Unit Seven (Teaching new language). I begin to see the connection between
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This unit provided a comprehensive review of conditional statements. While some grammar references identify different numbers of conditionals, which is confusing to teachers at times, the text provide
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As far as I am concerned, Speaking and Writing are productive skills that will help us communicate effectively, and they require additional time, extra attention, and much more effort in order to mast
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The gist of this unit seems to suggest that a teacher should be at least open to the possibility of finding a balance between using course books designed for that area of study as well as a variety of
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This unit lesson was indeed a great need. Knowing the methodology and techniques of teaching a beginner, young learners (children) and Business English (English for Specific Purpose – ESP) and mult
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The uptick in the sum of information was marked in this Unit. However, the insight to the theories of teaching was useful. The consideration required into how best to set up a flow of education begins
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This unit foremost takes unit lessons 1-5 and created visual understanding. It also provided the do's and don't for when I teach my first class a successful and balanced lesson for all parties involve
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This unit, more specifically the videos, provided a great real world example of a class room situation. The video displayed the difficulties associated with trying to teach. The videos showed the im
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Course books are integral in teaching new students in a foreign language. Moreover, creative and authentic materials provide a well-rounded and realistic idea to the classroom environment and life in
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This unit teaches us about different kinds of tests that can be conducted by teachers to evaluate the students and to check their progress, this unit is important in the sense that evaluating a studen
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This unit felt very broad. It is titled "Teaching Special Groups." The special groups that were referenced include, beginners, individual students (1 on 1), children, business groups, and monolingual/
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In this unit I learned how there are different ways to receive information: reading and listening are such broad terms and it was interesting to see different examples of how people read and take in i
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Ah, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. Both of these ties into the art of conversation (passive voice also being tied to active voice of course). The reflection I have for this unit is this: it goes
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This unit covers the productive skills which are speaking and writing. One of the main focuses of this lesson is discussing ways for the instructor to best facilitate speaking/interaction between indi
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They introduces the subject of evaluating and testing our students language skills. We can assess a student's language level by tutorials, evaluation by the students and test. They are all useful in e
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As with the Receptive Skills discussed in the previous unit (reading and listening), the Productive Skills of speaking and writing are equally important when learning, comprehending and using a new la
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Though the specific categories of words may not need to be referenced in the classroom, especially if working with young learners, being aware of these categories and their rules of usage (even if the
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This section was about modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. I don't remember ever going over modals, so this section was very helpful in learning something new about English grammar. The ph
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The unit really highlighted the importance of pre teaching vocabulary with a focus on difficult words or topic related words that may take on a different meaning given context as seen in relation to t
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Mount Pleasant
Reading, listening, speaking and writing are the four basic skill when learning any language. In this Unit, we focused on receptive skills which are reading and listening. The reason we read and liste
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It was very helpful to compartmentalize the activities of the teacher into different roles, and see how they can compliment each other throughout a semester or even within an individual lesson. It is
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This unit was helpful to practically see how reading & listening skills could be taught in a fun and engaging way using popular or commonly known people or themes. I attended a language school in the
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In this unit I have learned that the connection between the teacher and student is very important.The teacher needs to be aware of all the students in the class,be patient and understand their needs.
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Even if a teacher monitors her students' progress and gives feedback on an ongoing basis, more formal evaluation can be quite useful; and often times, the learning institution will require documented
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