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I've become pretty familiar with the different tenses from my ongoing experience teaching in Japan, but this section offered useful suggestions on what kind of activities to use to help students under
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This unit refers to the use that tests have in the educational environment. before the student can begin their lessons it is important to learn at what level they are at, not only to place them with p
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This lesson goes over what a good teacher and student consists of and what makes a great learner for the English language. It also speaks of the different ways an ESL teacher may help his or her stude
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This unit is amazing. Clear, straight to the point and indeed sucint. This lesson is probably one of the best lessons I have ever received and read on managing classes. This is really great work. The
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In this unit, I have been introduced to a set of different assessments and tests that teachers need to evaluate their students' language level and progress. It also looks at each test, when it should
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An effective teacher considers the teaching of pronounciation an integral part of the course. Phonology is the study, science analysis and classifications of the physical properties of sounds. It is i
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This unit focused on Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology. It focused on explaining what those topics mean and how to best teach them to students. The unit included discussion and visuals about intona
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This unit focused on teaching productive skills: writing and speaking. These skills are used to communicate. Writing is often less developed but is equally important. Speaking requires more fluency th
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Unit four – Present tenses “There are three different times in English (tense means time); the past, the present and the future. Each of these times has four aspects; simple, continuous, perfect
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In this unit I learned about effective methods to encourage speaking and writing within a classroom setting, and how to encourage students to feel confidence while working on these two skills. I also
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This unit focused on receptive skills, which include reading and listening, and specifically focussed on how to teach these skills effectively. I found this unit to be helpful in that it focused on im
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Farr West
This unit stresses the importance of two of the four basic language skills, reading and listening. These are known as the receptive skills. It notes how there are different motivations for either of t
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This unit examines the choice of whether or not to use a course book , as well as looking at other sources of materials. Even though ideal would have all the books and materials that you could need.
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This course is very resourceful and more of informative. There are different links that contain enormous resources that would help a teacher improve his teaching if explored. I had never known anythi
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It is important to vary and choose material that interests all students over a period of time to make sure that everyone is taken into consideration and to allow students to remain motivated and engag
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This unit gives an overview on the types of visual aids and equipment that may be used during a language course. All of the expected types of aides are mentioned such as boards, worksheets, video and
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Fountain Green
This unit talked about special groups in teaching, which referred to beginners, young learners, Business English, Individuals. It clearly outlined many things about each special group, such as beginne
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The future tense is indeed complicated especially with the addition of the present simple and the present continuous as future tenses. It’s really new to me though exiting. I have always mixed the w
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Fruit Heights
This unit was very interesting and helpful seeing actual video of a class room. There was a large difference between the first and the second video and it really shows the impact that the teachers dem
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Garden City
In this unit we focused on Conditionals and reported speech. There are 5 main conditionals in the English Language, which are Zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. Conditional Clauses or
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This unit taught me about the different make-up and characteristics of the various types of classes that I could potentially experience in the future. This unit provided ample information on how to a
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This unit is comprehensive for basics in grammar and the explanations are clear and straight to the point. although in have taught verbs to learners of other languages, I have never understood transit
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This unit gave me some insight into conceptualizing how I might run a classroom. Up until this Unit, the thought process felt more abstract. However, in this unit I began to consider the tact and stra
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I learned that pronunciation is not just important for clearly being able to speak as an english learner, but it is also important because it gives the english learner confidence in speaking. It was a
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Using students' names helps them to feel part of the lesson. Allowing time to practice builds confidence. Students need a variety of activities to encourage them to practice. Even older students like
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This lesson was helpful, in the fact that it reinforced my previous consideration regarding reading and listening receptive skills. It would seem obvious that ESL students are better at reading, both
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Green River
This is a very interesting unit for me personally because I'm recently teaching a number of phonics classes to young children and find this unit very useful for me as a teacher to help my students to
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Controlled based activities are essential in order to engage the students to communicate while utilizing positive approaches to understanding productive skills. While writing in a foreign language co
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What I have learned from this unit is that in order to have a well-balanced approach at the moment of teaching a lesson, it is important to incorporate all four basic skills which include reading and
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In this unit, I have learned more about teaching the following: Modal Auxiliary Verbs, Phrasal Verbs, and the Passive Voice. In learning how to teach the Passive Voice, I have learned 14 modals, their
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This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. A conditional is an "if/then" statement. This can be broken down into five main categories, they are as follows, zero conditional, first conditional
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Heber City
While the previous lesson looked at Listening and Reading, this unit covered Speaking and Writing. While the previous skills relate to finding information, these elements focus on communicating that
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It was really a good chapter to learn about most of the things how to teach phonetics and pronunciation to kids, interestingly the phonetic signs are the ones which really took my interest at the end
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This is one of the most interesting approach I have ever seen on how to teach receptive skills. Though similar to what used on us during our primary and secondary level, but we were not told that Read
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Speaking and writting are both productive skills. They are both substantially different in many ways but both are used for the same purpose to communicate. Writting is the most neglected skill in the
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This unit was also very helpful, in the fact that many of my teaching experiences do not include writing. As stated, most students are more interested in their speaking, than in writing. However, in m
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Again in this Unit, just as the "Present Tense" Unit, I recognize the difficulty of reverting my mind back to rules rather than intuitive speak. I do wonder how useful this rule system is when working
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On this unit I learn how we shoud examine, look for resources of materials. Schools should have all books and materials they could needd. Teacherss often create his/her own materials to either suppl
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This unit was essentially an introduction to what it means to be a teacher and understanding the dynamics of the profession of educating learners. I feel I've received a great foundation to build upon
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As a guitar teacher I found the unit notes about the equal importance of accuracy and fluency very relatable with many similarities to teaching guitar technique, speed and clarity in balance with over
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Unit 19 focuses on different groups of students that a teacher may encounter when teaching English. There may be groups of young learners who have a more natural aptitude for language (but may include
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Teaching receptive skills; reading, listening, speaking, and writing is a challenge for teachers to find the balance in creating interest for students to be motivated to engage in all phases of the le
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In each new teaching position, a teacher will be faced with meeting a number of new classes. These classes fall into two broad categories: new classes and existing classes. In new classes, the stud
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In this unit the different forms of testing are discussed. Beginning with a placement exam and to ensure the student is placed in the correct initial language level. Progress tests aim to discover th
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This unit focused on conditions and reported speech. Conditionals are tricky because they include if/when statements. In both conditionals and reported speech, verb tenses shift and change to ensure c
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This unit focuses on receptive skills: Reading and listening. I feel that I have learned the best way to organize a lesson focused on listening and reading skills and what is important to keep in mind
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In this unit on Coursebooks and Lesson Materials, I learned the difference between using authentic materials and created materials in the classroom. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages in
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There are four basic skills that we must focus on when teaching or learning a new language. They include reading, listening, speaking and writing. All are equally important for a true understanding (a
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Hyde Park
This was a very content heavy unit discussing a very difficult issue in teaching English, phonology. This was my first experience with the phonetic alphabet and I found it very interesting and useful,
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