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I'll be honest, I tried to close out of my browser so I could sleep, and clicked "back" which started the test. I was afraid of earning a 0 on the test, so I read the unit and took the test. While my
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This unit provided a nice review of the respective grammar components. I found the forms table of passive speech to be a useful reference to incorporate in to teaching the subject. In my experience M
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This unit reflects on Receptive skills. It focuses on Reading, Listening, Writing and speaking however mainly on Reading and Listening as they are the two main receptive skills. It gives reasons and e
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When defined within an educational setting, assessment, evaluation, and testing are all used to measure how much of the assigned materials students are mastering, how well student are learning the mat
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This lesson reviews the last of the grammar. It teaches about passive and active voice, modal verbs, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. there are groups of words in sentences that are very commonly
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American Fork
This unit covered the receptive skills of listening and reading. These skills are two of the important skills from the the four main skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. The reasons a
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This unit directs the teacher how to teach new vocabulary, grammar and functions. This lesson also teaches the teacher the techniques of teaching these three areas of language and proposes a sample of
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I would assume this Unit has some rubbing their temple. We, as native English speakers, often take for granted how much of our learned language is now intuitive. To remind ourselves of the rules and t
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Apple Valley
This unit was very helpful, it clearly noted a list of important resources that teachers commonly use and helpful ways to use them. While we pay attention to resources like a whiteboard or an overhead
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The unit gives a detailed analysis of the qualities both good teachers and good learners should demonstrate, in order to achieve a better learning experience. The most relevant qualities a good teach
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Unit 11 covers the teaching of the receptive skills. It focuses specifically on the reading and listening aspects of the receptive skills. We learned that reading and listening generally have two mot
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Bear River City
The eleventh unit is about receptive skills, such as listening and reading. They are equally important in the learning process and should be involved in each class to help it be complete and effective
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This lesson was really helpful, particularly when paired with the previous one. Productive skills of language, including speaking and writing, but particularly speaking, are some of the most important
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In most of my prior studies I have found the use of a singular end exam with a high weighting to be quite stressful. I will be sure to add progress exams and practice tests into my lesson planning to
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Big Water
In this unit, we learned about the different parts of speech that are present in the English language. There are many different types, but the main distinctions include nouns (countable v.s. uncountab
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When it comes to language learning there are a handful of methodologies, or schools of thought, that can be utilized. Each of these methods have positive and negative elements. For this course, the En
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After watching and analyzing both of the contrasting videos regarding how important a teacher's behavior and attitude are, it is evident that students' success will depend on the type of approach he o
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The teaching of pronunciation and phonology can be just as intimidating to teachers as to students. Regardless these are topics that add value to a student's education, and should not be avoided. Te
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in this unit I learned the different types of examinations given while teaching an English course. I learned the differences between practice tests, diagnostic tests, progress tests, placement tests,
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Brian Head
Unit 14 is devoted to study of course books and lesson materials. These materials can be divided into two groups: authentic and created. The authentic materials are programs, magazines, newspapers, so
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Brigham City
From watching the 2 videos in this unit, I learnt that a teacher must be aware of a few important points to be able to deliver a good lesson. First of all, the teacher must be aware of their attitude
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Bryce Canyon City
Unit 13 reveals the techniques for teaching pronunciation and phonology. Intonation, stress, phonemic alphabet, phonemic symbols and articulation are parts of the phonemic system of any language. Acco
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ITTT has considered that there are three different times (tenses) in English; the past, the present and the future. Each of these tenses has four parts (simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continu
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Castle Dale
In this Unit, we looked at the productive skills which are speaking and writing. When learning to speak, the accuracy and fluency are equally important where in lesson plans we mostly will focus accur
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Castle Valley
This unit explained the Engage, study, activate class format. It seems to incorporate many of the original ideas and theories on language learning that were introduced in the first section of the unit
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Cedar City
This final unit covered common problem situations that I may face as an ESL teacher. It gave notes on things to possibly expect when entering a new group of students vs an existing group. It noted the
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Cedar Fort
The Unit number 6 shows us two different videos. Each video is an English lesson with the same professor and the same students. One of the lessons is an example of how we should not teach and the othe
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Cedar Hills
In this Unit we looked though different types of classes, from beginners to adult beginners, from young learners to teaching English Business. Every group of students has different needs and different
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This unit teach me the importance of modal verbs, phrasal verbs, passive voice, and relative clauses in English communication. They look closely to importance of modal verbs usage in communication.
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In this unit we look into "teaching special groups", which more or less just focuses on consideration of the audience that we, as teachers, are catering to. It makes sense that there are a special set
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Central Valley
Unit 8 follows unit 7; this time we learn about teaching productive skills. As we already know, productive skills are speaking and writing. They are essential for communication. As teachers, we want t
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Another great unit on teaching English as a foreign language. Speaking and writing are perhaps the most difficult for learners, in my opinion, so emphasis should be put on speaking and writing. To gai
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The demeanor of the Teacher is dramatically different in the two videos. From the very beginning of the both videos, the teacher begins on a completely different note. While the teachers personality d
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In this unit I have been introduced to a variety of lesson materials include: authentic and created materials which the teachers can use to aid their students progress in the classroom. It also looks
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Unit three – Theories, Methods & Techniques This unit is an overview of different theories, methods and techniques used by teachers with a primary focus on the ESA method. The Engage Study and Acti
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This unit taught me differrent of conditional sentences which as follows: ZERO Conditional - talks about the real situation in the future that is possible, probable or even certain, once the conditi
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Any teacher knows that there are problems that may occur during a class. It is important for teachers to be prepared for potential problems but also to be able to adjust as needed prior to, during, or
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This unit I found to be interesting because it deals with grammar structures that are more advanced, and in fact could be quite difficult both to comprehend and to teach. Modal verbs are crucial to ha
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Writing and speaking are important productive skills when learning a language. Students need time to produce language. They need examples. There is a difference between accuracy and fluency. Fluency e
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Speaking and writing are one of the basic skills of language learning. So for this unit I've been introduced to these two productive skills and how important they are to producing the English language
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I agree that presenting writing or speaking activities provides separate challenges for the teacher in motivating students to engage and remain motivated throughout the process. I like the process of
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Cottonwood Heights
Unit 8 is about future tenses and their usage.The seven most common are the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, the present
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In this unit on Troubleshooting I learned various solutions to various problems that may arise in the classroom setting. For example for first lessons, I learned that during this lesson it is importan
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In this unit on Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology, I have learned some of the important and basic ways on introducing this concept to the classroom. Prior to reading this unit, I was very unfamilia
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From this unit, I learned the basics of creating a lesson plan. In greater detail, I learned what should be included or excluded from a lesson plan, how to organize my lesson plan, and good character
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Unit One - Teachers & Learners This unit covers the qualities of a good teacher. The different roles played by teachers. It briefly touches on the what makes a "good learner". The major differences y
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In this unit I learned more about various tests and when one is more suitable over the other: for example, while I already knew about tests such as external and practice exams, it was interesting to l
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Eagle Mountain
The unit explained the primary differences for the present tense forms. I already knew these pretty well as a result of trying to teach these to my students and encountering many questions about them.
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East Carbon
This unit talks about the use of books and materials in class. We get to know authentic and created materials. As we know, authentic materials are the ones that a native speaker would read or hear - n
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Elk Ridge
This was a very interesting unit because I feel this is a difficult area to teach. We focused on the productive skills of language, speaking and writing. Motivation for these was outlined and it was s
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