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This unit shows what materials to use in our lessons. We learn that we can use authentic materials (anything from real life, ex: newspapers, recording etc) or created materials (that we create ourselv
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Classroom management examines classroom culture and development of English through five subsystems and can offer insight into how classroom settings impact students. Classroom settings begins with th
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In this unit I learnt various parts of the terms given in English for each word in a sentence. I learnt how to express each word and differentiate to what is which in a way to teach correctly the mea
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This unit went over many different teaching methodologies and went in depth on the Engage-Study-Activate technique that uses aspects from each methodology. The engage stage is somewhat of a review sta
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I have signed up for the Business Language and Young Learners additions to the course and look forward to getting more in depth knowledge from these units (and look forward to making myself more emplo
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Really useful unit. I enjoyed studying good vs bad teaching and the various mistakes which can be made, especially with regard to disrespecting students and their learning. The overall attitude of the
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I found this unit the most challenging as the differences between the tenses are often subtle. I did not know there were so many future tenses before reading the unit so it was a bit of an eye opener
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In the twentieth unit of our ITTT course titled "Troubleshooting", we learned about first lessons, warmer activities, different levels, large classes, the use of native language, reluctant students, a
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This unit covers a variety of different types of groups a teacher might teach. Teachers might teach beginners (of which there are several types), individuals, children, or companies (for business Engl
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Productive skills (writing and speaking) are equally important, yet students often prefer to improve their spoken English over their written ability. Encouraging writing skills is harder in the classr
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Ashland City
Conditionals can be difficult enough for people whose first language is English. I was never taught these rules in school, including university. As a native speaker, I sometimes "just know" what is
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This unit is about evaluation and testing. As an English teacher living in Moscow I was already familiar with many of the tests. I frequently prepare students for external exams (PET, KET and IELTS ar
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In the final unit of this course I learned about common problem situations in the classroom and how to remedy them. One of the most helpful parts I found to be was the problem with listening texts. As
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This section reiterated how hard the english language really is. The if/then statement can get very trick and should definitely be taught to an advanced class and not beginners. These statements can b
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In this unit I gained knowledge of different ways to evaluate students current knowledge and progress. Along with this I learned of common external exams such as general external exams, Cambridge Asse
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This unit delineates present tenses and the various versions of times involved with this tense and various ways it is depicted based on situations and times. There are many ways of stating present ten
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This unit was an introduction to grammar of the English language. I learned about the different parts of speech, how to recognize and classify them. Each word in a sentence has a purpose and adds mean
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In the thirteenth unit of our ITTT course titled "Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology", we learned about the different techniques for teaching students about pronunciation, phonology and about the diff
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In this unit we went over phrasal verbs, passive and active voice, verb modals. The difference in phrasal verbs is that they're are multiple such as transitive, intransitive inseparable, transitive se
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Bean Station
was very happy to go through this unit, in that it teaches the importance of and the things required for a lesson plan, and it gives a form to follow it planning out a lesson. A blessing for me is th
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Beersheba Springs
Textbooks are useful in that they allow students to see progress, they provide structure for both student and teacher, and they normally cover a range of appropriate materials. However, text books can
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Bell Buckle
Planning a lesson or a sequence of lessons has a great value and importance in aiding the teacher to ensure the consistency and logical sequence of the current and upcoming lessons, and it is a ra
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Belle Meade
In most cases, it is rather difficult to bring English learning foreign students to communicate with each other or with the teacher out of lack of confidence or interest in the topic, fear of maki
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In the tenth unit of our ITTT course titled "CD/Video Lessons", we watched the same English lesson taught twice with the goal of comparing and contrasting how the teacher's methods of teaching affect
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I learned pronunciation and phonology is important to the English learner. Phonology is defined as study, science exploration, and categorization of the physicality of sound. The terms phonetic and p
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Berry Hill
It is important for teachers to achieve a balance between studying language for accuracy and developing fluency when teaching writing and speaking skills. In a way, accuracy and fluency contradict eac
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Bethel Springs
The videos were helpful because they illustrated how a teacher's attitude and technique makes such a huge difference. In the first video, the teacher seemed like he did not want to be there, blamed po
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Big Sandy
Classroom manage is particularly important to create the optimal learning environment for students. The main goal for teachers is to remain flexible in the classroom while also having an organized, f
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This unit detailed strategies to effectively manage and conduct class instruction time and students' behaviors. It also gave specific examples of seating arrangements that work with various types of c
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Bluff City
Unit 19 talks about the different types of student (group) categories, and highlights important differences in their needs and the approaches to be adopted to teach each group. These categories could
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This unit describes the present tenses in English. Undoubtedly, tenses is one of the most difficult topics to study. Since English is not native to me, I also encountered these difficulties when I stu
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I learnt how to use the proper tenses and how to elaborate it to students. Even though in certain depths its still really hard to really tell the real proper way to differentiate them. For example i
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In this lesson we discussed Tenses. The tenses of the English language i.e. present, past and future tense. It also talked about in what scenarios that you will use each tense for. For example, you wi
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This unit is about teaching phonology and pronunciation. We start by learning what intonation is and the three different types: rise/fall. fall/rise and flat. We also see different techniques to teach
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The 13th unit is about teaching phonology and pronunciation – its importance, different approaches and specific tips for teaching. A teacher can know from this chapter how to use their voice and
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This unit reviews parts of speech and gives many examples of them. The unit covers nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. Within these larger c
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I found this unit of conditionals and reported speech not necessarily hard but quite confusing.This has nothing to do with the content of the unit,but just like the tenses unitS,it was my first time g
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This unit discusses the qualities important of both the student and the teacher. Teachers should aim to follow their roles to the best of their ability and promote a healthy happy learning environmen
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Bulls Gap
This unit focused on teaching pronunciation, and the tools one might need to teach it effectively. English as a language has many rules as well as irregularities that native speakers can take for gran
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I believe that reading and listening are equally important in the long run. Listening is a prerequisite to have a good understanding of the spelling. What makes the whole idea however is the mind for
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In the nineteenth unit of our ITTT course titled "Teaching Special Groups", we learned about the tools and techniques required for teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching children,
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Receptive skills (reading and listening comprehension) are equally important to develop, but not equally simple to obtain. While visual absorption allows for visual memory recall, repeated analysis, a
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This unit was markedly different from the previous units because it provided two separate recordings of real classes in order to outline distinctions between teaching styles. In the first video, the t
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I learned with unit 19 "Teaching special groups" about the multiple groups looking to learn English, their specific needs, and techniques to be more efficient teaching each group. The groups can be be
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Campbell County
The videos and tasks in this Unit were very good and helpful for me to go through, as they helped me see the drastic differences there can be when a teacher is not acting/teaching correctly in his cla
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Carter County
This unit lists out all the varieties of teaching aids and equipment that are available to the teacher in order to facilitate easy and effective learning among the students of the English language. Us
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The most important thing for me that I learnt in this unit was on course books.I have had mixed feelings towards using course books but this unit has clarified a lot of things which has left me not fe
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In the eleventh unit of our ITTT course titled "Teaching Receptive Skills", we learned about the different reasons for reading and listening, the various methods for reading and listening, and the dif
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Cedar Hill
Past tense usage grammatical rules are more straight forward then present and future tense. This is with the exception from the irregular verb that can be found within the past simple form. Though t
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In this unit I learned about different categories of learners, or teaching special groups. When teaching children I learned it is important to keep their attention by constantly switching up the activ
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