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In this last unit, we explored the problems that can potentially occur in a classroom setting. During the first lesson of a class, it is important to establish rapport with the students and try t
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The unit talks about the teacher special groups that you may encounter in your teaching career. There are some methodologies and techniques of teaching specific groups that can be use such as beginner
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In this Unit I learned about the different teaching methodologies. I learned that not one method is better than another. Different methods can be used and the most important factor is that students ne
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This unit covered techniques and information about teaching different kinds of groups. For example, teaching children is different than teaching business English to adults. This was helpful because I
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In this unit we learned about lesson planning. We learned its importance and how to plan it. A lesson plan is an aid to planning, lets you write down what you expect the students to achieve by the end
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This unit was helpful in identifying the difference between accuracy and fluency and how both concepts are important to non-native speakers. While accuracy is best applied during phases such as study,
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In Unit 4, we learned about present tense and how they were divided down into four section. This unit is very similar in that the past tense also gets divided down into the same four sections, simple,
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In this unit, the main goal was to discover the different types of present tenses evident in the English language and thoroughly understand the usages of each. We learned that there are four main
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In this unit, the focus was on the different past tense forms. There are four past tense forms: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Each of the forms have a d
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This unit was a great cap to the grammar of this course. I feel much more confident in my ability to teach modals, passive voice, and phrasal verbs to a lesser extent. As is often the case, this unit
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Writing,therefore,is often relegated to homework,which in turn is frequently not done and so the skill is never developed. It is true to say that most students prefer to focus on their speaking skills
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Reading and listening are essential factors for an effective communication. So it is relevant to have them as part of our class material. When well prepared, students can have a lot of fun while they
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As a reacher let us aim to have a good class management. We must be able to inspire confindence int the student. We must learn when to be firm and when to leave the student alone. Teachers must be fl
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This unit was about teaching different types of groups such as beginners, children, and business. Each group has different factors to be aware of when it comes to teaching them. Each group may need be
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In unit 10 I was required to watch two videos depicting the correct and incorrect ways in which the teacher should conduct himself in the classroom. In the first video I saw how unprofessional and unp
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In this study unit I learned about some of the common problems that teachers may come across throughout their teaching career. We looked at how a teacher should approach their first lesson with a new
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The future tense is more complex that the past and present tenses. It has the same four aspects as the other two (simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous), but three additional tenses are
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The current unit is called "Coursebooks and lesson materials". It divides the materials into two groups: the authentic materials and the created materials. Further, the main aspects and differences be
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This unit gives the brief explanation of the classroom management, how properly to use eye contact, voice, gestures. Also it was useful to learn about classroom arrangements, their pros and cons and e
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In this Study Unit we learned about the Future Tense and the various forms: Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, and Future Perfect Continuous. We also learned that there are other forms
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In English, a phrasal verb is a phrase such as turn down or ran into which combines two or three words from different grammatical categories: a verb and a particle and a preposition together form a si
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Whatever the level of the class, and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, there are four things that students need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand its mean
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This unit deals with problem of using coursebooks and supplemented materials on the lessons. I've learnt when and why the EFL teacher can use authentic and created materials in addition to the courseb
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In this section I was taught the basic rules and entailments related to a positive student/teacher relationship. In my opinion the key points are the following: A good teacher must have a number of qu
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In this unit, the different forms and usages of future tenses was explored. Future tenses can be especially tricky, as some of the forms can be similar to present tense forms. In general, future
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The best part about this unit for me was at the end, I loved the fact I could have a go at my own lesson plan about food. This made me use all the knowledge I had gained so far and put it into action,
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This unit was useful in learning about the types of teaching equipment and teaching aids that are used in the classroom, as well as what the advantages and disadvantages are for said equipment. I lear
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This was a very interesting unit as the course books used for the lessons are very important, this unit talks about the various pros and cons, how the course book should be used etc. I realy liked the
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This unit introduced future tenses (7 of them) in the English language. It was interesting to see present tenses in here as well, but seeing the examples made sense. I also learned a bit of what I thi
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This unit explains how to introduce new language in the classroom. I remember as an English student that a lesson was only memorable if there were lots of activities. Especially the use of funny pictu
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This lesson spoke of the importance of creating a lesson plan.The unit also also show how the lesson plan helps the teacher ans acts as a summary of what is to be taught at each stage of the lesson an
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This unit was about teaching special groups, from beginners (young learners to adults), business and multilingual/monolingual. Tips for teaching beginners, individual and different groups. Also went o
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Wow, the first video had me cringing at the teacher's laziness, and the way he would address the students. It was much better watching the second video. In my own experience, I've had teachers, not as
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A lesson plan can be a helpful teaching tool when used correctly. It can help the teacher organize their plans, give them something to refer back to during the lesson, and later act as a record of wha
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The unit talks about the speaking of writing of teaching productive skills, including games. Speaking and writing both are use for the same purpose-for communicate. When some people are communicate wi
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In this section, I learned the importance of methodology of teaching English to non-native speakers. I learned methods such as audio - lingualism, Task based learning, and grammar-transition, and how
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In this unit, the focus was on the theories, methods, and techniques of learning. Students can effectively learn from teachers if the teacher can activate the correct methods of learning to help
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Test and Evaluation is the process by which a system or components are compared against requirements and specifications through testing. The results are evaluated to assess progress of design, perform
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The focus of this unit was on how to manage classes effectively. It is necessary for a teacher to be organized and to have good control of their classes in order to ensure a smooth lesson where i
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This unit was about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals mainly deal with the use of if/when. There are five types of conditionals: zero, first, second, third, and mixed. Conditionals can of
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This unit has taught me all about the future tenses and how to teach them to English learners. The biggest thing I've learned is that in English we often use the present tense (present simple and pres
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In this unit we learned about the future tense. It is one of the most complex areas of the English language. In this unit we learned about the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect,
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This chapter allows teachers to broaden their pallette of learning tools, develop skilss and personalization for the use of technology. Over head projectors, DVD's, and at the higher end, interactive
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This unit describes the different types of tests you can use in the classroom. It also shows other ways of evaluating students' levels and progress. I support the "evaluation by the students" approa
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In this unit we learned about evaluations and testing. There are many ways to evaluate a student's language level. There are tutorials, evaluations by students and tests. Among tests, there are placem
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In this study unit we learned about modals, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. In the modal auxiliary verbs section we covered the basic rules of usage, function, and form. In addition to the study
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Brooktree Park
In this unit, I learned the importance of communication in the classroom setting. I have a much broader understanding of how students can perceive my method of teaching, and how this can affect the st
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The unit talks about the grammar of conditionals and reported speech. It also covers the differences between direct and reported speech. There are five main different forms of conditional sentence and
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A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the course of instruction for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class learning. Details will vary depending on the p
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This unit was focused on modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, phrasal verbs, and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs include: may, might, need to, needn't, must, would, have to, have got to
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