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This unit explains the four present tenses: the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and the present perfect continuous. I have learned that these tenses can be easily confused because
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From this unit I learned many things to consider while managing a classroom of English learners. This unit covered items which I had not even considered before, such as when the teacher should be stan
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Compared to the present tense, the past tense is very simple. The usages for the simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous tenses are all very simple and easy to comprehend. This is of cours
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There are four present tenses in English. Use the present tense to talk about something that is going on now or that is true now and any time. Simple present to express habits and general truths. Pres
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The last unit describes the most common problems that the EFL teacher can meet in the classroom and there are some tips for the teachers for how they can settle these problems. I've learnt how to beha
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This unit talks about the teaching of: beginners, individuals, children and business people. Every chapter discusses the groups in more detail. As a new teacher I would like to teach English to childr
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Every level of the class, students have to be exposed to new vocabulary and grammar. When teacher chose the new word, grammar and structure to study together, has to consider student’s level, mother
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This unit pretty much states that the three building blocks to having a good foundation to learn a new language are vocabulary, grammatical structure, and language functions. Vocabulary, well because
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linguists can create a very solid argument that only two tenses exist,i.e.the present and the past, but as teachers of EFL we have to take a slightly different approach. The course books, and most ref
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Unit 16 discussed the five main types of conditional clauses (zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional clauses). The unit discussed the form an
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This unit was about the use of future tense. The different form of future tense are future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to future, present simple in futu
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In this unit, the importance of a lesson plan and how to make a lesson plan was explored. In a lesson plan, there are many things that should be noted in order for a smooth lesson to be carried o
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This unit discusses modal auxiliary verbs, passive and active voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. I have learned that the use of passive voice is used if the focus is on the action. It is not i
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In each new teaching position a teacher will be faced with meeting a number of new classes for the first time. These classes are vital for the teacher to establish rapport with the students and set th
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This unit helped me think about and visualize the course of the school year in terms of tests. Because of the different uses of tests, tests can come in handy at all periods of the school year. Placem
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The content of this Unit was all about the future tense. Actions that are in progress in a future time and maybe will be completed in a future time. Interesting I always thought there was only four fu
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In this unit I learned how the past tense was really similar to the present tense. I also learned that many verbs in the past tense are irregular compared to those in the present tense (i.e. they can'
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New England
The unit talks about the coursebooks and lesson materials. What is the difference between authentic materials and created materials. Which one is more interesting. The reality, however, is a little di
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New Leipzig
This chapter provides additional skills, in that now, students can discuss present and past activities. They will be able to describe a range of conditional occurrences in the past , in both a finite
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New Rockford
This unit provides the information about coursebooks and lesson materials that teacher can use. It gives a good explanation about ancillary materials, for what purpose and in which part of the lesson
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New Salem
This unit presented a unique challenge for me. While I recognized many of the concepts in the first half of the unit, including the various appropriate usages of modal auxiliary verbs and was able to
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New Town
This unit was helpful in challenging my perception of course books and their relative usefulness. While course books can provide tried-and-true methods for teaching certain concepts, supplementary inf
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An effective teacher considers the teaching of pronunciation an integral part of the course.For one thing,students are as concerned about it as they are with any other aspect of learning English. In a
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This unit was an extremely helpful review of the future tenses. The future tense seems to be much more relative than the present and past tenses. In addition to the additional tenses that can have fut
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Unit 9 discussed how to develop a lesson plan. The unit started with a brief discussion of the purpose of a lesson plan and its function. Next, the unit covered the things that the lesson plan shoul
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This lesson is obviously relate to past time periods. We shoul begin to ee certain similarities in usage and form emerging. All perect forms same form of the verb "fo have" and the past participle f
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North River
I have learned a lot about lesson planning. Having this knowledge will allow me to teach to the best of my ability. By creating a lesson plan that my students to get the most skills out of each lesson
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This unit contains 2 demonstration videos of ESA lesson. It's the same lesson but being taught differently. In first lesson teacher didn't look like he was enjoying the class. He appeared unfriendly b
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In this unit, the method of teaching vocabulary, grammar, and function was explored. Selecting the vocabulary to learn is a difficult task that is dependent on the appropriacy to the students and
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Unit 2 was a brief review of English grammar that the teacher must be able to clear communicate and teach to his/her students. This unit included the different parts of speech, its uses and rules for
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This unit gives information about teaching receptive skills, such as listening and reading. There are 2 reasons for reading and listening: for purpose and for entertainment, and these two purposes can
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Unit ten was about the two videos of two diffrent lessons with the same teacher and the same class. i was able to see that the teacher came to the second lesson with a way better attitude and way happ
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In this study unit I learned the function, purpose and structure of a lesson plan. I learned that it is important to create a lesson plan for several reasons; such as planning a logical sequence for
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Unit 13 discussed the topics of pronunciation and phonology. An effective teacher must consider pronunciation as a very important part of his/her teaching. Phonology is the study of the sounds in a
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The current unit provides the general knowledge about types of teaching vocabulary, some types of difficulties that may occur during teaching. We get to know how to select the proper vocabulary, what
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This unit introduced the different theories methods and techniques used to teach English as a second language. It gave a detailed overview as to how each specific way is taught and how it affects the
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The content of this unit dealt with troubleshooting when teachers run into issues in the classroom. Some of the most common issues are what to do in the first lessons, in which it is recommended to fo
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Park River
This unit was about past tense grammar. This involved learning about the four forms of past tense, past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The structure of past tense
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This unit provided two videos of two different lesson plans taught in real life to students learning English. It was useful to see the methods learned so far carried out in real life. The examples of
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This unit focused on classroom management and various aspects to keep in mind when setting up the classroom. It is easy to forget that the learning environment does affect the academic performance of
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In this unit , I learnt more about The Tense System and learnt about the seven tenses. I also learnt that the be going+ infinitive and the present continuous are one of the most frequently used. Befor
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In this lesson I learned about conditionals and reported (indirect) verse direct speech. These are both quite advanced, complicated concepts so I learned many details about when to use and how to form
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This section contained knowledge on the different ways to approach teaching a language to those attempting to learn it from a foreign perspective. It essentially covered the methodologies, theories, a
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This unit was a great introspection into the dynamics between many learners and many teachers. It went over the nuances of many of them. For example, I have learned being a manager during the entire c
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Pick City
This first unit, titled "Teachers and Learners" provided a solid and in-depth crash-course on the relationship between teachers and students and how the ideal teacher and student should act. As well a
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This unit covered the types of grammar points used when using future tenses. As with the other similar grammar units it covered each of the various structures commonly used with future tenses. I've
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This unit helps me as a teacher to establish firmly the factors to consider when the students are interacting with a new language. I have also learnt that grammar and vocabulary are complements of eac
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The content of this unit deals with teaching special groups. These special groups are beginners (absolute beginner, young and adult beginner, false beginner), individual students, children, business p
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Class management is a very important aspect in the classroom as it requires different strategical methods to keep the students in tuned with what is being taught. Managing the classroom shows control
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This unit covers the area of Reading and listening: Receptive skills. It breaks down what they are and problems with receptive skills. Like most of the units, I understand what is being taught but not
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