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This unit is about various problems that may arise when teaching an EFL class. The unit provides different suggestions for how to deal with common issues that may come up due to different reasons. Som
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This unit was full of quite useful information about the ways to teach correct pronunciation. For many Native speakers it's quite difficult to teach that because sounds come out of our mouths naturall
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In this unit, I learned about the different approaches to teaching a second language. I learned that many of them sounds and seems practical and effective but there are a couple that seems very ineffe
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This was another important lesson which brought us back to the helpful ESA (or variations thereof) model, but this time the lesson related to vocabulary, grammar and functions. I've always found that
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This unit was the last chapter dealing directly with grammatical content, specifically, modal verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs. These types of phrases indicate a variety of circumstances, that
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I had never seen or heard of the phonetic language before, but learning the different phonetic signs and meanings was very helpful. I can see how they, when coupled with the places of articulation, ca
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This unit was about the mistakes a teacher can make during class and their consequences. In the first video the teacher makes a lot of mistakes such as pointing to the students, not knowing their name
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This Unit was helpful for me to understand clear delineation of the roles of teachers and students. It is useful to have a clear picture of the variety of levels when regarding quality of teaching and
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In this lesson, I learned how to introduce new vocabulary to students. I liked this lesson because I feel like I'm learning how to approach the most important part of teaching a new language and that'
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This module covered teaching special groups such as beginners, pre schoolers, business peple, multi and mono language groups. It showed that there were a lit of similarities in the methodologies to b
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Very useful unit! Watching the first video, I could immediately notice mistakes this teacher makes. Bringing bad attitude to the class results in complications and tension. I wrote down many moments w
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In unit 11 I have learnt about productive skills like speaking and writing. They are both very important while speaking needs more fluency and writing needs more accuracy. The idea of letting the stud
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From this unit I have learnt about ways to teach productive skills and some specific information. For example, there was detailed information about things to focus on while teaching speaking. We need
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It is important for teachers to be able to effectively plan their lessons so that their class is structured and effective. Lesson planning is not about creating a rigid type of ‘script’ that a tea
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When the teacher goes to the class for the first time the class has two categories 1-new group 2-existing group The experienced teacher will not start with course book immediately , however , he st
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This unit is about the qualities that make a good teacher and a good learner, the different roles of a teacher, the different language levels and the differences between young learners and adults. I
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This unit gives an overview of the ways to manage the class. It reminds what we can use as teachers to create certain atmosphere during the lesson. Also, this unit gives great advice on how to reduce
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Unit 5 tells about class managing process. Very useful tips about voice and gestures of a teacher were given. Its not easy to keep the class interested in the learning process but I have learnt some w
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Tenses are a complicated and confusing part of learning English, slight differences in tenses may not be immediately noticeable by non-native speakers, however native speakers, and fluent non-native E
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This unit was great to remember the exact usages of different past tenses. It also gave some ideas on which activities to choose when teaching one specific past tense. All in all it's a good combinati
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I was comfortable with this Unit as it tested all the material which was discussedb in the module. I found that the sample exercises made the theory easier to understand and can prove to be useful fo
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This unit was about lesson plans: how to plan a lesson correctly, what to expect, what are the important points, an example of a lesson plan and also some teaching material. I've never planned a less
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This unit's topic is a beginning point for students who wish to understand the structure of English language. Tenses are the base of all language practice. It's very important to distinguish all the
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This unit was about the seven aspects of the future tense, including the aspects of the present tense that are used when talking about future actions. It also gave some teaching ideas for each aspect.
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Blue Island
In this last unit I learnt how to deal with many situations I could face as a teacher; situations that are very common and will always be there (at least most of them). How to deal with new and existi
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This unit focused on the two productive skills, speaking and writing. I learned the difference between accuracy activities and fluency activities. Accuracy activities focus of ensuring that the words
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This unit focused on modal and phrasal verbs, as well as the passive voice. Modal verbs have many different uses and their nuance is slightly different, so the can be difficult for English learners to
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In this unit i have learnt about some of the methods and techniques used in teaching,when to apply them,how to apply them and at what level to apply them.I have learnt about some effective ways to hel
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In this unit, I learned about the different kinds of language learner groups that a teacher may have to teach. These groups included groups like young learners, adult learners, and business learners.
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Bunker Hill
Unit 9 focused on Lesson Planning, and went more in depth with both examples and suggestions. I found the worksheet examples at the end of the lesson to be a bit misleading and lack explanation, where
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This unit covers the information necessary to encourage and develop productive skills in students. Speaking and writing are the productive skills elaborated on in this unit. The unit provides examples
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Unit Four, following on Unit Two's English language grammar introduction, delves into verb conjugation with a focus on present verb tenses. Present simple, present continuous, present perfect and pre
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This unit was about equipment and teaching aids. It mentioned some popular resources often found in classrooms, with their pros and cons as well as the best way to use them effectively. It also gave a
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I have learnt the parts of speech and the simplest form of structure which is a sentence,consisting of at least a subject and a verb. Beyond the subject and the verb in a sentence, there are also noun
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Calumet City
This unit covered a wide variety of classroom management topics, such as student seating arrangements, the importance of balancing teacher and student talking time, how to project confidence and build
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This unit was about a class management: how to use our voice properly, how to use gesture and eye contact, how to arrange the class, the pros and cons of the different ways to group the students, etc.
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To me this test was an interesting exercise as, like the previous Unit, it brought the learnings from at least two other Units into practice again thereby reinforcing previous learnings. ie the Strai
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This unit covers the four present tenses which are perfect simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. I have learnt that which tense to use when you are describing an
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It was really great to be able to witness an example of a good and bad lesson, and being able to witness it in the video portrayal. It is clear that instructor attitude and preparation is key when con
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This Unit on conditionals and reported speech was very interesting. As a native english speaker I cant remember going into such detail when I was learning English. Some things you just picked up ove
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This unit outlined conditional statements and their usages. I learned the difference between zero, first, second, third and mixed conditional statements. I really liked, and learned this too, the teac
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This unit was all about the four aspects of the present tense. I can definitely relate to the "common mistakes" parts as my students often do those.(ex: "I'm go to school" / "Are you go to school?") I
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This is easily one of the most helpful units I have completed so far. Structuring a lesson based around vocabulary or around a grammar point is difficult. This seems to be the point where a great deal
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This unit was another unit that really helped me because it gave me a solid foundation and understanding of how to approach a lesson plan. I felt like it gave an adequate outline of making points that
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This unit was a nice grammar refresher for me. I used to love English class and writing. In 7th grade, my English teacher was named Mrs. Welty. She was very good at her job. She taught us all the
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This unit covered different factors that affect group management, different methods of group management and different advantages and disadvantages of different teaching and grouping methods. In partic
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I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am happy. I am hap
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This unit helped with understanding the concepts of a lesson in a real classroom environment. I see how the engage, study and activate stages are used. The students are of different age ranges and the
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Unit 7 focuses on they ways in which the three elements, Vocabulary, Grammar and language functions can be taught in the ESA format. Vocabulary and Grammar are normally taught in a straight arrow ESA
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The present tense presented some challenges in differentiating the varoous variations. An EFL learner will need to practice repeatedly to appreciate the nuances of the various forms of present tense
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