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Leland Grove
Actually i want to say i learned so many things i mean methods. I got kind of different ideas that how can i monitorin whole classes. The most important thing is group of age . For example, i can comm
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I appreciated the way this test required me to reflect on the information in previous units about the ESA lesson structure. It was helpful to quickly check my comprehension of the topic and apply it t
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Hello, Planing lesson, for some ideas, is wrong. because they think It limits of teacher's creativity in classroom. As a teacher I can tell, you have to find the middle way of it. because you need a
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The role of the teacher in the learning process cannot be understated. A good teacher is one that practices good teaching characteristics (kindness, patience, lively, entertaining, motivating) and one
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Unit three was extremely helpful for the novice English teacher. I feel more aware of how to apply various methods in the classroom. As a current English teacher in Japan with no previous experience I
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This unit was short but useful. I have had trouble in the past understanding the specific differences between past continuous and past perfect continuous forms of past tense, but this unit cleared it
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Loves Park
Unit 10 provided two VERY different lesson/teaching styles - using the same concepts, but with extremely different results/reactions. The first video was almost painful to watch, as the students strug
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After studying this Unit I understood that I have refreshed my knowledge of parts of speech. I really liked that all material is so well organized and understandable and that it gives a huge insight i
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In this unit I learnt about the different types of conditionals in the English grammar and how they can be identified and attended to .These five conditionals include; the zero, the first, the second,
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This unit covers the appropriate use of different types of materials in the classroom. In particular, the unit covers the advantages and disadvantages of using course books as well as of using authent
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Reading and listening may be 2 of the most important skills a human develops in their life. They are the cornerstone of taking in and processing information for any desired purpose, so of course, the
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Unit 8 was yet another unit dealing with the nitty-gritty of grammar knowledge. This was once again very helpful and I consider these units that go over the specifics of grammar and tenses to be very
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This Unit focuses on the importance of Modals, Pasive Voice, Clauses and Phrasal Verbs. These aspects are usually hard to understand for foreign students, so teachers need to wind ways to teach these
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This unit demonstrated the different reasons for reading and listening, whether it be for entertainment or purpose. I learned the different skills that we use when we read, predictive skills, scannin
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Marquette Heights
Dealing with different sized classes, and mixed ability classes means that teachers need to be able to adjust their plans when necessary, and to ensure that the exercises and activities given to the
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This unit focused on the teaching receptive skills which are listening and reading. Reasons for reading and listening might be for a purpose and for entertainment. Moreover, readers and listerners em
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This unit went over the importance and the role of technology within a language learning classroom.Each equipment had it's pro's and con's of using them in the classroom. There are 15 forms of technol
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Hello, This section helped me to remember all my basic knowledge of english again. Even as gramatically, many of us can be confuse about it in our own languages' grammer, and Its quite difficult to l
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It is important for English teachers to be aware of different teaching methods and techniques, this can help us to more effectively plan our lessons and teach different types of students. When plannin
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Mason City
This unit on productive skills accompanies the previous one which covered receptive skills. It discussed how infrequently writing is taught in class, and the important distinction between accuracy and
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In video one , teacher stars lesson without engage phase which is very necessary to warm up the students and stimulate them to participate in class activities .Teacher usually doesn’t speak cle
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In this unit, I understood the important of writing and speaking. It goes to show that you cannot communicate with someone by just knowing how to listen and read the language. You need to be able to p
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Unit 12 is about productive skills I mean speaking and writing . they are considerably different from each other in many ways but both of them are used for communication. Writing is a essential ski
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Unit 9 is all about the way in which a teacher plans their lesson, bearing in mind that it might not go according to plan. The teacher will then have to be flexible and adapt to the situation - this m
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In this unit I have learnt about the common problem situations I will face in a classroom and how I can handle them as a teacher. How I can handle my first lesson to a new group or an existing group
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This unit was meant to help teachers address common problems that might arise for a TESOL teacher. I especially appreciated the section that discussed possible reasons that students may resort to use
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Hello, This part of the course really made me excited because I felt myself as a teacher again. Actually, most of informations in this chapter, very smilar for us, as a teacher, in our classrooms. Bes
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In this unit, I learned about the different ways that a teacher can assess their student. I learned of the many different assessment test, most of them I am familiar with. For example, the practice te
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In this unit, the topic covered how to teach different groups of students based on age and careers. Depending on the age, some students may be more willing to learn than others. The visual equipment a
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This unit was another unit that really helped me because it gave me a solid foundation and understanding of how to approach a lesson plan. I felt like it gave an adequate outline of making points that
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In this unit I have learnt on the effective planning and execution of a lesson in a class, and how one cannot effectively execute a lesson. In the first video I saw a lot of disorganization by the tea
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Unit content: Methodology, Engage study and activate, Example of a 'straight arrow' ESA Lesson, example of a Boomerang ESA Lesson, example 'Patchwork' ESA Lesson, ideas of Engage phase and Consequence
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Mound City
This unit covered a variety of grammatical subjects, including: passive and active voice, modal verbs, phrasal verbs, and relative clauses. Since these topics are each relatively complicated, and we c
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This unit outlined the different types of future tenses and some present tenses. It demonstrated how to use future simple, future continuous, future perfect, and present simple and present continuous.
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Mount Carmel
This Unit covered various theories, methods and techniques for teaching English; it also covered various forms of appropriate correction, feedback, and lesson flow/planning. It is important to note th
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Mount Carroll
This unit covered the future verb tenses in great detail. The future tense can be expressed in more ways that past or present, because it includes the normal for sub categories (future simple, continu
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Mount Olive
Unit 8 on Future Tenses, was also an extreme challenge and review for me. Tenses are definitely not my strong suit; that being said, it did make me utilized not only the materials at hand, but also us
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Mount Pulaski
In the modern age, there are a vast range of different pieces equipment which can be used within the classroom when teaching English. Teachers should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of ea
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Mount Sterling
This unit covered a wide variety of English grammatical rules. The topics covered are too numerous to concisely discuss here, but include: basics of sentence construction, plurals, gerunds, verb tense
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Mount Vernon
This, the final unit, covered several different potential difficulties which a language teacher might encounter, as well as potential solutions to these problems. These ranged from L1 use in the class
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This section focuses on the different types of testing that a school might have, what they are used for, and how they are conducted. It also discussed various standardized tests that English learners
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I am glad that this Unit on grammar was incorporated within the course. It reminded me of how much I need this course. There were grammar terms within this Unit that I didn't learn when I was in schoo
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This unit covered characteristics and personality types that make for a good teacher or student, levels of language fluency, and different roles that a teacher may take during a lesson. I was able to
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I have learned that being a teacher requires one to be able to fulfill a number of different roles in the classroom, teachers must be able to effectively take on different roles within the classroom a
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Unit Nine involves a focus on lesson planning, demonstrating the most basic (helpful) components but nevertheless also illustrating that there is an art to the process, one that most of us develop onl
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This unit talks about different equipment and resources that can be used in a classroom. The unit also covers the different purposes that equipment and resources can serve both the teacher and the stu
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New Boston
Firstly i need to say this topic was the most useful for new teacher canditates.I learned here so many type of management of class. The management system have kindly means. The topic is so widely and
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The programe is getting higher and more difficult with so many little things to know and to remember but very valuable and helpful. This unit firstly provides teacher ways to have proper gestures, eye
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At this point, I am starting to become very familiar with tenses and how they are modified by "perfect" and "continuous" variations. The examples are very helpful. It will be important to use the Enga
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This unit discussed the different types of assessments that may occur for a language class. I learned that diagnostic tests/placement tests are usually given at the beginning of the year and are desig
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