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North Chicago
Unit 7 was a wonderful review on some of the ESA teaching structures I was already familiar with. It gave explanations for ESA methods and teaching tips - especially about vocabulary. The worksheet a
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This unit gave a brief outline of the different parts of speech, including adjectives, nouns, verbs, prepositions, and each of those major categories more specific subcategories. I learned much from
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This unit was helpful for me to rethink my approach to classroom management. I think my varied experiences teaching in different countries forced me to adhere to standards set for me in terms of the w
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Oak Forest
This unit covered the teaching of receptive skills (reading and listening). Particularly interesting was the practical examples of how to adapt the ESA methodology specifically for a receptive skill l
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Oakbrook Terrace
I learnt that many foreigners consider pronunciation as one of the hardest topics in learning English, that is why an effective teacher should focus also in pronunciation, stress, and intonation, as h
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In this unit I have learnt about teaching special groups and their categories have looked at how I can teach different beginners, the tips i should have in mind when teaching them including the method
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This unit entails an overview of what being a good teacher/student entails, as well as the various types of teachers there are, as well as giving an overview of experiences and personalities a teacher
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This unit briefly outlined how to teach vocabulary, grammar, and functions. With vocabulary, factors to consider when selecting the words are the appropriateness, how often it is used, and how teacha
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The end! I must say that I have enjoyed this course immensely. Ive learnt some new concepts and Ive reinforced some I already knew. The programme made me think about English useage and grammar whic
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Actually, if we want to teach the language or new languages firstly, we should learn grammer well. We have to teach which is properly one. If you know your language's grammer especially be as a forei
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This unit looked at receptive skills under the basic four language skills which are reading and listening. I learnt about the reasons why we read which are particularly for purpose or entertainment a
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Unit Two provides, as an introduction to English grammar, an overview of the parts of speech. More specifically, the unit is focused primarily on recognizing and classifying the parts of speech. Wor
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Palos Heights
Overall this Unit was useful in providing examples/instructions/suggestions for not only maintaining order in the classroom, but building a strong, health rapport. These varied from classroom set-up,
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Palos Hills
Different conditionals can be hard for teachers to teach, and for students to learn as there are certain subtleties and may not be able to differentiate their distinct uses apart. This is particularly
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In this unit I looked at the classroom and to be specific, course books and lesson materials’ have learnt about course books including; student books, workbooks, cassettes, teachers books and other
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This Unit focused on the Productive skills of speaking and writing. While it gave good insights into the technicalities of speaking and writing, the students also learnt about techniques to motivate
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Park City
This unit presented the numerous teaching aides and types of equipment available for ESL teachers' use. These are all common sense for anyone who has attended school or a university. I would like to a
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Park Ridge
Unit 12 was a great reinforcement, as expected. In teaching productive skills, this Unit specifically focused on the speaking and writing aspects (which included games - complimenting the previous Uni
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This unit gives nicely structured information about teaching receptive skills. It's important to concentrate on teaching both to enhance students' comprehension. It's also essential to improve differe
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Past tenses are a tricky subject for English learners, what may seem instinctual to native English speakers, may not be for non-native English speakers. In order to grasp past tenses well, students mu
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This Unit provided a lot of information on various types of materials teachers can use in order to make class more interesting and fun. It covered all types of aids like whiteboard, cassettes, DVDs, c
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This unit addressed an interesting component of language, pronunciation, and subtle parts of language like intonation. In many languages, intonation Is the only thing that determines meaning and of c
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This unit was an interesting opportunity for me to reflect on lessons I have done in the past and apply some of these theoretical methodologies. I liked reading about the activities, some of which I h
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This unit has some nice information about coursebooks, their advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I always add extra materials to the topic, and use books only for an outline of the class. I thin
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This unit was about how to teach new language depending on whether it is vocabulary, grammar structures or language functions. It also mentioned the right way to select appropriate language to teach,
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This module on Parts of speech was more difficult than the first Unit. It gave an overview and reviewed rules of grammar which as a native english speaker I found that I often took for granted. Addi
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This unit has been a review or summary of the need for appropriate classroom management and the various ways to help achieve optimal classroom balance while still encouraging a safe and happy environm
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This Unit gives full picture of usages of Conditionals(different types) and Reported Speech. From my experience, students often confuse these aspects, so it's important to spend a lot of time explaini
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This Unit gives information on how to teach various groups, concentrating on the following groups: beginners, kids, adults(business English). Teaching these groups requires a lot of special preparatio
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This unit described the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner. The most important point I learned from the lesson is that a good teacher focuses on the students' learning and not their
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Prospect Heights
Pronunciation is an important part of language learning, as students must be able to learn how to communicate fluently and effectively with other English speakers. This is an aspect of teaching that i
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This unit outlined the changing factors that need to be considered when teaching to special groups. I learned that when teaching beginners, it is wise to be a simple as possible, and visual as possibl
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Red Bud
This unit contained information regarding lesson planning, specifically the importance of formulating a good lesson plan and strategies for fulfilling this goal. I have previously taken a graduate sem
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When learning grammar in school in America you are taught the very basics, and the rest is just learned and used based off of memory. Relearning grammar isn't too difficult but having to actually full
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Grammar is a very important part of language, as a knowledge of words alone will not be enough to produce meaningful sentences and allow speakers to engage in effective communication. It is important
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Rock Falls
This Unit was a basic introduction to grammar and the parts of speech in relation to the English language. It gave great examples of each, as a good starting point, with great resources to further sel
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Rock Island
I learnt the details of the subdivisions of each part of the speech, for example: verbs (transitive and instransitive), adverbs (place, manner, time, etc), pronouns (relative, reflexive, etc), and so
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Unit 15 is about evaluation of students in different way and their progress which they gained during the course .they are number of ways to assess the students language level 1-tutorial 2-evaluation
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Rolling Meadows
Unit 13 was by far one of the most scientific/biological units thus far; thus, I found this Unit the most interesting. Pronunciation I feel isn't exactly the most neglected in my experience, but defin
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After watching the two videos, it is evident that a well-prepared teacher with a positive and friendly attitude will be able to teach a class much more effectively than one with a negative and indiffe
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This unit was about pronunciation and phonology. It explained the meaning of phonology, intonation and stress, the common intonation patterns, how stressed syllables work, the way articulation works a
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This unit provides information about the history of teaching techniques, general outline of the class and different ideas about activities. Engage-Study-Activate is the concept that I've always used w
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Unite 14 is about books and materials .it mainly talking about course book . some people consider very useful tool for teacher and are in favor of studying only course book , others are against it a
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In unit 11 I learnt about receptive skills like reading and listening. They are equally important when learning the new language. And the teacher should pay attention to practice these skills. The tas
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This unit outlined the different parts of phonetic conversation. I learned about intonation and that there are generally two types, rise/fall when nothing is expected from the listener and fall/rise w
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This unit was about grammar: modals, passive voice and phrasal verbs. It mentioned the different modal verbs and how/when to use them, how to use the modal verb "be" in the passive voice depending on
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This unit was another unit that really helped me because it gave me a solid foundation and understanding of how to approach a lesson plan. I felt like it gave an adequate outline of making points that
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It is a bit difficult to do, but I like reducing lessons down to bare bones structure of intentions. When it comes down to it, most if not all possible lesson activities can fit into the topics of Eng
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Much like the previous units on grammar, unit six was very helpful. I find the breakdowns of the tenses and the forms that come along with these tenses really helps to solidify my knowledge of English
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South Beloit
I learned a lot of different details about how to manage a class, for example, how to use my voice, body language, gesture. Different ways to group my students and the benefits of each way of grouping
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