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In this unit, it covers the importance of supplementary aids that can be brought into the classroom. This can help students learn better as they are able to learn the language easier because the use o
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Spring Valley
In this unit i got look at all of the structures in more details. I was thinking that there are three future tenses which ones we oftenly used. But the all seven tenses has a mean of future. Some of t
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In this unit i have learnt on what students need to do with new language;get exposed,understand its meaning,understand its construction,practice and production.I have learnt that a learners receptive
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St. Charles
Modal verbs have different uses depending on the situation, and they are not all entirely interchangeable. This can pose a problem for English learners who may not be able to fully understand the diff
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St. Elmo
Unit 11 was a very good reflection and resource as a teacher, specifically focusing on receptive skills: reading and listening. It is important to understand that reading and listening (both learning
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St. Francisville
I learnt many ways to evaluate my students and the difference among each kind of evaluation form/tests. I also learnt details about the external examinations; I knew there were many different external
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This unit was about teaching methods. It was my first time reading about those and it helped me understand my teaching style. I also learned about the ESA technique, which is something I never heard a
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This lesson related to evaluation and the different times and types of evaluation that are appropriate and available at given intervals of a learning course. I understand the methodology used for plac
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This lesson relates to the different types of materials that will be used in the classroom. I thought it was helpful to differentiate between authentic materials and created materials. It is clear tha
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Hello, Future tense is really seems easy but at the same time it's complicated inside it. There are four main groups of it, and the most complex things are Future simple will / going to. Actually In
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Unit 13 about pronunciation which is the most neglected aspect of English language .teachers often unable to teach it methodically and most of them don’t have sufficient knowledge in this area .e
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I've got so many new importand informations about the teaching techniques and methodlogy,techniques.All of them gonna help me to teaching in future teacher life.To the sake of examples; Engage stage,s
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In this unit I looked at modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice. I have learnt about auxiliary verbs and the basic rules of using them including what they can express, like obligation, ability advice
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I've learnt here so many things about the learner and how can i teach better and options. Firstly,so many things can be different from age to age.It can be harder to the different age groups. Young le
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This section focuses on establishing how to manage a classroom. Emphasis is placed on the ways to arrange the class, as well as how a successful or effective teacher should handle his or her students
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This unit has given me an overview of what makes a good teacher and the role of a teacher. It also states what makes a good learner and what motivates learners. I have learned that there are many diff
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This introductory unit proved to be an awareness building experience for me. It demonstrated that as trainers/teachers it is essential to read and absorb mearning resources at various levels. The mu
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This Unit dealt with various means of testing students before, during and after they have enrolled in an EFL programme of learning. It outlines the asvantages and disadvantages of the various methodo
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This unit covered the components of the process involved in teaching a new language to someone. The components include vocabulary, grammar and functions. Literally, these constitute the substance of
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This session provided an in indepth analysis of teaching and learning methodologies with significant examples of both teaching and learning strategies. I found the theorem to be very useful but more
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The teacher should have particular qualities to best serve their purpose. For example, someone suited for teaching would have patience and an ability to know where their student is at in their develo
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This unit focuses on the future tense and its seven sub-tenses: simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous, going to (verb), present simple, and present continuous. It is worth noting that the fu
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Villa Grove
Whilst all linguistic skills are important, the receptive skills – reading and listening are crucial to a student’s understanding. Without comprehension of a language, one would be unable to learn
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This unit provides 2 videos which are the same lesson being taught twice to groups of Thai students of English. The first video shows basic errors of the teacher as well as his bad manner which don't
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Future tense forms are subtle, making them hard to identify correctly, as they also include present simple, present continuous and ‘going to’ forms within them. Moreover, understanding when to us
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This portion of the course was an excellent refresher on the basic parts of speech. Although some of the more basic parts of speech were rather simple to recall, it was great to refresh my knowledge o
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Classroom management is very important for teaching a lesson effectively. Depending on the number of students, size of the classroom, age of the students and the learning objectives of the lesson, a t
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This lesson was very important for me in helping to gain an initial understanding relative to how I might "start" to teach a student how to speak English. Prior to lesson, and prior to the course in g
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From this unit I learned why it is important to create a lesson plan. It helps in organizing thoughts, in keep an eye on students' progress and it also servers as a record of what you've already studi
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Unit ten requires much closer attention to the nuances of effective instruction than did the previous units, inasmuch as it involves watching videos of two lesson experiences and then comparing and co
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Unit Five addresses classroom management, the skill and practice of organizing and managing the students' activities and behavior. An overall classroom atmosphere conducive to maximizing student lear
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This unit was focused on the different kinds of materials you can use for your lessons: authentic materials, which are really intended for native speakers, created materials that you specifically make
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This unit was about the ways to teach different kinds of groups, from young learners to business English. It mentioned the different types of beginners, how to teach children and how to teach business
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This unit is based around the two ESA demonstration videos online training system. The two videos are well designed and clear, this unit shows the important of relationship between the Teacher and th
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West Chicago
This unit presented the grammatical concept of verb tenses (temporal changes). It clarified that the three primary tenses (past, present, and future) are further subdivided into four additional tenses
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West Frankfort
This Unit covered what is is to be a good teacher (personality traits, roles, styles, ways to motivate, characteristics, etc.), as well as recognizing fa 'good' learners (habits, motivation, learning
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West Peoria
This unit covered two grammatical aspects of the English language: Conditionals and Reported Speech. These topics are relatively complicated and difficult to summarize. Conditionals are basically hypo
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Unit 1 represents the main principals in relations between the teacher and students, explains the characteristics of a good teacher and a good student and shows different English levels and knowledge
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White Hall
This unit covered specialized strategies for teaching "special groups" such as young learners and business professionals. Much of the advice given was straightforward and quite logical, such as freque
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This unit outlined the need for planning and how it should be organised. It demonstrated the need for flexibility and some structure to allow for parts of a lesson that should be extended but also to
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In this unit I learned about modal auxiliary verbs and their basic rules. I learned the uses for these verbs and how to change them when switching between the present or past. I also learned about the
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Shot and swee are two words used to describe this Unit where we learnt about Receptive skills-reading and listening and productive skills - speaking and writing. I particularly liked the detailes les
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In this unit I have learnt about evaluation and testing of students for purpose of English level placement among other reasons have learnt about ways to asses student language levels including tutoria
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Wood Dale
This unit covered the theoretical basis of several didactic methodologies, such as PPP, Grammar-Translation, Communicative, and so on. It also provided a plethora of relevant, practical exercises and
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Wood River
This unit covered the very basic foundations of foreign language education: the characteristics of good teachers and learners, the different levels of language proficiency, as well as the various fact
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This section was about the basic parts of speech that make up a sentence. I have learnt that there are multiple ways of constructing a sentence and the correct to write one. The two main things that I
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This unit is about the way in which the classroom can be set up for optimal teaching. It also showed how and when to deal with problematic students, especially the right and wrong way. The unit was ab
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