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When the teacher goes to the class for the first time the class has two categories 1-new group 2-existing group The experienced teacher will not start with course book immediately , however , he starts with 1-estabilishing rapport. 2- finding out about students needs and aspirations. 3-finding out about the level of each students. For this reason teacher can do : 1-questionaire survey 2-performing tell us about activity 3-pass the ball game For warming up the class , teacher can use 1-hangman game 2-pictionary 3- tongue twister game 4-memory game For teaching group of class who are in different levels Teacher can do : 1-use different material and splitting students for two groups ( one stronger and one weaker ) and teacher give different material to two groups 2- Same material , different tasks ; in this case teacher give both group the same material but longer and complicated task for strong students. 3- pair stronger students with weaker ones 4- not to do any thing How to teach for large classes? Teacher should use 1-worksheet 2-pari /group work 3-speaking in clarity 4-choral repetition 5-appointing group leader 6-changing the dynamic of class Using native language : teacher should speak in English but sometimes there are a situations which students are unable to express what they want in English . in that case teacher on behalf of improvement of students knowledge can speak in limited way by considering these factors 1-making sure the activity we use are an appropriate level and that the students have the necessary language to cope 2- to make sure our explanation is appropriate for all class member. 3-encourage the use of English use in class 4- only respond to English. 5- constantly remind the students . For teaching reluctant students teacher should : 1-use plenty of pair work. 2- use controlled practice. 3-use role play. 4- use a tape recorder . Difficult with listening : Teacher should teach listening by pre teaching difficult vocabulary and teachers should work with students to improve their listening skills by playing listening two or three times .