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This unit covers the basics of teaching pronunciation and gives examples on how to be successful. I learned that English is really complicated and confusing compared to some other languages! I learned
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This unit provides a good in-depth explanation and revision of conditionals and reported speech.The different types of conditionals are new to me.Besides revising the correct usage of these conditiona
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This unit covers in more detail lesson planning upon an Engage-Study-Activate scaffold. It is important to understand what a good lesson plan should include, and what it does not need. Flexibility is
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Rock Island
In this unit, I learned about the activities I could use for my first lesson, warmers, about what to do when we have students of different levels in the classroom, about large classes, the use of nati
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Rocky Mount
The unit was useful on explaining as well as giving tips on how to prepare the first lesson, which is crucial for an EFL teacher as, like the unit has mentioned, it can affect the general impression o
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Productive skills are speaking and writing. Reasons for productive skills are to communicate purpose, to say something, to listen to something, and being interested in what is being said. Accuracy is
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Round Hill
Conditionals are sentences that contain 'IF' which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are two clauses, the 'IF' clause and the main clause, and either can come in the first part o
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This unit covers teaching equipment and aids that are useful and available in assisting teachers. These are many and varied. They range from work sheets that have been photocopied to interactive compu
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Royal City
This unit covers many of the basic grammatical structures and categories in English. In particular, I learnt the different categories of pronouns (personal, possessive), and the difference between tra
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Rural Retreat
This unit covers the four main present tenses (simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous), as well as their forms and usage. What is particularly important in this unit are the typical studen
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This final unit speaks to troubleshooting issues that can arise in the classroom that may or can prevent a learner from getting the intended benefit out of the lesson. The unit makes the distinction b
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One of the ways through which feedback can be obtained from the learners on what the teachers had taught them is evaluation. Testing is certainly not the only way to assess students, but there are man
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This unit covered content that I was relatively familiar with. I found it interesting to consider how one must select the most appropriate tool within the classroom to most effectively teach students.
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This unit give an excellent overview of the entire course to come and pays particular attention to the very basics that the Teacher should be learning from this course, it highlights the aspect of wha
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Course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers. Some teachers swear by them, while other teacher despise them. Almost every published course book has its fans and detractors. The choice of
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Conditionals are sentences containing ‘if’ which refers to the past, present and future possibilities. the ‘if’ clause contains the condition that has to be satisfied before the action or
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The evaluation and testing of students is something that will always be a part of ESA for teachers, no matter what school or what level one teaches at. Homework, unit tests, mid-term exams, end-of-yea
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This short unit reviews some of the major "troubles" that may be faced within the classroom. The first lesson is important as it gives the teacher a chance to establish a report with the students and
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Unit 16 is a grammar studying unit and it tells about Conditionals and Reported Speech. I have learnt the formulas that I have to follow to make the correct Conditional sentences. And now I understand
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Modals are helping verbs that express possibility, ability, duty, permission or advisability. Words like can, could, may, might, must and should – and even will – are all modals. But modals also i
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This unit is the last of the grammar units, and looks at modal auxiliary verbs and the Voice, active and passive, in depth. The modal auxiliary verbs are subjective, and express feelings or attitudes.
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This unit starts by covering modal auxiliary verbs and how they can be used to express different ideas .i.e. obligation, ability,etc. A chart is provided in the unit to show a number of modal verbs, t
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This unit is about troubleshootong. I can say that during teaching you can face a lot of problems. I think it can be not onle one problem or a mixture of different issues. Now let`s pay closer look t
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This unit explains why a teacher is expected to evaluate and test a students ability before enrolling them for the course, at the start of the course and how this is an ongoing process in a teachers c
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This unit covered the different tests your students may be undergoing, whether they be administered by you as the teacher or by an outside organization (in the cases of external tests students may be
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This unit is focused on "Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing". The unit first introduces the main reasons why people communicate and what a teacher must provide to create a need/desire in student
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Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. Confidence if often lacking in foreign teachers to teach it methodically, and English teachers sometimes also lack
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Soap Lake
I have learnt about different teaching theories and lesson planning techniques, in particular the Engage-Study-Activate approach. This approach is malleable and can be changed to suit the learning obj
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South Bend
Conditionals can be difficult to teach from my past experience. Therefore, I found the teaching ideas on this subject very helpful. For example, the ‘complete the conditional’ game could be easi
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South Boston
Unit 12 explains the difference between fluency and accuracy and how activities that encourage accuracy are focused on producing correct language. Activities associated with accuracy are under more co
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South Hill
This unit talks basically about the qualities,roles,and responsibilities of both the teachers and the students in the classroom. From this unit I have learnt about the management of the classroom as a
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The first video of the poorly conducted lesson was honestly hard to watch because it was obvious that the teacher did not prepare and that the students were afraid to answer as they saw the teacher on
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In this unit we took a look on how to evaluate students' levels and progress and as well on some of the external exams that we may be ask to prepare our students for. We took a closer look on types of
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Spokane Valley
In this unit I learned the different parts of speech. Especially the explanation about the order in which adjectives are used, was interesting. I have been learning also how to teach the difference be
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The unit wrapped up all previous lessons with quick advice on how to address students, activities, and any issues they may have. As if working backwards, this unit started with the first lesson and ho
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St. Charles
In my opinion, the most important test covered in unit 15 is the placement test. This is given at the very beginning of the course to determine the level at which the student should be placed. If th
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St. Paul
The note made on writing skills being neglected and left often as a after school activity is true when recalling back to my own experience as a student in my English class. Home work would always cons
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This unit is about the qualities, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students in the classroom. I learned about what makes a good teacher, the role of the teacher, what makes a good lear
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There are eight parts of speech in the English grammar: nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronoun and prepositions/conjunctions. The part of speech indicates how the word functions
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This unit delves into the Modals, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. The unit starts by discussing the Modal Auxiliary verbs and their basic rules for use, providing great examples for each case and
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Stephens City
Unit 13 outline the principles of pronunciation. Before reading this unit I never considered all of the organs and areas of the mouth one uses during speech other than the vocal cords. It is also r
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The final unit of this course covers the most common issues that can face a teacher in a classroom setting; whether it's the teachers first lesson with a new or existing group, or a large group of stu
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Stony Creek
This unit covers different aspects of teaching English to various kinds of students,such as young learners inside and outside the classroom, business students, etc. The unit also covered a lot of deta
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This unit speaks to the many varied teaching equipment that is available to be used in the classroom as well as the most commonly used ones, the items that are covered in some details are, white/ blac
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The first unit essentially deals with the basic qualities and skills that a good teacher must have, some of which are, patience, kindness and the ability to motivate students and involve them equally.
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This unit went over various teaching methods that can be applied by teachers even some that are not thought of to be as effective as others. Then it focused on the "Engage, Study, Activate" method whi
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Teaching English is often seen as high school students or students who have a small knowledge of English. However, learning English in an international country can begin at the elementary level or can
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This unit discusses why people communicate; accuracy versus fluency activities are defined; speaking activity examples for the classroom are given; tips on how to encourage students to speak are inclu
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There is very little difference between the future tenses. There are several different ways in English that people can talk about the future: Predictions, Intentions, Arrangements, Scheduled events.
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Unit 14 focused on a wide range of issues related to the materials and teaching aids that a teacher can use to help them present an effective lesson in the classroom. It looks at fundamental technique
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