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Reading and Listening are extremely important. Students are more fearful of listening than reading. They come with the preconception that it is too difficult and if they are older students, the listen
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This was a very short unit, and went over the pros and cons of course books and both professionally-made and teacher-produced materials. Just like pretty much any other topic, the use of such books an
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Unit three is focused on theories, methods and techniques of learning. The unit presents the most common methods and techniques in use such as: grammar translation, audio-lingualism, presentation-prac
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This unit was a very good comprehensive review of the parts of speech. The 8 basic parts of speech are nouns,verbs, adjectives,adverbs, prepositions,pronouns,conjunctions, and interjections. There are
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In this unit, I learned different ways to problem solve issues in the classroom. This unit was particularly helpful as problems are bound to arise and it is good to have some preexisting ideas on how
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Reading and Listening skills are extremely important for learning a new language. This unit highlights the methods by which these skills are best elicited from students through engaging with their int
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During Unit 10, I was able to learn about different aspects of evaluating students and testing their language knowledge. The Unit presented me the advantages and disadvantages of three assessment leve
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This unit gives an overview of which methods work best for different styles of lessons. As an ESL teacher, you will teach some lessons more heavily based in vocabulary, others which are focusing on ne
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I agree with the claim that writing is often glossed over in favor of speaking and listening in ESL classes, but I would argue that without grasping speaking abilities first, most students would be un
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This unit is based on two videos with different lessons but based on the same theme. This is grammar lesson. I want to share my ideas about these lessons. As for lesson number one I would have felt di
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Number 10 and number 8 were NOT apart of the workbook. While the sections were on there there was not a clear answers on each of the sections, because of that I just used my best guess. Number 8 shoul
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Firstly, entrance exams allow students to be placed at a level that best suits their needs, and they can help teachers effectively tailor their classes to the specific needs of students. ESL students
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I have learnt from this unit about phonetics and pronunciation of words.I have read about the sounds of phonics. Now i know from which body parts sounds are produced and how we spell the sounds like v
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We have taken in this unit 1-Pronunciation 2-Phonology Definition Intonation: messages in the sentences Techniques A-NON-Sense words B-By gesture C-Humming or singing D-The board 2-STRESS Lack
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Unit 5 is providing insight on how to manage the class. This information is definitely useful, but it is necessary to try them out in practice. The class management may vary depending on the age of st
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As with the last topic this topic was particularly interesting as it highlighted the importance of writing. I have found that many students are not as interested in this part and their main aim is to
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This unit was highly focused on speech patterns and the way that sounds are produced. The correct pronunciation of English words via the International Phonemic Chart allows non-native students to gain
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In this unit, we learned about some common problem situation that teachers can encounter in the classroom and also suggest ways of dealing with them. It gives some idea on how to give first lessons an
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The main focus of the current unit is the importance of coursebooks and lesson materials. The chapter talks about how to effectively use given material and how to use extra teaching material or even c
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Short but sweet, I found this unit to be awkwardly placed. Surely this information would have been better sequenced if it had been around Unit 5 or so. Nevertheless, one area I wish it had also touche
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This unit gave more of a practical understanding of how I should use course material, how it can be superfluous and outdated sometimes but on the other hand already a tried and tested way for the stud
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I have learned that English grammar can be very complicated for my students to learn and I will need to supply many examples for them to understand it. I learned the difference between adjectives and
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This unit provided me with a clear image of a teacher's many roles and the importance of each of them. I have a good amount of teaching experience, so I have already acted under many of these roles. H
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This unit is about lesson planning. At the beginning of this unit the first question is about lesson planning. The two main questions for unexperienced teacher are: Is it necessary to plan my lessons
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In this unit, the traits of both good teacher and learners were explained. For instance, a good teacher is patient, loves the job, and has a good rapport with the students. Of the three I listed, I be
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This unit went over the advantages and disadvantages of using authentic versus created materials. It also looks into how to pick and then use the most suitable course book for a class. The unit notes
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I am always looking for ideas about how to engage students in large classes. This unit gave me the opportunity to reflect on small mannerisms of mine that I can change to make the way I teach in a cla
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This unit discussed the five forms of conditionals that exist in English: zero (for obvious facts), first (for possible events in the future that could occur if a condition is satisfied), second (for
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The unit 'Course book and Materials' gives a great knowledge about authentic and creative materials. After reading the unit now i know the difference between authentic and creative material. both mate
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This topic was quite complex and I can see how it would be a very confusing topic for students. The mix of tenses can completely change the meaning of a sentence therefore it is important to understan
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Going through this chapter I encountered many different ways of teaching as well as a wide range of equipment a teacher can use. Some of the equipment described in this unit weren't a surprise, stuff
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I found this unit very interesting and especially the differences between writing, reading, listening and speaking. To encourage the students to speak fluently and accurately without interrupting them
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The future is one of the most complex areas of English language. Now i see that not only the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, but be going , the
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I have been teaching English for years, which has given me a great feeling of accomplishment. It took me a long time to finish this course because I was teaching in a school in the morning and givi
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This unit is about future tenses. I can agree that this is one of the most difficult themes in English grammar. In English language there`s a variety of future tenses. The first tense which should be
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Unit two is all about English grammar. In this unit I studied the different parts of the speech, starting with the simplest form of structure, the basic sentence, consisting of a subject, a verb and d
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We have taken this lesson what are receptive skills (Listening, reading), and productive skills (writing and reading) and there is a little preview about what I had understood 1-Reasons for reading an
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In this unit, I learned about the different types of tests that teachers use when teaching English. I found it fascinating the different types of tests that teachers employ as a way of testing their s
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ESL teachers must be ready to deal with a wide variety of different learning environments. Teaching ESL learners one-on-one, for example, requires that the teacher engage with their learners on a more
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Unit eleven outlines the importance of teaching students the receptive skills: reading and listening. When it comes to learn a new language receptive skills together with the productive skills (speaki
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The unit talks about the general roles of teachers and the qualities you hope to see in teachers and learners. It gives the guidance that teachers need to be prepared to use multiple roles throughout
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I can share my personal point of view about this unit. The first thing I want to mention it is very useful and helpful for me as a teacher. The first part is about teacher`s role within the classroom
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we took in this unit Common problems with the students 1-First Lesson how to establish rapport with the students and how to engage with them and find about the students and also find out the English
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This was a helpful reminder to use various methods during teaching. This can help to keep the class interesting and the students engaged. However it was a useful reminder about the pros and cons for e
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Unit 11 is about teaching of receptive skills and methods and problems that may teacher face. Reading and listening are equally important. Thus all these skills should be integrated to the structure o
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This topic was useful in understand the types of topics that would be appropriate to use as aids when working on reading and listening. It highlighted the importance of using engaging and motivating t
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This was an interesting topic about course books and materials. Having learnt a foreign language myself I have seen the advantages and disadvantages of using course books as a students and can definit
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This unit talks about the various future tenses. The main tenses discussed here are the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect and the future perfect continuous. Going to +infinitive
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In this unit we learned about testing and evaluation. We discussed the reasons why it is necessary to evaluate our students throughout the class and some reasons why we should give them tests. We also
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This unit had a lesson plan where the teacher made many common classroom errors (Video 1) and another where an effective and engaging lesson was taught (video 2). The factor which made the biggest i
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