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In this lesson we reviewed important things covered previously, like the various ESA structures. We also looked at examples for these structures specific to teaching vocabulary and grammar. This unit
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This unit is all about teaching receptive skills. These receptive skills are reading and listening. We may listen to things for a purpose (such as an instruction manual) or for entertainment (such as
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Learning about using ESA in my classroom will help me improve my teaching because my students will be more independent learners rather than simply copying and saying what I write. Before, I spoke far
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Teaching passive voice e and modals can be difficult because there are many rules and the students may find if boring or are not very interested in it. The teacher must build up interest to hold their
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In this unit we learned about potential problems that we may encounter, such as large classes, first lessons, reluctant students and different levels within the class. We discussed some potential thin
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Unit four covers the four present tenses in details. The present tenses described are: the present simple, the present continuous- progressive, the present perfect and the present perfect continuous.
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This unit goes over Receptive skills and the importance of how a teacher conveys information to their students. It broke down the specialist skills that come naturally to a native speaker, but is some
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his unit teaches productive skills, speaking and writing(including games). speaking and writing are used for the same purpose- to communicate. They are equally important. As a teacher, he or she must
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I found this unit very helpful, because it presented different special groups that a TEFL teacher might have to teach, including beginners, children, employees of a company or multilingual classes. Si
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This unit is about teaching pronunciation and phonology. Phonology is the study, science analysis and classification of the physical properties of sounds. First it introduces intonation and stress an
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Testing is an element of the language learning process that is present across all proficiency levels. There are many types of tests, from placement to practice and proficiency, each with their own str
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In my view teaching is a vocation, because the more a learner feels inspired and motivated to learn and improve learning strategies the more the confidence in one's worth grows. A good teacher should
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we taken in this unit Equipment and teaching aid white/black board cassette recorder videos and DVDs worksheets and work cards dictionaries resource books photo copier computers *word pr
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I particularly enjoyed this topic as I am a new teacher and have thought about potential difficulties I may have with new students and groups. The troubleshooting ideas given in this topic provide som
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This unit teaches the importance of receptive and productive skills. While teaching students, the teacher wants to prepare fun and interesting topics that vary throughout the course. This maintains a
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Unit ten is based around two ESA demonstration videos. We can see the same lesson being taught twice, one is a good example and the other contains a number of errors. It is a very effective way to und
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It was interesting to learn about different methods of teaching based on the audience. I.e teaching children and young learners as opposed to business learners as they have different learning styles s
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Unit seventeen focuses on teaching aids and equipment. There are many different teaching aids used to make a lesson more interesting and effective for both teachers and students. Amongst the most comm
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This chapter is a great refresher for the breakdown of sentences and their proper terms. I forgot what a gerund was until this unit. English users tend to form sentences without realizing how hard it
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This section talks about modal verbs and their various use and formation and how they are used to point out various subtleties in the English language. We often use modal verbal phrases in asking and
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In this unit I have learnt about using course books and material for classes. Course books are not always necessary and depends on the individual teacher and the group of students they are teaching. T
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Classroom management is something that I have little experience with, and therefore I found this unit to be quite insightful. It will likely prove incredibly helpful to have a toolkit of theory to app
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This unit's primary purpose was to outline the 4 types of past tense verbs. These include the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past continuous perfect. This unit highlighted the purpose
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This unit has taught me conditional sentences and the difference between Direct and indirect speech. I have read that there is five types of Conditional that is Zero conditional, First, Second, Third
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In this unit we learned about the phonetic script and how intonations of sentences (or words) work. It is fascinating how we use these intonations every day and never really think about it, but really
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The unit talks about how the importance of the 4 skills that are divided into two groups: receptive (listening and reading) and productive skills (speaking and writing). A lesson plan that aims to en
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This unit focused on speaking and writing, as well as games that can be introduced to a classroom. First we looked at the difference between accuracy and fluency; how these two focus on different lear
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Interesting to see the different types of examinations available to students and teachers alike. Understanding the differences is important since teachers must grasp the reason behind the students des
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This unit focused on the productive skills of speaking and writing. It discussed the difference between accuracy and fluency speaking activities. Accuracy activities are more part of the study phase a
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Unit sixteen is about the conditionals and reported speech. In the first half of the unit the five main conditional forms (zero, first, second, third and mixed conditional) or IF clauses have been ana
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South Hero
This unit focuses on course books and materials. I learned that there can be many advantages to using already published course books, especially for new teachers because it allows for a clear and conc
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In this unit ,we will look at different ways of evaluating students’ levels and progress, as well as some of the common eternal exams that teachers may need to prepare their students for. It introdu
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St. Albans
The last unit was about troubleshooting while having a lesson. To avoid trouble and common problems, establish rapport between students and teacher, interests, and find out there english levels. This
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St. George
This unit looks at modal and semi-modal verbs, active and passive voice, and phrasal verbs. I have had the most difficulty with this unit, especially phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs can be difficult for
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St. Johnsbury
I had look at different ways of evaluating students' levels, as well as some external exams that teacher needs to prepare for. I know that evaluating students' levels is good way to analyse their leve
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This unit has helped me understand each of the present tense forms and their various usages. The explanations of usage and error correction helps me analyze sentences in more detail, so I can now unde
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Unit five helps to understand the importance of the teaching style adopted and how it can influence the learning outcomes. For the class to be able to enhance students' confidence the teacher must pos
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In this lesson, I learned about instructing students on how to utilize productive skills. One of the more fascinating facts I learned in this unit, is why writing is so often neglected in classrooms.
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Choosing the right material is always very important but creating our own material is even better because the teachers know where the students stand, what they enjoy, w3hat are the difficulties, etc.
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Feedback is always important. AS i see it is useful to arrange for more formal means of feedback to take place. There are 3 ways to asses students(tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests). Now
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In this unit we looked at Modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice, all of which were difficult for me. We have so many different ways we can put different tenses into a sentence, not to mention the d
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This lesson focused on the development of reading and listening skills for ESL students. In these types of classes, students need to hone skills such as skimming and reading for detail, as well as dev
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Both productive skills of writing and speaking are important for a student’s learning. Students may require encouragement for speaking activities, and teacher control should be delivered discretely
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Unit 8 is presenting the seven most common future tenses. I have to admit that the future perfect and the future perfect continuous are quite new things to me. I do not recall studying them before, wh
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I am always looking for ideas for classroom activities, and this unit provided me with some good ideas. It also gave me the chance to reflect on classes I've assisted in so far, and how similar those
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I feel after reading and learning about equipment and teaching aids from this unit that technology improves every day and even though we still use the essentials in the classroom as the smartboards an
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In this unit we learned about different special groups of people that we may have to teach english to at some point. We talked about young beginners, adult beginners, false beginners, and beginners wi
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An effective ESL lesson makes use of a variety of equipment to help enhance the learning process. These materials include tapes, DVDs, projectors, internet materials, books, and the white board, among
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In the unit 1, I have understood what qualities make a good teacher and a good language learner. I have learned about diverse roles that the teacher needs to play in the class and I have identified on
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This unit discussed the proper ways to teach speaking and writing (production) lessons for ESL students. For teaching writing properly, the teacher must expose students to a wide variety of texts, an
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