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This unit illustrates 4 essential skills in term of English teaching. They are receptive (reading and listening), and productive skills (speaking and writing). In fact, all of these learning skills
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Teaching English whether as a Second Language or a Foreign Language, the fact remains, has never been an easy exercise. There will always be challenges. But going through the ITTT course has helped me
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This unit describes possible problems that can appear during the lesson and offers how to solve them making class more productive. First lesson is stressful for everyone, both for learners and for a t
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Unit 4 looked at the four forms of the present tense we use when talking about the present. This unit helped me better understand the different usages and structures we use when we describe present ev
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From this unit I learned that there are five main conditionals in English;the zero conditional,the first conditioal,the second conditional,the third conditional and the mixed conditioal.And I learned
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The two receptive skills are reading and listening. These are both important to a student's success in learning a new language. We use our receptive skills for entertainment, for a purpose, or sometim
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Agua Dulce
As someone who has been teaching for several years, the first video was frustrating to watch. I can only imagine what students would have felt. The teacher's attitude very clearly has an impact on the
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In this unit I learned about considerations and methods for teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Teaching vocabulary may have varying degrees of difficulty depending on its similari
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Alamo Heights
Unit 13 was all about pronunciation and phonology. We learned about stress within words and sentences, intonation, the phonemic alphabet and symbols, articulation, and then when and how to teach all o
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Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different schools have different resources available to teachers. Following are
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This unit gives examples of all model verbs used in English with example sentences and their usage. Modal verbs are a very special cathegory of verbs. The second part of the unit is about passive voic
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This unit covered modal and phrasal verbs, as well as passive voice and relative clauses. Differentiating between different modal verbs has been a question that many of my current EFL students have as
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It's a bit difficult not to be repetitive with regards to statements because what was stated before most assuredly hold true now if the subject matter is the same. I for one love to talk and tend to
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Unit 12 is the second two deep-dives into the four basic skills of language. This unit focuses on “productive skills” that are otherwise known as speaking and writing. I really enjoyed the many re
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This unit covered the different methods and techniques of language study. It goes over in detail the method of ESA (Engage-Study-Activate). The unit covers concepts such as elicitation and the differe
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Teaching young learners is completely different from teaching adult learners in a number of ways; Teaching young learners can pose a lot of challenges especially when it comes to attention and discipl
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This lesson reinforced my own lesson planning. Initially, objectives were stated at the top of the weekly lesson but later on, I had to state standards which included objectives for my classes. I hav
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A pretty short lesson involving the teaching or reading and listening. It also spent a bit of time explaining how to "pre-teach" in a way that is constructive rather than limiting. This means teach st
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 Course books and  lesson materials  are some important aspects treated in this unit. In which i learnt that lesson materials can be authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers etc and that s
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In this unit, I learned how to evaluate and test the students. There are many different types of tests that can be given to students and they each have a different purpose. By utilizing these differen
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This unit helped me understand how a teacher should and should not behave with learners in the classroom. The first video made me feel uncomfortable because I saw the way the teacher just walked into
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The final unit talks about how to handle different problems in class, such as large class size, overuse of students' native languages, reluctant students, and classes with students of different levels
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The unit describes the correct usage and important areas to pay attention when teachers are teaching 4 types of past tenses, namely, past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continu
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Planning a lesson is very essential for a teacher because it acts like an aid to planning ,a working document (a lesson plan helps you to keep the target and gives you something to refer to during les
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This unit touched on the topic of evaluating and testing students’ language skills. There are different types of tests with different purposes that can be used to suit different purposes. A placemen
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This unit focuses on types of classes that an EFL teacher may meet on the field. It gives guidelines on how to teach English language to beginners, individuals, groups of students etc. Besides, it pre
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The first unit focused on what makes a good teacher and the nine roles that a teacher needs to master in the classroom environment. The unit moved on to look at the students, dividing them into four d
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The unit was helpful to me because it indeed is important to use different materials to keep the class interesting as well as effective. Certain equipments are better than others on specific topics. A
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This last unit draws a conclusion to the course with possible common problem situations that the teacher may face in the classroom. For example, teaching one's first lesson to a new group or to an exi
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All teachers around the world understand the importance of the lesson planning. Every lesson becomes easier when you have the specific structure and knowledge how to make your lesson more effective. D
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Annetta North
The unit "Managing Classes" is of the utmost importance because it explains how a teacher's behavior and teaching techniques affect students. Not all students have the same capabilities when learning
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Annetta South
Ongoing feedback that is clear is a good way to keep students aware of their progress. Tutorials, evaluation by students, and tests are the main ways of conducting more formal evaluation. Most institu
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In this unit I learnt the importance of the productive skills in teaching and learning English. Beforehand I had not considered the difficulties involved in the writing and spelling of the English lan
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Speaking and writing both have very important roles in language. Someone may be able to speak a language and still have difficulties while writing the same language or vise versa. Before a lesson, it
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A picture is worth a thousand words, the video demonstrated well what is not effective and what is. It gives us an idea of what to look for when teaching our own lessons, I believe that these two poin
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Unit 11 explains the importance of reading/listening, the different forms of reading/listening and how to effectively teach students reading/listening. This unit has shown me effective ways of teachin
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In this Unit, I learned about the common problems that teachers experience in their English classes such as dealing with new students, large classes, students with different skill levels, reluctant st
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The videos for this unit really illustrated the importance of the teacher’s attitude and behavior. In the first video, the teacher appeared to not care for the class at all. He was not prepared for
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Aransas Pass
Unit nineteen covers very useful information about teaching groups or individuals in EFL classrooms. It covers infromation about teaching beginners, individuals, children, students with specific purp
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Archer City
The two videos viewed for this lesson were actually very helpful in showing what to and what not to do for a lesson. In the first video, the teacher spoke fast and was very much dismissive, only drill
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Phonetic is the systematic study of speech and the sounds of language, which help us in correct pronunsiation of words. Here we have deal with the areas of intonation(rise/fall, fall/rise etc.) , str
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This unit discusses the teaching of the two receptive skills of listening and reading, which are crucial to a student's comprehension of the English language. I learned here that the type of reading m
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This unit taught me about the use of conditionals and reported speech in the English language. Conditionals often occur naturally to English speakers, but the numerous variations are difficult to gras
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In this unit we got to watch the same ESA lesson be taught two different times to a group of Thai students. The videos show the importance of the role of teacher in a classroom and how we as teachers
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In this Unit, I studied very detailed information about teaching methodology, teaching theories, methods and techniques.We compared different teaching methods and find out a relatively effective metho
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The lesson is about lesson planning and the advantages of this. When a teacher is prepared, the lesson might go smoothly. There are a lot of things a teacher should prepare before starting a lesson. T
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This module reinforces the need for teachers to consider the needs of their students at all age levels. I think one of the underlying themes is that teachers should always be prepared, patient, adapta
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This unit helped equip me to manage classrooms. It gave practical advice to be a more effective teacher. In order to be engaging it is important to use a variation of tone in voice, maintain eye conta
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accuracy activities are usually part of the study phase and they are concentrated in producing correct language whereas fluency activities which are usually part of the activate phase are more concern
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The videos in this unit showed two ways in which an ESL teacher conducted his class. In the first video, it obviously showed that the students were confused and unsure about their answers to the quest
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