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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

The teacher has to first take into account the students in her class... Where are they from? What language level are they at? What type of mood is the classroom? Do they need specific attention on a certain language point? Then looking at the aid guide (relavent language level course book), the teacher can: Omit part of course material, lesson(s) if not relevant or beneficial to that particular student class. Replace the omitted part(s) with own creative material to create interest, motivation in the ESA tasks. Supplement by also 'adding' creative material that will appeal to the learning students. Adapt the lesson to what the students' cultural, specially at the beginning as they too need to adapt to new surroundings, new concepts of learning and eventually of course, broaden their horizons. AUTHENTIC MATERIALS: (not limited, but intermediates+) Careful consideration should be taken on whether or, when to use authenticated material in the lesson, e.g. magazines, newspapers, poems, brochures, video, realia etc. The good thing about authentic material is that it uses a common ground. Real topics or objects that students are familiar with, can trigger curiosity and motivation to participate openly. We could use it at different stages of the lessons, e.g. for instance, in the engage phase to elict interaction from our students, or an activate phase to confidentally bring out peer co-operation on the task at hand. Visual objects are visually stimulation, visual aid is a proven way to remember, and also reduces teacher talk time. CREATED MATERIALS: (all English learning levels) The teacher creates or designs the material for the particular ESA lesson's language level to either replace/supplement materials from a course book, e.g. word-search puzzles, picture stories, role-play cards, gap-fill activities, etc. Since the teacher puts in the time and effort to produce this 'creative' material, obviously the format selection has to 'fit-in' with the students' language level as well as their background culture. Both need to be used in a balanced way. Both are good, and variety is key when we focus on motivating our students, build understanding to apply what they have learned. Above all else, the needs of the students come first. COURSE (RESOURCE) BOOKS: Student Book > Workbook > Teacher's Resource Book Course books are there to be used, a sequence guide on language lesson levels, activities and continued progression. But, we do not want to limit our students and us, as teachers, by solely depending on the course books we get. As a teacher, it's okay to be adventurous or even critical. Putting some effort always pays off. Again, our students come first so research to adapt to their needs, ways to relieve difficulties too. Worksheets, workcards are useful to use. Material is found in the course books, or by research. Because of this TEFL course, I have already found some useful resource links.
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