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From the Unit 17 I've learned about different types of the teaching equipment and their advantages and disadvantages. The first one and the most common is the board. Also interactive whiteboards, whic
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This unit provided me a better understanding of the different levels of learners. By knowing the language levels and abilities in each, evaluation of students' levels will be easier. Also, knowing the
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Kaneohe Station
Clearly pronunciation is a very important but neglected area of teaching in the classroom. I have learnt a lot from this unit some intonation techniques, stress techniques, techniques for indicating a
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It's very important that each part of a language is given equal attention. Reading, speaking, listening, and writing are all equally important in order to fully understand a language. This unit focuse
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This is very important to learn as most second language learners struggle with pronunciation and reading. They are likely to better understand if they know how to read the words so the teacher has to
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In this unit I learnt how to deliver new vocabulary, grammar and other language concepts effectively in the classroom. This unit provided examples of suitable activities for each lesson topic. also pr
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This unit was about class management. Class management incorporates many tools and techniques that help make the classroom a good learning environment. In this unit, the teacher must have good eye con
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Before this unit, I didn’t think about the different sections for reading/listening and speaking/writing. I liked that this unit addressed how to really capture and engage to reading and listening.
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In this unit I have learned about managing classes. The unit contains a definition of classroom management is; The skill of organising the class, individual students within the class and what takes p
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Kawela Bay
Teachers attitude towards teaching can greatly influence student's participation and attention in the lesson, it is, therefore, necessary to put up a smiling face, prepare for your lesson and clearly
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In this unit I have learnt about the future tenses, it completes the units studied on the English Language Tense System for this course. It has provided clear explanation of the various structures and
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9. Having knowledge of type of class you are going to have lesson helps a lot in the preparation of the lessons. Unit 19 elaborates on that.Teaching special groups consist of the following types of cl
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This unit talked about past tenses and the difference between different types of sentences that refer to past events. 'Past Simple' deals with past actions for when the time is given. Such as in the s
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This unit briefly discussed different types of assessment. While there are resources available, it is important to know exactly which test could help you determine what future materials could be used
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I've taught in a few different types of schools. Some used very specific course books and materials and some used none at all. I found great freedom when not using a course book but that also came wit
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This course is to describe what it means to be a good teacher, what the duties and requirements are for being a good teacher, what a good student is, and ways to teach the different kinds of learners
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Ko Olina
With a new language, students need to be exposed to it, be able to understand its meaning, understand the construction thereof and be able to use and practice it. In this unit, relevant information is
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Unit 12 reviewed productive skill which are speaking and writing. The unit emphasized the importance of accuracy and fluency for these particular skills. The unit provided several examples of classro
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This unit is a great resource for teachers to understand how a lesson plan should be created. It's very difficult for an inexperienced teacher to know what to expect from each class so it's important
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There are typical grammar and language functions lesson for each level but it is important to use the appropriate vocabulary lesson to be applied for the activate part. It is equally important to star
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This was not particularly different from the last unit. The concepts were both about the general state of language, and half the lesson was dedicated to suggestions about how to teach these concepts
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Unit 10 reviews video lessons by providing two videos of similar content but with different teaching styles. The first video basically shows an incorrect teaching method, expressing how a teacher's n
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Unit 13 "Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology" was hard enough. I learned more about the English pronunciation - it also depends on the person who is speaking, where she or he from, etc. Thanks to thi
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Unit 4 "Coursebooks and lesson materials" was easy and interesting. I have learned about the types of authentic materials and created materials. Now I know how to choose a suitable course book, about
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Lanai City
Grammar is a very important part of English, It is important to be able to identify parts of speech in a sentence, also important to know when and how to use them. A noun is the name of a person, plac
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This unit is very helpful in identifying ways to fit in the class according to their size, nationality, level. This allows me to identify my style of teaching and how I adapt to small and big classes.
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In this unit i have learnt the basic's of lesson planning. i have also come to a firm understanding of why lesson plans are used for and what is included in the planning process. How to produce a less
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This unit was very useful for me even though it was the most challenging unit for me so far. I believe this was the most challenging because the different forms are very similar and because I use this
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Leilani Estates
Teachers evaluate student's English level to know which level to place them (those who are about to start), to check their level of the language in order to structure an appropriate content (for those
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Grammar can get complicated, even though we use it more or less correctly ever day. Understanding the terminology to describe why a combination of two words can have a meaning completely unrelated to
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Speaking and writing are equally important to teach and I learned that this allows the student to use the appropriate language when they speak and convey their messages into writing. There are great E
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From the Unit 11 Teaching receptive skills I learned about receptive skills such as reading and listening and productive skills - speaking and writing. The reason why we read and listen first of all i
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I always like the units that revolve around the teaching elements in the classroom. It is important to have a full understanding of what we’re teaching, but it really helps me to know how to teach i
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The simple past form of 'to be' has two forms- was and were. There are several irregular verbs in the simple past form without rules, so students will need to get familiar with those. Past simple form
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Makaha Valley
This unit broke down the multiple parts of a sentence and explained the purpose of each type of word. It discussed commonly known grammar points such as the noun and verb, to more detailed grammar suc
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Unit 11 reviewed teaching receptive skills. It expressed the importance of both reading and listening skills and what components went into language comprehension beside just one's eyes and ears. The
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Unit 19 reviewed teaching English to various types of groups. The three main groups it discussed were adults, children, and business English learners. It compared the differences and similarities be
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This unit talks about the complexity of future tenses. There are number of forms and usages that if nto properly used, could cause misunderstanding between the speakers. I usually teach simple ones to
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This unit helped me feel more confident about lesson planning. By providing detailed information about the types of methods and techniques, as well as providing examples, I feel more comfortable and c
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In what ways should one arrange a classroom? It seems so simple upon first thought, but there is much to consider. Should one do everything possible to individualize the experience, or keep it to wh
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Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice are also important in Emglish Grammar. Unit 18 , not only elaborate on how the above are used in English Grammar but also gives some ideas and aids on how to go
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Mililani Mauka
Course book can help both teachers and students, some content of a course book might not be suitable for some students at a certain time, I must, therefore improvise by adding my own prepared/ created
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Mililani Town
Speaking and writing are the two productive skills each of equal importance. When teaching, I have to focus on the accurate reproduction of language during the study phase and allow the students to be
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This unit was about the qualities of a good teacher and the different roles of teachers. It also included the differences of the different level of language abilities, motivations and ages. From this
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Mountain View
In unit five we learn about classroom management and the different dynamics of arranging the classroom. This is a vital part as it sets up the classroom and aids, grouping the students based on their
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Unit 3 provided an overview of various teaching methodologies that can be instilled in the classroom. This information allowed me to think about my teaching practice in a more methodical way. The un
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This unit gave valuable examples on how to teach direct and reported speech. This is essential in reporting stories for reading comprehension and WH- questions based on what someone said. The teaching
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Nanawale Estates
This was a great unit for explaining how to arrange and manage a class. It's very important to be able to adapt to each class and do what is best for the students. Each class will have a different mix
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Unit 5 Managing classes was instructive. While I was reading, it reminded me of my school and university times, so I started to analyze the ways how my teachers managed their classes. I realized how i
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Ocean Pointe
This unit I found fairly easy to do and understand, I enjoyed learning about different levels in teaching and how to adapt the course accordingly. I learnt about how to manage reluctant students and e
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