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This unit was a basic overview of the very concept of teaching. It was difficult to truly 'get anything out of it,' as a lot of it was platitudes and things that, if asked directly, the average perso
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After everything I had learned It is the first time when I understood what was going on during the class, I was able to recognize all the pros and cons of those two lessons. The videos were an excelle
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Just like unit 4 which elobarated English tenses ( preset tense ) , this Unit also gives an elaborate knowledge on another tense Past tense .The simple past tense form for regular verbs: (add -ed/-d
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This unit focused on different presentations of how to properly conduct an ESA lesson. The first lesson was with the teacher jumping in right away with no explanation to the students of what they were
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Captain Cook
There are many types of equipment and teaching aids available in schools and training centres for teaching English. I am particularly happy about the learning sites, dictionaries sites and media sites
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Discovery Harbour
This unit informed me of the many roles a teacher has while teaching a class and that a good teacher will know how to use each one appropriately. It's a very difficult balance to achieve but it will l
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East Honolulu
This unit was interesting I learnt a alot of information on how words are pronounced using different parts of our mouth and how to use the phonics tale to correctly pronounce words. The video for this
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Eden Roc
I have learnt the criteria needed for selecting vocabulary, e.g. for body parts topic, I will show pictures of a person with labelled body part and elicit from the students those body parts they belie
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This unit was helpful to know more about what is expected in the classroom. The different ideas for how to set up a classroom and why/why not were good know. Also, the information about how to reduce
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Ewa Beach
It is so important to know and understand the different theories and methods to teaching English especially on different levels and phases. This can get quite complex, but once you've figured out what
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Ewa Gentry
In this unit I learnt about different methods to use visual aids and interactive whiteboards as a means to stimulate students learning through using visual materials. Also using DVD's and cameras to d
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Ewa Villages
This unit helped me to understand how to manage the class, especially for those students who behave naughty time to time. As for my own experience, the mistake I’ve always been doing - it’s to giv
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Fern Acres
Teaching different groups require different inputs and comportment. Teaching young groups, for instance, will require me "behaving in a silly" sometimes or make fun of myself to continue to attract th
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Fern Forest
This unit dives into present tenses; present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. I'll be honest, I do not recall ever being taught what I have learned in this
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Unit 3. Theories, methods and techniques. I learned a lot from this Unit. It was hard for me because there was plenty of new information, which I have to understand first, memorize and learn how to us
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This unit was useful because this was not something I thought about before. I just assumed that the course book would always be provided and that the lessons would usually be created around it. But, a
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The materials are very common resource on the internet and usually they are already categorized into specific levels. Although authentic materials have cons, they can be great reference for higher lev
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Vocabulary is very important to the students ,especially at the early stages when students are motivated to learn the basic words they need to get by in the language . In this unit I learnt that how
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Testing is common throughout one's educational career. I am doing it frequently in this course, after all. Thus, one would expect a perspective on the methods and ideas one should go through when ad
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17. Your answer: Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbooks. Unit 17 elaborate on the aspects of teaching aids and equip
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Speaking and writing skills and two productive sides of languages. They are the ways students can express their ideas. So it's very important that the teacher can present both skills in an entertainin
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I have some experience with lesson planning from my graduate course instructor position. While I have experience, it was for older students, and it was more relaxed since they are older learners. I kn
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Teachers and Learners, this Unit contains handy information for the people who willing to be a teacher. The unit consists of six parts, such as: 1. What makes a good teacher? 2. The role of the teac
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Just finished Unit 2 Parts of Speech. It was the first grammar based Unit, which was all about parts of the speech. I can say that I liked it because it explained each different part of speech in Engl
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This unit was about the parts of speech that make up sentences of the English language. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions are only some of what was covered in
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Hawaiian Acres
This unit does a great job in separately and explaining the different types of present tenses. It's very easy for native English speakers to recognize when something doesn't sound right when speaking.
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Hawaiian Beaches
Reading and listening are equally important part of receptive skill development. It is important to teach words to help students understand sentences. However, in reading, student should be taught how
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Hawaiian Ocean View
For me as a non native English speaker, the most difficult present tenses are - Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous, just because sometimes it is not easy to understand what is better to us
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Hawaiian Paradise Park
This section was very tricky but i enjoyed the combination of different units to make the questions more challenging. I enjoyed learning about different lesson plans and ways in which to teach them an
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While this unit was a longer unit, it was full of a lot of information. Some of the information in this unit I have already been exposed to, thanks to my choral classes. When learning other languages
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Present tense is a lot more complicated then I would have thought if simply asked to explain the concept. It's not so much that the concepts introduced here are new, but they are things that one woul
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Hickam Housing
I learnt how to identify tenses from sentences. I also learnt that some irregular verbs must be memorised since there is no rule to help students know which are irregular. I also learnt how to use the
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In this unit I went over the four present tenses; the present simple, present continuous/present progressive, present perfect and present perfect continuous. The present simple form uses the base form
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Unit 7 Teaching new language. From this unit I have learned how to teach vocabulary as it makes the speech more specific, and different techniques for vocabulary teaching. Also, I have learned how to
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Unit 20 reviewed troubleshooting. Teachers will undoubtedly face problems and this unit reviewed some of the most commonplace ones. It discussed how to deal with larges classes, reluctant students,
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The purpose of this unit was to explain the theories, methodologies and techniques used by teachers to teach their students a foreign language. In this case, the foreign language is English. Engage, s
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I feel like this unit broke down and went more in depth with some of the similar information learned earlier. We have talked about tenses in previous units, but this unit was more complicated and a hi
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In using games for the activate phase, we use a lot of phrasal verbs so in this unit, I have learned how some of them are inseparable. Also, the use of modals are very important to cultivate politenes
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11. This unit is about teaching receptive skills that is reading and listening.In this unit i learnt reasons and motives for teaching reading and listening can be for purpose or for entertainment.Fu
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Iroquois Point
More teaching methodologies are available but ESA allows all the methods to be applied. In this unit, I learnt about most of the methodologies and how to implement them. I also learnt the difference b
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From the Unit 16 "Conditionals and reported speech" I've learned about five main conditionals: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditionals, their
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Unit 8 detailed the usages and formats of the future tense. It provided simple charts to explain the format including the tense formed in a question and in the negative. It also gave key notes of wh
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This unit was very interesting because it continued on with the past and present tense units. I thought it was interesting how present simple and present continuous were used in this unit as well. The
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This unit broadens my understanding on a teacher -learner and learner-learner interaction. It also educates on the qualities of both the teacher and the learner.In order for the knowledge to be effect
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For clarity of the information being conveyed, it is important to know the accurate usage of the verbs and tenses. In relating events and stories, it is also important to present the time and if the a
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After watching these two contrasting lessons that highlight some of the basic differences between effective and ineffective teaching and some of the contributing underlying factors that can greatly af
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Unit 13 is about the teaching of pronounciation and phonology .This unit treats details English phonology like intonation, . JUST like unit 11, unit 12 talks about two of the four language skills but
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This unit is the introduction of the English tense system, structure and usages of the present tense. Highlighting that all EFL teachers need have a very sound knowledge and understanding of the tense
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I learned from the Unit 9 about the lesson planning, that teacher, especially not experienced one, should plan his or her lessons. It acts as a record of what a class has done and also it can be used
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I learned how using gestures when teaching can be useful to help convey the meaning of words, reinforce directions, add visual interest, increase the pace of a lesson and even reduce the need for teac
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