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Trouble shooting for a class can help a teacher engage all students regardless of their speed at which they are learning the days materials as well as set up a new classroom dynamic for a teaching sta
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I have learnt about Phonology and basically that is about the elements of sound. I have also learnt about Intonation and the different patterns of intonation in a sentence. I find the techniques of te
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I have learnt about the different types of authentic materials and the benefits of using them. I have also learnt about the various created materials and who is likely to use them, the purpose of crea
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I have learnt about why evaluation and assessment of the students is necessary and the various test used to determine the students language level. I have also learnt about the different ways of assess
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I have learnt about the different types of conditionals in a sentence, which are mainly, zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional. I have also l
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In this unit I have learnt about the different teaching aid and equipment that can be used to teach. Some of the equipment are conventional and have been used for a long period of time, however other
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Dabrowa Gornicza
In this unit, I have learnt about modal auxiliary verbs and the rules that govern them. These verbs can be used to express a number of ideas such as; obligation, ability, possibility, permission and m
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In this unit, I have learnt about the various groups that I may teach, they are beginners, young learners/children and business people. I have learnt about the various challenges that may arise when
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In this final unit, I have learnt about the various problems that may arise when teaching and how to tackle them. I have learnt about the two different type of groups of students, they are the new g
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This unit focused on the important physical aspects of learning a language. In particular, this unit emphasized the phonetic alphabet, and how this system of learning the sounds of words can greatly a
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This unit is very interesting for me since I've always wanted to learn more about phonology and pronunciation. It discusses stress and intonation, the International Phonetic Alphabet, and some tips an
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Gorzow Wielkopolski
This unit is very important unit, as far as it discusses about the practical skills that are the speaking and writing it is very critical on our daily teaching activity. points I gain starts from the
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This unit that is teaching pronunciation is the most difficult unit yet. but i do gain a lot of Knowledge from the unit. I used to teach pronunciation just on how we talk and exercise. but know i lear
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Jastrzebie Zdroj
This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. It explains well the different usages and forms of the most commonly used conditionals. It also has some teaching ideas that are very helpful for the
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This unit discusses the different teaching equipment and teaching aids used in an EFL classroom. This unit talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the tools that we use in our everyday classes
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This unit is the last grammar lesson and it discusses modals, the voices of verbs, clauses, and phrasal verbs. The chart about modals are very helpful. It tells the uses of each modal, as well as the
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This unit is full of reminders of what teachers should and should not do in class. It talks about the different special groups and classes that ESL teachers have and might have in the future. Through
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unit 14 which is about books and materials is a very important unit, because the role of materials in teaching English is critical. and teaching English with our books and materials is totally incompl
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This unit that is about test and evaluations is a more useful unit. i gain a lot of points starting from what is test and evaluation, as students can evaluate the course not the teachers personality,
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I've learnt a lot from this lesson. Almost everything in here.I've been seeing those phonetic symbols many times in the dictionary and have not understood how it is being used and pronounced until I s
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It is good to know that even guidelines in using the course book was given an attention so as to be able to be more flexible on the lessons. However, some schools have already their own prescribed boo
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This unit that is about conditional and reported speech add a lot of value to my previous knowledge. starting from the conditionals as they are sentences contains IF or similar expressions like when t
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Unit 16 is a new lesson for me as these werenot taught to us during our school years. I learnt so much from this unit that I should now be aware of my tenses in giving reported statements. I am surp
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I learnt a lot of things in Unit 17 though these equipment and teaching aids are not new for me. I had used almost all teaching equipment but I didn't know that these have to be done and used accordin
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unit 17 is a very interesting and organized unit. it is all the equipment's and teaching aids that can be found in a certain school. those equipment are mostly used to make the lesson more effective,
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This lesson is a very good one as it touches on how to handle Business English class.It is also good to know that there is such thing as "needs analysis" from which the teacher will be able to assess
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Ruda Slaska
I learned a lot from this unit especially when dealing with monolingual class. I can relate on this as I had been into an Arabic school environment where I could here most of the students speaking in
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This Unit that is Modals, Phrasal verbs and passive voice is a very important unit that adds a lot to my previous knowledge. some of the points I gain are the function and usage of modal auxiliary ver
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Teaching special group is a very important unit. special group means group of students that requires an additional or another method of teaching. special groups of student is a category that can be cl
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unit 20 is short and interesting unit that gives me a lot of important points. it all about the problems that a teacher can face while teaching and the possible solutions for such problems. I gain a l
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This unit is mostly about the parts of speech that make up the English language and the grammar that applies when considering the structure of the language. There are 8 parts of speech covered in thi
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As we know, everybody has diferent ways of learning so that, we have to use all of the differents theories at the teaching moment. This content help us to know that we can do more things with our stud
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This document was good to read beacause I could reinforce my grammar skills, even though I had some questions about it, the document clarified me everything. I felt so good when I realize about the di
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This unit is one of the most helpful ones. It tells you how to plan a class more carefully because if you don't have a plan yo won't be able to do everything you need or everything you want. Now I rea
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The video got me focused all the time, they were very attractive to me, the first video was a little bit rare because of how the teacher was doing the class, was the worst class I ever seen. The first
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Pronunciation is important but often overlooked by teachers. As a communication disorders major, this unit was something I am very familiar with and passionate about. English sentences can vary in mea
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Course books provide many advantages and disadvantages in the classroom. On the one hand, they provide structured and tested ideas for teaching, which can be useful. on the other hand, they are often
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Testing is an important part of English teaching. Some teachers believe that because they interact with students every day, they do not need to perform any formal testing to adequately gauge their stu
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In this unit I learned about conditionals and reported speech. I learned that there are different forms of conditionals based of word oder and meaning. 0 conditional is for reporting facts, 1st condit
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In this section, I learned about many different tools and resources that teachers may have access to in the classroom. Many of these were familiar to me, but I was not familiar with the IWB. I did som
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Zielona Gra
In this unit, I learned about a few different grammar principles. I learned about modal verbs, which modify the verb. They don't stand alone, and can suggest amount of certainty, ask permission, or in
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