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from this unit I have learnt that we don't read and listen with just our eyes and ears but our minds has to get the overall meaning from pre existing knowledge of the world in order to understand. the
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In this unit I found out about theories, methodology and techniques in teaching. All methods is difficult to decide which is the best of use but every is needs and need mix they. Base technique teachi
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Ribeirao das Neves
from this unit I have learnt about various techniques of teaching intonation. It can be taught by using nonsense words, by gestures and by humming or singing. I also learnt that some word or syllables
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Ribeirao Pires
When a teacher is choosing a book he/she must consider the price, availability, methodology, design, syllabus, topics and teacher's guide, this will help the teacher to choose the perfect book for the
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Ribeirao Preto
Placement test are written in order to put students according to their language levels. Progress test helps the teacher and the student to gauge what language have been acquired or forgotten, this hel
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Rio Branco
From this unit I have learnt that there are five types of conditional sentences which are zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. Conditionals are sentences containing if/when which refer t
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Rio Claro
From this unit I learnt that it is important for a teacher to keep the board clear and easy to read, avoid unnecessary capitalization and always put essential information on the board because the stud
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Rio de Janeiro
Modals can be used to express a number of different ideas such as possibilities/impossibilities, permission, advice, ability and obligation. The te tense in both the active voice and passive remain t
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Rio Grande
Teaching begginers the teacher has to give simple and clear instructions, ask a lot of questions, don't use the student's mother tongue and also use choral repetition, this help the students to learn
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Rio Verde
When teaching new groups a teacher must find out about the student's interests, establish rapport between the students and also find out the English level of students this is to make sure students kno
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From this unit I realize what a challenge the future tense can be for students and how it can be confused with present tense. Especially since I currently teach at a junior high school in Japan I noti
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I have learned why is is necessary to lesson plan especially for beginning teachers. It makes things more organized and can give a new teacher the confidence to do the lesson. It is important to be we
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By watching the two different lessons you can clearly see how a teacher presents themselves in class makes a great impact on the student's learning. In the first lesson the instructor was not clear in
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Santa Barbara dOeste
I have learned that there are ways to teach reading and listening in an engaging way instead of just drilling vocabulary and reading dialogues given in the textbook. And that the 4 basic skills are al
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Santa Cruz do Sul
Through this unit I have learned that writing is just as essential to a students learning as speaking is. All four skills need to be focused on for students to increase their overall language accuracy
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Santa Luzia Minas Gerais
In this unit, I watched two videos of two different teaching styles. In the first video, the teacher looked very stern and impatient. And his teaching method was not effective. It seems that he skippe
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Santa Rita
This unit made me realize how complicated phonology can be, but also that there is a way to methodically teach it in the classroom. And it is interesting to see as a native English speaker how we actu
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Unit 20 is about troubleshooting and common problem situations such as: first lessons,different levels of students within a class, large classes, use of native language, reluctant students and difficu
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Santo Andre
It is always going to be different depending what resources and materials a teacher has at their disposal, but I've learned that to be an effective teacher you will have to supplement the given materi
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I have learned that assessments of the a students language abilities is essential to the students and the teachers as they both work on where improvement is needed. And assessments do not always have
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Sao Bernardo do Campo
Through this unit I learned how varying conditional forms can be considering the context and hence why it can be so difficult for learners of English. Even as a native speaker myself, I had to think c
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Sao Caetano do Sul
Eye contact, gesture and the voice. Need always take eye contact. Gesture doesn't be sharp and a voice will be trustworthy. Using name of student at the end of questions. Grouping classes, they pros a
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Sao Carlos
In this unit I have learned that modal verbs can either have little difference when changing them or make a noticeable difference when changing them in a sentence, so it can be tricky for some student
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Sao Gonzalo
This unit showcases how important it is to be adaptable as a teacher because the needs of a student can vary greatly depending on the environment or what type of student they are. Whether that would b
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Sao Joao de Meriti
This unit was a great wrap-up to the course by touching on contents either previously talked about or not yet mentioned. They were helpful tips in preparing a teacher for any issues they may potential
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Sao Jose
This unit covered the importance of reading and listening. It also covered understanding context. It also covered the many steps and processes as to why people read and listen. These motivations are i
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Sao Jose de Ribamar
In this unit we have discussed 3 important questions in the study of language. Learning new words is very important. Techniques for vocabulary teaching is engage (pictures, discover, action); sturdy
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Sao Jose do Rio Preto
The writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions: an aid to planning, a working document, a record. Basic principles of lesson planning are: keep it simple, do not try to script the les
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Sao Jose dos Campos
Receptive skills – reading and listening, is still very important. Their understanding of the context will depend on their expertise in these areas: Predictive skills, Specific information – scann
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Sao Jose dos Pinhais
teaching productive skills is speaking and writing. Speaking activities are: Controlled (Accuracybasedactivities. Language is controlled by the teacher); Guided ( Accuracybasedbutalittlemorecreativean
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Sao Leopoldo
These materials can be divided into 2 groups: Authentic materials and Created materials (Crosswords, Role-playcards, Gap fill activities). Analyzing a course book (Price, Methodology, Skills, Topic).
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Sao Luis
There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level: tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. For assessment students have a few different tests. Such as placement test (to place n
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Sao Paulo
This unit provides an exposition of the flow of the process of teaching starting from prominent theories through a more practically-oriented methods and techniques. The sub-sections emphasize benefits
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Sao Vicente
This unit weaves the principles, methods and techniques from the previous lessons into the practical work of lesson planning. It also highlights the functions of lesson planning as well as step-by-ste
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Sapucaia do Sul
The two videos provide clear example of how a class should and should not be conducted. The teacher also incorporates the methods and techniques explained in the earlier units. Teaching with scarce in
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Teaching the two productive skills, namely speaking and writing is emphasized in this unit with ESA models for both skills. It is pointed out that development of the writing skill, being a 'quiet' act
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This unit went over auxiliary words and their uses. This unit also went over passive voice, phrasal verbs and relative clause. I learned a lot about the structure of a sentence and how the combination
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Sete Lagoas
this unit went over the different types of students that I will encounter in the classroom. It also went over the most effective way that I can teach them English. I learned that just because a studen
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The role of course books and other lesson materials, with their merits and demerits are presented in this unit. In spite of their obvious benefits, teachers, particularly the inexperienced ones are wa
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This introductory module provides a framework for working with the definitions & principles provided. This correlates to several different methods this student has been taught throughout numerous diff
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In this unit I have learned the various roles of what a teacher should do. The student also has a situation that the teacher must figure out. The level of English they are at, the cultural background
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This unit shows me the elements that make up the classroom. I have learned the responsibilities and the roles that a good teacher needs to have to be successful in the classroom and the qualities of a
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Taboo da Serra
This unit showed me the different layers of a structured English lesson. It started with many different kind of approaches and methodology, which one of them to use is completely base on the teacher's
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Teixeira de Freitas
This unit introduce me how to use eye contact gesture and the voice to engage the students and make the lesson to be effective. A well organized lesson is make up of appropriate classroom arrangement,
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Teofilo Otoni
In this unit I had to observe the way the teacher teaches and how the students respond to the lessons. In the first lesson the students were a little clue less about the topic which will be taught how
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This is a unit on teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions. To select the contents that is suitable for the students, first we need to understand the difficult level of the content and the things th
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In this united I learned the practical use of lesson planning. A lesson plan helps the teacher to achieve teacher's personal goal by creating a guideline of the material and the method that the teache
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By contrasting two actual English class, I learned that the effectiveness of a lesson is greatly impacted by the lesson plan and the rapport with student. In the first lesson, the teacher seems like h
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Toledo Parana
This unit shows the various structures and functions of the future tense. It gives an idea of the fundamental points a teacher should be familiar with and highlight when teaching this English languag
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At the beginning of this unit I learned the motives of reading and listening is either fora purpose or for entertainment, and the different ways of reading and listening such as scanning, skimming. Te
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