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Unit 17 provides an overview of common teaching equipment that can be used in the classroom. Including a variety of teaching aids in class helps keep lesson interesting as well as adding variety. This
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Unit 18 covers the last section of grammar: phrasal verbs, passive voice and modal verbs. Modals are verbs that provide additional meaning and can be used to express ideas, such as obligations, abili
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In Unit 19, we see a breakdown of different groups of people that teachers can face in a classroom. It is important to understand the different groups and how to prepare for them, as each group will h
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In the last lesson, we cover some of the most common problems teachers face in the classroom. Here are the situations discussed in this lesson: - First lessons. These are extremely important for the
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This unit covered the various types of conditionals, as well as reported/indirect speech, and what happens to direct speech when it turns into indirect speech. As usual it also gave valuable tips/idea
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Chincha Alta
This unit covered the concepts of modal auxiliary verbs, passive/active voice, clauses (mainly relative clauses) and phrasal verbs. For most of these concepts I was not intimately familiar with the ru
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This unit covered the different kinds of special English classes that I might end up teaching. These were beginners, individual lessons, children and Business English learners. It also covered the mai
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I have learned the differences between the two productive skills: Speaking and Writing. Writing more neglected than speaking because teachers get preoccupied that it gives students too much quiet tim
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I've learned that it is important to not only use a course book but to also supplement it with authentic or created materials. This helps students to better understand a lesson as the authentic or cr
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I have learned that it is very important to evaluate constantly students to monitor what they have learned and what needs more work in order for the students to achieve their goal. There are many di
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This unit discusses how to teach productive skills which are writing and speaking. The two main areas of focus are fluency and accuracy. Fluency applies more to speaking since conversations require mo
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This lesson discusses different advantages and disadvantages from using course books and lesson materials in the classroom. Here we also learn what created materials are and how to apply them or subst
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This lesson teaches different assessments to test students abilities and when to use them. Placement test are used to determine the students knowledge and proficiency in English and are best given be
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This unit covers the productive skills of speaking and writing, which are complimented and enhanced by the previous learning of the receptive skills of reading and listening. In speaking and writing,
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This unit covers the use of course books and materials. It explains the meaning and use of authentic and created materials, along with the pros and cons of course books. Authentic materials are best
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This unit covers the options for and purposes of evaluating and testing learners of English in a TEFL course using ESA methodology. Placement, Diagnostic, Progress, and Practice tests are given by te
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Studying this unit I recognized as a teacher that generally I spend more time thinking how to make my students speak better, my time in thinking about improving their writing abilities is indeed short
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This unit made me understand the importance of keeping a perfect balance between the authentic material a teacher should use, the books that the training center already provided me with but also the n
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This unit was a ... test for me and my ability of making tests for my students. The books I use to teach do not provide such tests so I constantly need to check my students' progress. Also I tested my
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Speaking and writing skills go hand in hand with the progress a student makes in his/her English. In my case, I am presently teaching private individuals, so presently do not have a group situation. H
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It was interesting to get a comprehensive overview of the authentic materials and the composed materials. I hope to make a good balance of both original as well as published (already made) materials i
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I found this last test in this series of my TEOFL certificate preparation to be very informative from a practical sense. Although at this time, I am mainly teaching private Japanese students of variou
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In this unit I learned about speaking and writing skills and the various methods in which to teach them. Both skills are used to accomplish the task of communication but are taught in different ways.
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