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This unit talks about some of the problem situation that teachers can encounter in the classroom and also suggests ways of dealing with them. I learnt that in the first lesson the teacher tries to est
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This unit teaches the best ways to introduce and teach different materials and the best techniques and lesson structures for different levels of students. It gives the teacher examples of how to intro
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This unit teaches about how to handle your students in the classroom and about the teacher, student dynamic in the classroom. It has taught me the best ways to use my voice in class and how to vary it
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This unit focuses on how to teach new vocabulary and grammar and the best ways to go about it for different levels. This unit elaborates on unit two's lesson structures for different English material
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This unit teaches about lesson plans and what is important to consider when planning a lesson. It is important that the lesson plan is to the point and does not go into too much detail about exactly w
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In this unit the videos give a great example of a lesson and it is insightful to see this and watch it with the perspective of both student and teacher, and see the faults from both sides as well as w
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This unit teaches about receptive skills being reading and listening, and the best ways to improve these skills in students. It teaches the most important points to consider when choosing the material
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This unit teaches that productive skills are about speaking and writing and it tells which lesson styles are the best for teaching and practicing these skills. I've learnt that games are well paired w
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This unit is about different materials that can be used in class, and that most of it should be based off from the course book, but other materials, authentic and created materials, should also be inc
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La Serena
This unit teaches about tests and evaluating students progress or level of English. There are different forms of evaluation and each should be used for different reasons and for different types of res
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Los angeles
This unit, based on methodology and learning stages, is most informative. Throughout this section of the course, I have learnt of a plethora of teaching methods that I can use. It has been unveiled to
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Unit three has taught me the importance of classroom management from the characteristics and actions of the teacher themselves to the way the classroom is laid out and dealing with discipline in the c
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Puente Alto
Through this Unit I have covered how to introduce the new language to the students through ESA stages within a lesson. These stages can be implemented in different orders, for example, a boomerang les
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Puerto Montt
I think that lesson planning is very important and has some vital functions: the lesson plan works as a document and a record and also is an gadget which helps to know what does the teacher expect fro
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Punta Arenas
On this unit I could watch 2 different classes and notice some mistakes and techniques about teaching. It's clear that is critical to do the lesson plan and be well prepared to teach the content. It's
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Students usually have 2 reasons for improve their receptive skills such as for a purpose or for entertainment. To read some instructions, to read a map or a ad, to listen the radio and to listen and u
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Unit 12 is about productive skills which are speaking and writing. Both are used to communication purposes ans it's part of the teacher's job to create the desire and need in the students to communic
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San Bernardo
In my opinion this unit is the hardest so far. Teaching phonology is hard but is essential for the students to achieve fluency. Concepts like intonation and stress are easier to teach because we are
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It is important to select the materials that the teacher could bring to their classroom, we can not only follow the coursebooks, the ideal is to prepare the classes and get some material that we think
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Evaluation and testing are always present on the teacher's routine because we have to know in which areas our students need to improve and study more. There are several different ways to assess studen
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This unit is dense because it talks about two topic that always brings many doubts in the students. But once you understant all the verb tenses it is easy to turn the sentences into reported speech an
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There are various equipments that can be used in the classroom to make lessons more attractive and interesting and they also are a tool that makes the teacher less dependent on the textbook because so
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This unit talked about complex grammar topics: modal verbs, phrasal verbs, passive voice and relative clauses. It is dense and I believe that this content could fill more than one unit. But at the sam
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I found this unit ver interesting because it explains detailed about the special groups that I might teach in the future.I didn't know about the types of beginners learners and I had never realized th
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Villa del Mar
In this unit we had looked into some commom trouble situations that may happen in classroom and some suggestions of how to act it and how to avoid them to happen. I believe that nowadays most schools
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