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This unit explains what students need to know about vocabulary and grammar in a new language. Vocabulary should be appropriate to the students, their language level and likely to arise as they use the
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In this unit I saw how to gradually introduce english into a classroom after identifying the level of English student's speak and the very nature of students. I also learned in what context native lan
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This unit delves into the other side of the coin of integrated skills, which are speaking and writing. These skills each also have their own methodologies. The unit also shows me how accuracy and flue
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This unit provided a description of auxillary verbs. Verbs like need to, have to, have got to, and must, demonstrate obligation and neccesity, while verbs like may or might indicate polite requests. V
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This unit covered conditionals and reported speech. I personally struggled with this when I was a student a very long time ago and I think it is very important to under the difference between first, s
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This unit spoke to the theories, methods and techniques of teaching. It highlighted the different applications used when teaching language and the ways in which they may be employed in order to achiev
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A good overview of both the role of a teacher and that of a student in the classroom. Their roles and responsibilities to each other in that classroom. The importance of a good teacher, one that cares
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The material we can use for our lesson can be either material already prepared or material created by ourself. I believe that the material already prepared can help both the professor and the student
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I liked how this unit promoted a sort of creativity with the lessons we can plan. Using pop-culture and famous people can help grab the attention of students and I think it was useful to learn the dif
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This unit drills deep into what constitutes the act of reading versus the act of listening, the concepts were later demonstrated in a typical Engage, Study and Activate modus operandi. I have always b
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This unit is incredibly useful because although, as a native English speaker, I use these tenses all the time, I think I am more prepared to explain how they work to an English learner. This was a hug
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Reasons and motives for reading and listening can be divided into two categories: for a purpose and for entertainment. Reading and listening for a purpose is done because it helps us achieve a partic
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Language Teaching does not always go smoothly. Because teachers are dealing with different personalities, there will be a variety of difficulties that have to be addressed. In the first lesson the tea
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Bay Springs
This review was helpful in establishing ideal teaching behavior in a classroom. Presentation is important, as students can often pick up on teaching clues, much to the chagrin of teachers. Steady and
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Bay St. Louis
Just like with receptive skills, students need to feel comfortable and not intimidated while they are practicing their productive skills. When drilling, the students can all repeat the words together
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The fifths unit was devoted to classroom management and was very interesting for me and rich with useful instructions which will help teacher to teach English effectively and inspire confidense in th
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This unit examined the qualities of both good teachers and learners and the roles each would use in the learning environment. It also highlighted the stages of students' learning, which gave a good id
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Knowing the difference between the past tense forms is critical for proper storytelling and to clarify when and how events have occurred. After reading this unit, I feel more comfortable explaining th
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As a teacher it is important to keep in mind the different roles one has to take, depending on the type of students, different age groups, stages in language learning or classroom activities. I have l
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The two productive skills, writing and speaking, are equally important, although students tend to like speaking more. Writing tasks are often given as homework, but they need to be practiced in class
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This unit pertains to teaching productive English skills, those being speaking and writing in English. Again, this unit provides several examples of ESA centered games to make learning English fun.
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I have learned in this unit how to first know how to correctly place students, diagnose their English language capability, and then measure their progress throughout their learning experience. Moreove
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Blue Mountain
This unit breaks down the present tense into two main groups of verb formation, simple and continuous. This shows the difference between something that happens and something that continues to happen,
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Bogue Chitto
This unit defined what is considered to be a good teacher and learner. Explained the different roles that a teacher can have in the classroom. Helped me differentiate between the different English kno
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The fourteenth unit was related to Coursebooks and lesson materials and it was useful. Sometimes coursebooks are not suitable for the class, that's why it is important for teacher replace some section
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This unit covered most parts of speech (lacking interjections), including the types and usage of nouns; comparative and superlative adjectives; definite and indefinite articles; verbs that are transit
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This unit presents the importance of assessment as an integral part of teaching. It clearly shows the different types of assessment and how they could be integrated in teaching process. After taking t
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The third unit was very informative and useful for me and it was devoted to theories, methods and techniques. I knew how to give a lesson in more effectively way.Description of methologies such as gra
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In this unit, it presents the other important skills that learners should acquire. These are the speaking and writing skills. The unit shows things to consider in teaching those skills. Using the less
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This unit covered and highlighted teaching in practice and what distinguishes a good teacher from a not so effective teacher. The videos showed how in the first video the teaching was not very effecti
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Managing a classroom full of students can be a tough task for any teacher. However, if a teacher sets up a good learning environment and a good rapport with the students, there are going to be minimal
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Unit 5 is about managing classes. Teachers play an important role in maintaining an effective learning environment from how they conduct themselves to how they handle discipline issues. Teachers thems
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This lesson covered many different approaches and techniques to utilize in English instruction. It also broke down sequences which can be used--for example, there is a common pattern of engage, study,
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Classroom management... I've learned the best by experience. It's been more helpful reflecting on the aspects of behaviour management now that I have experience as a classroom teacher. I've had the op
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This unit was a little bit challenging becuase as a native english speaker we don't think about what tense we use, we just use it. Something that comes naturally is hard to put into words sometimes, b
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The second lesson is more successful because the teacher seemed to be better prepared. He was able to establish rapport with the students by learning their names, and he started with an Engage activit
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From this unit, I was better able to understand the differences between different elements of a sentence, which to a native English speaker, are not always clear. I learnt the difference between trans
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Calhoun City
This unit looked at the relationship between the teacher and the student, highlighting behaviors of the teacher that lead to a positive learning environment. This unit also looked at the learners, hig
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Lesson planning is crucial to having a productive teaching and learning experience. Teachers need to have a plan in order to teach all required curriculum. Lesson plans should be flexible at all times
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This unit covered teaching special groups. It started out by identifying different types of classes, their levels and gave various tips for teaching beginner learners. The unit then preceded to show t
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The two productive skills are speaking and writing. Both skills are equally important for learning English. Writing requires a greater degree of accuracy, whereas speaking requires a greater degree
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There have been many methodologies for teaching language and some debate on which is best. Some themes that keep resurfacing about optimal language learning are: language exposure and student self-dis
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There are four things that students need to do with new language: be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it is constructed, and be able to practice and produce it. Teachers must ens
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Preparing your own lesson is very important to make the lesson as smooth as possible. It happened to me to teach without programming and I saw that the difficulty is remarkable. Naturally, the lesson
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The topic of grammar is indeed an anxiety inducing area. This is because fluent or even native English language speakers who have a full command of spoken and day to day spoken English did not need to
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Unit 9 covers the issue that I have been most worried about in regards to becoming an English teacher. I am starting to feel like I understand the material, grammar, and concepts that I will be teachi
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This unit covered how to manage classes. I learned a lot about how to best ration out teaching speaking time and student speaking time. I also learned a lot about classroom dynamics and the importanc
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This unit talks about future tenses. I have expected it would be the same 4 tenses as before in the two other units. Then I found there're Going to Future, The Present Simple, The Present Continuous
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This unit discussed the four different present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. Common usages for present simple tense is when discussing ha
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This unit covered how to teach a new language, particularly focusing on how to teach vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. It covered what to focus on when teaching these parts o
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