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St Lucia
This unit is particularly useful as it further highlights the simplistic method used to teach vocabulary to students. I agree and enjoy the ESA method as it makes understanding the material better and
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St Michael's on sea
This unit gives precise information about the roles of the teachers and the differences between students. For example, that a good teacher should be kind, caring, patient, engaging, and capable of cor
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Unit 9, is a very imortant part of teaching and depending on the teachers style or preference, the outcomes will show. My lesson plan has never been as detailed as indicated by this unit but I now see
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Tugela Ferry
During this unit the audio was not clear but I could definitely see the differences between the two lessons. It was as if there were two different teachers in the classroom. It is evident that one nee
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This unit is a great guideline for important skills needed to learn in a lesson. Simple and concise. These are things we do everyday but we take it for granted as we do not focus on most things we do
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I found this unit to be as informative as the previous unit. Having experience working in esl, writing is neglected and more focus is placed on speaking. I particularly enjoy how previous units are li
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This unit was particularly interesting to me. As an Esl teacher, I pay close attention to proper pronunciation rather than fluency. I learnt so much in this unit, with regards to the art of pronunciat
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Although this unit was shorter, it was informative. I particularly enjoyed the course book topic and the breakdown thereof. I use variety in the classroom and enjoy being creative in the materials I m
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This unit provided insight into the different kinds of test in which I was not familiar with, for example the external examinations conducted by cambridge english. I was familiar with the other tests
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Umhlanga Rocks
Grammar and the method teachers use are very important. The success thereof will largely depend on the strategies used with students. Even though, it come naturally to me, I believe it is important to
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This unit was a great reminder of the specific roles words play in the English language. I had forgotten what words were called other than "noun, adverb, adjective, verb". I learned the difference bet
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This unit taught me the characteristics of a good teacher as well as the roles a teacher play while teaching. The chapter also discussed how the roles are fluid based on the student and material being
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Before attempting this unit, I thought business english only consisted of terminology discussed in business. But now I have general knowledge based on this matter which makes more sense now. I have ta
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I will enter into a new work environment soon, which I believe I will use the content learnt in this unit as a guide to establish a foundation with the students. Larger classes always made me feel ove
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In this chapter I learned there are many aspects to maintaining classroom control. Eventhough I was familiar with the use of speach I did not now exactly how it should be used. I was also unaware tha
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With so many different approaches and methods it can be rather difficult to decide which is best to use. Of course my personality, students' culture and their needs will play a part in my decision of
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Classroom management is the skill of organising and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. This unit explains how to be a good teacher in the classroom. From
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The sysytem and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses, exept that past tenses obviously relate to past time periods. All continuous forms feature some form of the verb 'to
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Van Reenen
The future is one of the most complex areas of the English. So many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings. I've learnt the seven most common are as follow: 1) The future simple;
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The writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions: 1. An aid to planning: Writing down what theacher expects the students to achieve by the end of lesson, and how teacher intends to make
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In this unit, I learned about what characterizes a good teacher. Among these is establishment of a rapport with students. I personally believe that this is the most important characteristic of a teach
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In this unit, I learned the parts of speech of the English language. There are things with which I was already familiar, like nouns and verbs. There were also things that I had never formally learned
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Warner Beach
In this unit I was introduced to the methodologies of teaching foreign languages. As I study foreign language education, I had heard of most of these before. What was new to me was Suggestopaedia and
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This unit reviews different parts of a sentence and how these different parts are used to convey specific meanings. I learned in this unit that prepositions pertaining to movement should be separated
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This unit discusses different types of teaching methods, defines stages of a regular class flow (engage, study, and activate), and provides examples of activities that can be conducted during each of
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This unit discusses the present tense and its different forms, including present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and all of the combinations in between. I learned about a great deal of gr
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This unit outlines different seating arrangements and types of group/individual work and touches on the topics of establishing discipline and rapport with students. I learned that the horseshoe seatin
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This unit discusses different parts of the English language that are taught in the classroom, including grammar, vocabulary, and language functions. I learned that vocabulary is selected according to
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This unit discusses the future tense and its different forms, including future simple, future perfect, future continuous, and all of its combinations. I learned here that some forms of the present ten
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I think this is a good experience to realize the importance of teacher motivation once again. I am majoring in English education department, and currently teaching middle and high schoolers at the pri
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