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This unit looks at some problem situations in the classroom,namely first lessons,the groups where the students are at different levels,large classes,the use of the students'native tongue,reluctant stu
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In this unit, we learned about teaching special groups, which include children and those who are already in the business world. Some topics covered include how to teach children--specifically what to
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In this final unit, we learn about troubleshooting issues that may come up in a class. Some of these issues include--establishing rapport, using warmers (or ice-breakers) to get the class started and
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Unit 19 is about teaching special types of classes: the absolute beginners, the false beginners, the adult beginner, the young beginner, the beginner without Roman alphabet. I think, as it is told in
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Unit 20 showed common problem situation that might occur during the lesson. It is important to establish rapport with the students and set the tone for the rest of the course. I learnt about activitie
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Unit 19 "Teaching special groups" showed me the differences between teaching different types of groups. There are various categories of beginners, a lot of methodologies and techniques, possible probl
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The last unit taught me useful tips, which I can use during my first lessons in my future new or existing groups, how to establish rapport between teacher and students and between students if they don
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I found this unit very useful for categorizing the different types of "English learners." It was a strong overview of the main branches of English-language teaching and I look forward to expanding on
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Despite being such a brief lesson, it was an efficient final review for the aspiring TEFL teacher and provides critical tips for the first day on the job. I have found all the material in this course
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Catia La Mar
What I've experienced as a student is that when it comes to writing teachers will always ask you to create stories, that's the most common and useful excercise, of course they'll always try to prepare
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Ciudad Bolvar
I have been teaching English for youung learners for years but it is always very difficult to start with a new group of students especially when their levels of English are difficult. I have found tec
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Ciudad Guayana
Pronunciation and Phonology is definitely a neglected topic when we're learning english. I believe that's because we don't want to overwhelm students with phonetics symbols and other kind of technical
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Ciudad Losada
Speaking from my experience course books are sometimes undervalued, probably because some teachers don't use them properly or as the unit stated teachers rely on them too much, without considering the
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In this unit, I have learned about the methodologies, techniques and how to go about identifying the needs of each group. There are 4 groups identified: Beginners, Individual students, Young learners
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In this unit, I have learned how to deal with possible challenges of EFL teachers. It is important that we are prepared whenever we encounter difficulties in the class. As a starter, teachers must bui
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Teaching English to different groups of students requires different teaching techniques. I am currently teaching adults, which is really different from one of my friend who is teaching children. The f
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As the last unit, we talk about some potential problems in a class. I have met most of the problems in my previous classes. The biggest takeaway would be prepare some different tasks for the different
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La Victoria
This lesson was extremely informative for me, as it resonates to what I do on a daily basis. Currently, I teach all grades from first grade to seniors in high school, so it's a bit of a stretch. I tea
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Los Teques
This lesson was a good understanding on how to deal with not just large classes, but small ones, as well. While most of this lesson isn't something I can relate to, I find that some of the relating in
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Special groups such as beginners, children, professionals, one-to-one teaching require different teaching techniques. Motivation is essential for beginners whether absolute, false, adult, children, or
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This unit has taught me about ways to troubleshoot common scenarios. For first lessons, course materials should not be used. Instead, the teacher should establish rapport with the students (and among
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In this unit I learned about teaching English to specialized groups. The first specialized group I learned about is beginners, of which there are several types. The absolute beginner is a student
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In this unit I learned about teaching new classes of students for the first time. With a new group of students it takes some time to establish rapport among the class members; whereas an existing g
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Unit 19 talk about other forms of teaching that may require slightly different skills. the unit explained these more specialized groups.In this I learned about teaching beginners, the tips, methodolog
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Puerto Cabello
Tests are a great tool to measure students' knowledge. They can help us evaluate if we're achieving our purpose when teaching an specific topic and, of course student can see their own progress. Test
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Punto Fijo
I am curious about teaching business English; it seems like I would be involved in a professional setting, which is something I enjoy. I am aware. However, that focusing on English may not be the top
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Ideally, classrooms would have already been filtered based on the individuals' level of understanding, but even then there will be challenges in the classroom, as every student will have various needs
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In this unit I've learned about the importance of teaching different techniques to different groups of students. For example, in teaching children it's very important to keep the lessons short and sim
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In this unit I learned about the importance of being aware of problem situations that may arise in the classroom, and steps to conduct the lesson to ensure the best scenario for grasping the content.
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