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A Coruna
Very interesting and easy unit. It was a very difficult topic for me. But with help of your pdf-document I completely undersand the whole material and I was happy, that I can answer that questions wit
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Very interesting unit for me because of learning about some new equipment and teaching aids that can help to build a perfect lesson. And with your help I find many new material for self-study - many c
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Alcala de Henares
Very difficult unit for me because of Transitive verbs. I can't totally understand the material about transitive verbs and it's type. All other material was quite interesting and easy to understand an
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Very difficult unit for me. Firstly, I really hate unclear questions like the first one. "...could be...". What? I payed for clear information and want to learn as more information about teaching as p
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Very interesting unit with interesting questions. I really enjoy reading and learning about troubleshooting and I learnt many new interesting information. Now, I can avoid difficult situations in my c
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In this class we could see the importance about using course books, authentic and created materials. It`s important to have materials graded for the level of the students and also authentic materials
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In this lesson we learned about the different tests used in an English course and also the tests that are needed to ingress in a college or to work in some countries that use English as a need for com
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In this lesson we learned about the usage of conditionals and reported speech. We learned about the structure of the five main conditionals, and also about the tenses change when reporting a speech. t
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In this lesson we saw some different equipment and teaching aids, as the board, DVDs, the IWB, projectors and others. It`s really important to know how to use the aids with a objective and not only as
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In this Unit we learn when and how to use the different modal verbs, in different situations like: Obligation, possibility, Advice, Ability and Permission. We also learn to recognize a passive and act
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In this class we learned about the different problems that we might face teaching different English classes. We learn about the different kinds of beginners, those who need to learn since the alphabet
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In this Unit we studied how important are the first classes. The teacher needs to know his/her classes and their needing. And it’s important to know what kind of problems we can face in the first cl
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This unit discussed the usage of coursebooks and other materials. While coursebooks are encouraged, created and authentic materials are recommended to be used in conjunction with them. Authentic mat
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This unit discussed conditionals and reported speech. This is an area where teachers and students should progress slowly, as there is a high probability of error and mistakes due to the numerous verb
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Castellan de la Plana
This unit discussed the various types of equipment and teaching aids that can or should be used in the classroom. The number one piece of equipment that is necessary for teaching is the board. This
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This unit discussed evaluation and testing. Teachers need to evaluate their students’ English to know what each student’s English proficiency level is at the beginning of the course, mid-way thro
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This unit discussed modals, phrasal and passive voice. Modals are auxiliary verbs that can be used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb in the sentence. They can also be used to expres
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This unit focused on the different types of groups that a teacher may have to teach and tips for planning successful lessons. Teaching beginners first involves determining the category of beginners.
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The last unit focused on trouble shooting common problems and situations that may come up in a classroom. The problems discussed were first lessons, different levels, large class sizes and use of nat
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It seems easy, but these were the things I needed to teach. However, it would have been better if it had more examples. Also, I feel like I am constantly reviewing and checking what I have learned, so
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This unit is pretty easy to understand. But, i think it has weak examples so I want to see more examples of each section. By the way, this unit is too short so when i take a test, i felt i didn't lear
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There were many grammatical structures that I thought were easy, but I learned many difficult grammar. I thought I knew well about grammar in my own way, but I found that there were many things that I
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Hospitalet de Llobregat
There was not much difficulty in this unit, but I could learn important things for actual class. Those are basic and easy things, but I think this is necessary for me in the future. Also, I hope all o
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The names of grammar are quite confusing. Also, it was hard to remember to write another grammar by small difference even though it seemed similar. I still don't know exactly what kind of grammar to w
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It was briefly overlooked that the purpose of English learners is different. So when I first came into contact with this unit, it was a little strange, but as I advanced, I realized that it had the ad
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Jerez de la Frontera
Today's class was not as difficult as I thought. Most of the content was from what we had learned, so there was not much difficulty in understanding the unit and taking a test. As the last chapter, it
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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
In this unit I have learned the various pros and cons of using course books and lesson materials. I have learned how to use course books, authentic material and created material to suit students needs
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In this Unit I have learned about the different types of tests. I have learned when and how to administer these tests and also the benefits of providing test for not just teachers but students as well
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In this unit I have learned about conditionals and reported speech. I have learned how to identify and teach the many different conditionals and problems student encounter in lessons. I have learned t
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In this lesson I have reviewed the uses of equipment that is useful inside and outside the classroom. I have learned about many different teaching aids and how to use each one based on class size, ava
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In this chapter I have learned a quite confusing and European way of teaching or expressing modals, phrases and passive voice. In this unit there were many examples of these but all given without the
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In this unit I have learned the different settings and English teacher might teach in and also the different types of students in each setting. I have learned the proper way to interact and effectivel
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This lesson was okay! As a highschool teacher non of the information was really all that new for me; however, I appreciated all the examples of worksheets that could used in the classroom to help stud
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In this unit I have learned how to interact with students in first lessons if they are a new group or existing group. I have also learned warmers on how to get students interested in the language befo
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Because I am a highschool teacher I was already familar with the different types of testing that are performed in a school. Nonetheless I found the different types of Language tests pretty interesting
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This like the past grammar units has been helpful for me to examine my native language more closely. What comes so natural to me as a native speaker is actually quite confusing to explain to a new lan
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I appreciated this unit because it was very pratical. It is always nice to have a unit that gives clear hands on ways to improve your classroom techniques. It was also helpful to know when and how to
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Like all grammar units thus far in this course, this unit was very helpful. I honestly did not know any of these definitions for parts of speech and it has been a weakness in my teaching abilities. It
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Palma de Mallorca
I think it was useful to determine how you would structure your class based on different levels of students. It was also helpful to see the various methods that could be used and things that need to b
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Again I found this unit helpful to identity what struggles a teacher may face with a new group, a mixed leveled group, shy students and how to help adjust the class to meet everyone's needs without co
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Learning without practice is bored. Most of students do not like reading book. They would like to combine learning and playing. This chapter is about course book and lesson material. Course book is a
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This chapter is about evaluation and testing. For the beginning student, they need to take placement test to place them in correct class level. Progress test is testing student knowledge for what they
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In my opinion, this chapter would be easy for students because they are all have the formula. Students just need to memorize it. However, it is confuse sometimes. For example, in the direct speech sen
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San Sebastian
From this unit, I learned sth. about the teaching materials and the coursebook. First one is the authentic material , it includes magazine, newapaper, song, video, and program, these are interesting a
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Santa Coloma de Gramanet
This unit is short to study, but it's not easy to learn. I got some different ways to test the students.We also need to test the students in an appropriate time. We can take palcement test, progress
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Santa Cruz de Tenerife
I know sth. about conditional clause and direct speech. I have taught this grammar. But I didn't teach it with activity. I feel guilty to my sthdents for not making this more effective and practiced.
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I know we should be familiar with our teaching aids. and I can use some of them to teach English. They are very important to us , to the students even to the class. We have white-board, interavtive wh
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I have known sth. about modal verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs. Are there three types of that ? 1, intransitive, transitive separable and transitive inseparable. I should pay attention to that.
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I know sth. about teaching special groups. It reminds that the different kinds of students I have taught. When I had graduated from my college, I taught adult beginners English. They had high motivat
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This unit is short and easy to learn. And I have already known these things . But it is also useful for me to pay attention. As a teacher, we should be keen on education. As an English teacher, we sho
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