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This unit tackled different ways on how to evaluate students' levels and progress. There are three ways to do it namely tutorials, evaluation by the students, and tests. Tests were discussed more in-d
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The unit was about conditionals and reported speech. The first part was about the five main conditionals which are the zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and t
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The unit was about equipment and teaching aids that can be used in the classroom to make the lessons more interesting. Some of the sources discussed are the following: whiteboard, interactive whiteboa
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Benito Juarez
The unit was about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Modals are: can, could, will, would, might, may, have to, need to, ought to, etc. We use these words to express some thoughts such as oblig
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The unit was about teaching special groups. The different types of classes tackled are teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching children, Business English or English for Specific Pur
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The last unit was about troubleshooting. It tackled the common problem situations encountered by teachers in a classroom. The topics discussed are first class, warmers, different levels, large classes
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My overview of Classroom Management intakes organizing the class, individual students in that class, and what takes place within that class. The use of your eyes, voice, gesture, using their names, pl
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My briefing on lesson planning caters to creating a questionaire, boardwork, and procedures. I will review the information about working documents, creating a logical sequence for the lesson, forming
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This unit expresses the equality and importance of all four necessary skills in a classroom. Being receptive, reading, writing, and listening are exactly what teachers are teaching lessons to students
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Ciudad Acuna
The coursebooks and materials verse within this package teaches a number of useful tools. Authentication of the teachers information brought into the classroom for the students can be very educational
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Ciudad Apodaca
I like the unit very much. I learned an enormous amount of skills to use in a classroom. This unit of the program shows how important all the different essentials of attention really are. Reviewing th
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Ciudad Juarez
In this unit I learned the importance of the different types of roles teachers must play in order to achieve certain desired results. I also learned the qualities that make a "good" teacher and studen
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Ciudad Lopez Mateos
I learned a lot in this section about lesson planning, and how to teach students properly. I learned that by engaging students allows them to keep their attention on the lesson and continue paying att
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Ciudad Madero
I learned how important discipline is to a condusive learning environment. I also learned the appropriate actions to take when being confronted by a student with a discipline problem. The teacher cann
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Ciudad nezahualcoyotl
I learned how to properly eliminate unnecessary vocabulary words to teach to students, and what aspects of vocabulary, grammar, and language function are necessary and not necessary to teach to the st
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Ciudad Obregn
This unit discussed the productive skills: writing and speaking and outlined some of the methods used to teach them. Many techniques and considerations carry over from the unit on reading and listenin
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Ciudad Victoria
The unit, gave an overview outlining many aspects for teaching pronunciation and phonology. It was very detailed and a lot to take in, as I had never gone as indepth into the inner-workings of pronunc
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This unit discussed Coursebooks and lesson materials. How to use them, what to be aware of when using them. For example, solely using a coursebook for the entirety of the lesson will become predictabl
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This unit discussed methods of evaluation and testing. There are different types of tests teachers will use at different times (diagnostic, practice, placement, progress etc.) for various reasons. Sta
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The unit on conditionals and reported speech proved to be a bit challenging as there are many ways verbs can be modified. In particular the conversions for reported speech were a bit confusing but jus
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This unit discussed various resources/teaching aids that can be used in the classroom. Upon reading this unit I had a feeling about which materials I liked (such as videos, computers, and visual aids)
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This unit discussed modals, passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. There were many topics I wasn't previously aware of; in particular the formation of phrasal verbs. They make sense natur
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This unit covered a variety of aspects such as teaching beginners, individuals, business people, and children; and also discussed the differences multilingual/monolingual classes. I'm glad this unit
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This final unit discussed some of the problems that may arise during teaching. It talked about first lessons, building rapport, English level gap within a class, dealing with students using their nati
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In this Unit, I learnt that to be a good teacher is very important to be active, patient, punctual,helpful and have the knowledge and the ability to involve the students and correct mistakes with moti
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Good teachers must be patient and understanding. A good teacher cares about the future of their students. Not all students have the same desire and motivation to learn. Age is a factor in the willi
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Teaching and learning are symbiotic. The teacher must respect and cater to the individual students and to the students as a class as to their special needs and circumstances. Teachers must posses a
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It was a very useful lesson. As if half of the school program fit in one lesson. I remembered some of the details which were forgotten over the years. I do not agree with the fact that in question 6 o
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Gomez Palacio
The topic of this unit is managing classes. It is quite an important topic because it directly influences the effectiveness of lessons. Another reason why I should pay attention to this topic is bec
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Lesson planning is a very important part of being a teacher. From my experience, i can say, that the success of a lesson depends a lot from a plan. However, as this unit suggests, there must be a bala
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The topic of today's lesson was pronunciation and phonology. Being non native speaker, I learned american accent and of course haven't mastered it and never will. However I try my best to imitate it.
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Today's unit was about evaluation and testing. This is a topic that I don't pay enough attention to. In my teaching practice I provide placement tests for newcomers but I neglect other tests. I should
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The topic of this unit was about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. I leaved the theory about how to form sentences using modal verbs in different tenses as well as the difference between them.
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The topic of today's unit is teaching special groups. In my teaching career, I have worked with different groups and individually too. I found the information found in this unit to be useful when appl
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Today's topic was about troubleshooting. As a teacher who has experience I can say that I have gone through situations listed in this unit. At that time I used different ideas to build establish rappo
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Although parts of speech are used each and every day both verbally and in written form. It is extremely important to understand the basic components and their applied rules. To someone who is gifted a
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La Paz
As I read through this unit and having experience as a substitute teacher I could relate to the errors or mistakes. It's not that I am focusing on that area it's just that I feel if I understand what
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This unit explains several conditionals and the ways the tenses change in reported speech. This might be the most difficult aspect of the language for non-native speakers to grasp. There are many aven
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Los Mochis
I feel that this unit is one of the top units thus far that I have gone through. I feel this unit is a good and a necessary building block for all current and especially new teachers. It will not mat
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Matamoros Tamaulipas
The unit was about coursebooks and lesson materials. These materials can be divided into two groups: authentic material and created materials. Authentic materials were defined as anything that a nativ
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Knowing our past tenses is important with respect to our academic studies, telling stories of our self, remembering past historical events. Past tenses are just as important as present tenses and ther
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As I work through each lesson this one included, I have learned or rather relearned subject matter that I have not seen since my early school days. What I am taking away from this unit is a perspectiv
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This unit covers troubleshooting first lessons, warmers, different levels of English language comprehension, larger classes, use of the students native language, reluctant students, and difficulties w
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Similar to the previous unit, this unit is also the basic skills of learning English. Productive skills, speaking and writing are mentioned in this unit. From this unit, we can know the reasons of spe
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Mexico City
For unit 13 Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology, we can learn the importance of Pronunciation, definition of Phonology. Some examples of intonation, techniques for indicating and teaching intonation.
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Mexico Pampanga
The theories, methods, and techniques of teachers section has enlighten me on how all the methods focus is on ESA. Jeffery Harmer in 1998 created (esa)engage-activate-study applying to all methods. Hi
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This is a short and brief unit. In this unit, many useful created materials are provided. Also, there are some examples shared in this unit. After learning this unit, I know that we should make good u
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All tenses subject matter I have learned that throughout the years although I may have been taught correctly there are some I was incorrect about. In other words I could relate to the common errors an
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Conditionals and reported speech are very common in daily life. In this unit, we can learn that Conditional includes Zero Conditional, First Conditional,Second Conditional, Third Conditional and Mixed
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This was a great section of focus on just the present forms of the English language. I find it a bit easier now understanding the structure of these tenses. Present simple is subject and verb. Present
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