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This unit was also helpful in explaining the vital skills of writing and reading, these skills are required is often how the English student is perceived by others they interact with in the English l
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This unit presented historical information as to different methods of ESL teaching. Positive and negative aspect of each method were explained. The ESA-Engage, Study and Activate methodology was later
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The unit overviews troubleshooting in the practical aspects of the first lesson, peciliarities of teaching reluctant student as well as engaging them to participate, highlights the aspects of L1 usag
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Your answer: Modals can be used to express different ideas like obligation, possibility, permission, ability, advice. Modal auxiliaries can also be used to express degrees of formality like for exampl
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This unit taught me that there there are two important types of course materials: authentic and created. Authentic materials are things that students would interact with in their daily lives such as m
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The unit overviews teaching receptive skills, reading and listening. The most interesting content for me was that of approach to pre-teaching vocabulary and grammar structures before reading. No neces
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Red Bank
This unit is all about the Productive skills which is compose of Speaking and Writing. Accuracy and fluency are important in speaking and writing. Accuracy is about the correct usage of grammar while
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Having a correct type of attitude, experience and approach is something that definitely matters and makes a difference. In the first lesson, the teacher lost students' respect, willingness to listen a
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The most common methods and techniques used so far for teaching are: grammar - translation; audio - lingualism; presentation,practice, production (PPP), task based learning, communicative language te
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This unit was useful in that it provided some examples to look at, as well as a comprehensive look at the recommended fields for a lesson plan. However, this test is fairly ambiguous in its desire, ye
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Rio Arriba
This section focuses on the opinion students have based on teachers' behavior and gestures. It is important to only use teacher talk time to offer simple instruction and provide the proper accent and
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Rio Communities
This unit, Managing Classes, deals with the psycology of the learners and how to provide the most condusive environment for their learning, i.e., psycologically and physically. This unit further explo
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Rio Rancho
There are many differences shown from the two videos that affected the students learning process. The first video is not a successful lesson because the teacher didn't establish rapport. His attitude
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River Edge
Unit six is a video lesson comparing proper and improper teaching techniques. The first lesson outlined poor teaching techniques, and how not to conduct a lesson plan. The second lesson exhibited th
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River Vale
Because English can have may different irregularities in grammar it is important for the teacher to understand places where rules do exist in an effort to help students find structure in their languag
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The content of the unit 3 was very informative and interesting, I learnt about the ways of organizing and managing classes, skills of how I should use my eyes, gesture and voice depending on the situa
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The lesson planning unit taught me the importance of having a lesson plan. However, flexibility is also a crucial component when teaching. Lesson plans should not contain a rigid script for teachers t
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I really think this unit has been extremely helpful for a young teacher with little experience such as I am. Carefully choosing materials, textbooks, handouts, audio and visual supporting materials is
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This important segment skillfully presented by a teacher using the video, helps to convey ideas of how a class should and should not be conducted. One sees a badly organised class with an overconfiden
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Unit 2 was about language teaching methodologies and techniques. It gave me a good knowledge of how the lesson should be planned and the games and activity ideas for ESA phrases will definitely be ve
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After having carefully analyzed the differences that exist in form and use between the past tense and the present tense, we now technically study the past tense. The different denominations of the pas
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This unit focuses on the future tenses and is definitely the most complicated unit so far. The seven most common future tenses are the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the fut
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tHIS UNIT REALLY how by initially gaining student teacher rapport by first asking the students names and that becomes useful for the teacher later to ask individual students a question and evaluate if
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This section focused on the theories of teaching language, with a particular emphasis on the Engage, Study, Activate (ESA) method. This method helps to bring students into a learning setting that is m
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Ruidoso Downs
The content of this un?t is about parts of speech. Grammar is the structure of a language and grammar has different composition called parts of speech. I learned in this unit the 9 parts of speech inc
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This unit emphasizes the 4 basic skills needed in any language and the challenges students face with their understanding of each one. It shows when to use authentic texts and when to use non authentic
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The unit I have gone thru is really make me cleared for a teacher is not an easy job, He/she must have patience and knowledge on the subject to teach. And with different country and different culture
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I liked the discussion of authentic vs. created materials. I personally found when I studied Spanish that when I was able to understand authentic materials, I found a sense of pride, knowing that I wa
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Saddle Brook
It is important for the teacher to engage students at the start of the lesson to give them a reason and desire to communicate verbally and in writing. Accuracy activities are usually part of the study
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Your answer: Teaching aids are supplements to the course book and so a number of them must be available in the classroom. Schools increasingly use the IWB or smart board than the traditional known boa
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San Miguel
This unit treated about coursebooks and materials. Usually, coursebook is a sensitive topic for teachers as each one of them will have his own preference for particular ones rather than others. Due to
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San Ysidro
Unit 7 focuses on how to teach the receptive skills; reading and listening. It gives advice about how to handle problems that may occur with the learners with reading and listening comprehension. Fur
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Sandia Heights
The content of this unit is all about Teaching a New Language. It is all about vocabulary, grammar and functions. In selecting Vocabulary it is important to consider these four factors. Appropriacy to
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Sandia Knolls
The content of this unit is all about Managing classes. Classroom management is about organising and managing the class but at the same time having friendly and relaxed manner while maintaining the st
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Santa Clara
Course books and learning materials can provide a tried and tested structure for a syllabus. Selecting learning recourses is based on extrinsic and intrinsic factors, such as cost, for families, book
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Santa Fe
I have learnt about what makes a good teacher,and what a good student is like.I believe some of the characterics like patience and kindness may not come naturally so if one has decided to be a teacher
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Santa Rosa
This unit covers examination and testing. While there are a multitude of ways to assess a student’s language level, this unit focused primarily on tests. The other two methods discussed in this unit
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Santa Teresa
In this unit section, I have learnt a lot about class management, how to use my voice and how to acquire rapport with students. This unit gives clear explanations on how to make a class more interesti
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The unit1 for teachers and learners is an interesting part of the course that enables a teacher to know how to effectively teach his or her students for them to understand, the unit helps a teacher to
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The unit overvievs teaching special groups of learners. The most interesting for me were sections presenting tips for young learners teaching and one-to-one lessons realization. As I have been a one-t
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Scotch Plains
Unit 10, “Evaluation and testing” reviews the different forms of tests. Understanding the various testing formats will prepare the teacher and student for proper level placement and to identify th
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Unit8 gives a detailed approach to teaching speaking and writing, including games. Just like the receptive skills, productive skills are equally important. Communication is always aimed at realizing o
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Silver City
This unit covers Classroom management, and how to achieve proper classroom discipline. This unit gives definitions and emphasis of the teachers voice, gestures, and use of names; grouping students, a
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Tenses are a tricky thing to learn. I would say that the hardest tenses to learn our the future simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. This is do to the fact that by the time most classe
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Unit One covers basic and essential traits of good teachers and good learners, various roles in teaching, differences in and obstacles in teaching and learning, levels of learning, and reasons for lea
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A fascinating chapter that opens your eyes and mind to the many complex issues regarding not only the lesson structure , but how to fully engage the student without curbing their enthusiasm to learn.
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Somers Point
The content of this unit ?s about Teachers and Learners. I learned from this unit the important roles of both parties and also the characteristics they need to possess. Teachers should be fair, has a
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This unit has taught me that communication is a crucial part of learning a new language, but so is grammar - they need each otherand the most important thing is to establish a balance between the two
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South Amboy
This first unit introduced us with the relations that should be developed between teachers and learners. To summarize briefly, we can say that there is no 'one good way' to teach English. Indeed, the
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South Brunswick
The focus on this unit are the various stages of teaching and how to engage the students. In this unit there is also a breakdown of methods and techniques used to achieve successful learning results.
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