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There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level: Tutorials, Evaluation by students and tests. Placement tests are used to assist the formation of group of students at the same level. A
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Conditionals: 1. Zero conditional: If/When+Present tense, present tense. It refers to actions and facts that are irrefutable. 2. First conditional: if+present simple, will. It talks about a "real"si
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Bila Tserkva
Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different schools have different resources available to teachers. Following are
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The 'Modals' are: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would,have to, must, have got to, need to, ought to. They are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb, such as: obligati
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In this unit, we look at different specialized groups. 1. Teaching beginners: The absolute beginner who has not English at all. The false beginner who may have studied or been exposed to English previ
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In this unit, we look at some of the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom and there are some ways of dealing with them. 1. First lessons, teachers have to rappor
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English is such an important skill in the global world, and needed in so many contexts, that someone without a good ability in all four skills will greatly reduce the opportunities open to them in edu
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This unit was helpful in solidifying and labeling many aspects fo the past tense which I typically do not understand to be separate. Now I see how diverse past tense usages can be, and why there are s
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Amazing is just how to describe this unit, it’s so full of useful links and websites to make your class possible from the start to the end. My repertory now is enough full to check anything before
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Really useful chapter but I couldn’t understand properly the phrasai verbs especially the transitive separate type 2 so I made some researches by myself online and I believe it’s a little bit har
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This unit is very helpful because it gives advices about what to do and what not to do during classes to all stages of learners. According to my small experience of kindergarten teacher, I could find
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Kamianets Podilskyi
A monolingual class with young learners from 4 to 5 years old. Warm up songs: hello songs , ram sam sam , boom chicka boom Review of last words or sentences. Engage activity: introduction of new word
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After completing this unit, I have come to learn the importance of distinguishing the present simple and "be-going" to tense. While they seem to be the exact same, my students will need to understand
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Grammar is very difficult to learn to foreigner. There are a lot of diffrent form from my native language. Noun, Verb, Adjective, adverb, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, conjuctions are simillar wit
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This unit covers the parts of speech and basic grammar of the English language. By breaking down the structure of our language into its' most basic form, this unit helped me recognize different techni
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This unit covers the framework for the method of teaching we will be using in our classrooms; Engage, Study, Activate (ESA). In order to effectively teach English students, we should adhere to this te
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This unit covers the different types of testing that English learners will experience. Placement tests, practice tests, diagnostic tests, and external exams are the categories. I learned that each of
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This unit teaches us about the different conditionals as well as reported speech. Teaching these concepts is quite high level for some of my current students, reviewing this material and learning abou
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This unit covers all of the different tools and equipment that we can use for our English instruction. There are so many different tools to use and understanding pros/cons of each will help determine
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Krasnyi Luch
This unit was very helpful in showing me different use cases for modals and passive voice. I did not realize how many different uses each auxiliary verb had. Showing me a break down of each use along
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This unit covers specific examples of things to consider when teaching the different types of groups we may come across as teachers. In addition to learning lesson planning and core English grammar, w
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Kryvyi Rih
This unit covers a few examples of the difficulties we may come across when teaching. Each group is going to be different as discussed in the previous unit, though there are some basic strategies laid
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While the various methods of testing in a program is helpful, the part of the lesson that was most enlightening dealt with the number and variations of external testing that are used by and for other
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This unit covers the four present tenses; present perfect, present continuous, present simple, and present perfect continuous. I have learned that each perfect tense has its own structure. In order to
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The importance of evaluating the students progress via various and periodical tests and which test is most appropriate depending on the objective. Where to find the test or even creating your own if n
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Testing and evaluation are important tasks for teachers regardless of their situation which might include schools, language centers, and groups of children or adults. The most common types of tests i
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This unit teaches how to use the different conditionals and reported speech correctly. It tells us that there are two main clauses in a sentence. They are the 'if' clause and the main clause. The "if'
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This unit covered fifteen different teaching aids that can be used to enhance learning in the classroom. It gave you the basic principles for board-work and some of the uses of the board. There really
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This unit taught us about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice and how each is used in sentences. By providing a chart, we were taught modal auxiliary verbs, how they are used to express different
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This unit taught us that there are different types of classes to teach. There are five types of beginners: the absolute beginner, false beginner, adult beginner,young beginner, and the beginner withou
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This unit taught the challenges and common problems a teacher is faced with when meeting several new classes for the first time. The course book should not be used in the first lesson. During this tim
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This unit focuses on classroom management which is essential to the learning process. It is important for students to feel comfortable and safe in the classroom, which can help increase student talk t
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This unit focuses on the past simple, past continuous, past simple continuous, and past perfect tenses. This unit is very similar to the fourth unit which focused on the four present tenses; the prese
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This unit builds on the material from the third unit concerning the ESA method of teaching. This unit revisits the ESA approach with a focus on teaching vocabulary, language functions, and grammatical
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This unit covers the seven future tenses, their forms, and their usages. The seven future tenses are: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, 'going to' future, pr
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This was overall a helpful experience. But there are somethings that could change for the better. The discussion box at the end of every unit exam is not needed. The exams could be worded differently
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This unit covers lesson planning. More specifically, this unit covers the importance of lesson planning, what should be included in a lesson plan, and several examples of lesson plans and ESA activiti
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This unit presents two video examples of a TEFL class. In the first video we see how the disorganization and attitude of the teacher negatively affect the participation of the students and their compr
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This lesson dived into lesson types in a more in-depth manner as well as potential engagement/activate activities. I really appreciated the overall explanation of the activities and why they were effe
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This unit was a bit more difficult for me, and I spent some modicum of study on it. IT has been a while since I have reviewed this material and I find that it is just as difficult then as it is now. O
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Understanding the needs of students is important. Most importantly, getting to know each student's level and speed. I do feel that if one student is struggling with a specific area, such as listening,
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This unit went more into the classroom development process, and (I may be wrong) focused on how to keep an orderly classroom. Basic teaching courses do cover this, but for a language setting it does m
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This unit delved into the grammatical importance and functionality of vocabulary, and I thought this was an interesting bit of information. The Interesting thing I had not considered is words that the
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This unit tackle something I had not considered. With trying to maximize student talk time it could be very easy to let writing fall by the wayside; such skills are important as writing can also help
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The phonetic alphabet was a very difficult concept to grasp, and though it may be beneficial from an understanding point I don't quite see the practicality of including phonetic learning in the classr
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