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Writing might be one of the most neglected skill compared to other language skills, not many students are interested into writing as much as they're interested into speaking. Student who is fluent in
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This unit has provided definitions of good teachers and good learners, different roles of a teacher and the description of different student levels. I have been a teacher for 8 years and I find these
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Unit 1 provided information and analysis on the basic relationships/dynamics between teachers and learners. It gave a large variety of information on teaching modes, levels of learners, and possible e
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Unit 2 provided a large amount of information and resources on structuring and executing lessons. Learning about the ESA template (Engage, Study, Activate) helped in understanding how one can create d
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Unit 3 provided information and resources on managing classes. This unit went in depth about holding attention, class arrangement, building rapport, grouping, giving instruction, talk time, and addres
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This unit provided information on structuring lessons around vocabulary, grammar, and functions. It provided several strong examples on how to use "straight arrow", "boomerang", and "patchwork" styles
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This unit reviewed the importance of lesson planning and its benefits. The section entitled "What should be included in a lesson plan?" gave some valuable suggestions for that pre-planning phase. A re
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This unit provided video examples of a bad lesson and a good lesson. It was extremely helpful to see a good use of planning, clarity, and confidence. It was also important to see the things to avoid o
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This unit went over the importance of reading and listening skills/activities in the language learning process. The section discussing why we read and listen providing interesting food for thought. La
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Cartagena de Indias
Unit 8 provided in-depth information on the productive skills (speaking and writing) and their role in the learning process. The unit brought up interesting points on challenges learners may face with
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Unit 9 provided insight into working with course books and lesson materials. It talked about advantages and disadvantages of working with some types of course material (authentic vs. created material)
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Although all skills are equally important receptive skills help students in specific scenarios such as looking up in the news paper for specific information or reading a book from our favourite author
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Dos Quebradas
Unit 10 provided information on testing and evaluation. I found this unit very useful because I had only heard of TOEFL and IELT exams. It was great to learn about Cambridge Assessment and other gener
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In the first video shows a grammar lesson where the students appear to have trouble with the lesson content. Because teacher does not explain the directions well. Second video shows the same teacher
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My biggest takeaway from this lesson is the balance between a teacher and students. It is important that a teacher doesn't dominate classrooms too much, but instead, allows students to come to conclus
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I have learned that it is important to keep the students interactive within a lesson. The ESA format of engage, study, activate is most beneficial for teaching English as a foreign language. It is imp
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Important functions of writing a lesson plan are; act as an aid to planning, a working document and be a record for future lessons. Basic principles of a lesson plan are to keep it simple, try not to
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This unit focused on the presentation of a teacher within a classroom setting, as well as how students interact with one another. A teacher should be consice and confident when addressing the class, h
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This unit went over how to put grammar and vocabulary into a lesson plan. The idea is to use the ESA format of engaging students, having them study, then activating what they learn through exercises.
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Lesson plans can be a great aid for teachers, especially those just starting off. However, it is important to keep things in mind when creating a lesson plan. For example, the outcome you wish to achi
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Techniques for indicating and teaching intonation are nonsense words, by gesture, humming or singing, the board. A stress word occurs when there is emphasis on a specific word. There are different typ
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The two class demonstrations showcase both poor teaching and impactful teaching. Focusing on the second video, the teacher is very polite and positive. He is smiling much more than the first video, an
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There are many different tests that are used to evaluate students level and progress. There are placement tests, progress tests, diagnostic tests, practice tests and general external examinations. In
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Receptive skills go hand in hand with engaging students in a classroom. Students are more likely to listen and respond if they are interested in the topic that they are focusing on. This requires equa
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Productive skills are just as important as receptive skills. When teaching students how to write and talk, it is crucial to give them the space to be creative. This allows them to broaden their vocabu
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Course materials can be a great aid to teachers in classrooms. Both authentic and created materials can give students a deeper understanding of the English language and broaden their vocabulary. Howev
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Testing is a way to identify the progress students have made with their English. This can be from formal, written tests, or simply through course evaluation. While some people do not like the idea of
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There are certain qualities that establish both an effective teacher and a good student. A teacher should be able to motivate their students but also have a good subject base knowledge, care about the
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Santa Fe de Bogota
Through creating a suitable and flexible lesson plan, teachers can ensure the class will run smoothly and be the most benefit for their students. Making a lesson plan to rigid can lead to less engagin
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Santa Marta
This lesson demonstrates how supremely important the teachers attitude and preparation is. In the first class, he seemed unprepared and arrogant to the students. This led to much less understanding an
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Reading and listening skills are very important and have different purposes and techniques. Reading for pleasure versus reading for information require different skills. Some of these skills include:
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In this unit, I have learned about the different methodologies for teaching a foreign language. While there are many techniques that have been used an overall fusion of them to end up as the ESA teach
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From this unit I have learned how to properly manage a classroom. Various factors such as classroom arrangement, gestures, discipline, and others are included. A considerable aspect I took away from t
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When choosing the material for a class, the teacher should consider the student first. How will the students handle the material? Is this material relavant to the students? What will the students feel
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Testing students has a variety of uses. It van let the students or student's parents know how the they are progressing. It was also help the teacher plan future classes or tweak existing plans. Practi
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Conditionals and reported speech are something that most native speakers take their understanding of for granted. To be able to teach them effectively teachers must have a more clear understanding of
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There is a wealth of resources at teachers fingertips these days with the proliferation of online content and resources. However, even older technologies can be utilized effectively for different purp
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This module is about the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner. This helped me reflect on how I am as a teacher and as a learner. I agree that a teacher takes on different roles when te
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