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Writing might be one of the most neglected skill compared to other language skills, not many students are interested into writing as much as they're interested into speaking. Student who is fluent in
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As a non-native speaker, studying pronunciation is the hardest one. However, this highly could help when teaching pronunciation to the students, because we know how the learn it from the point of view
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I learnt that teaching method does not always rely on texted book. Coming from an education culture where text book is the sole start and end of a lesson, this unit give me a nod for a more creative s
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In this lesson I learned different kinds of exams, this is very important to understand how to provide the lessons to the student based on their study motivation.
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This lesson might be one of the most confusing one for the students. For students whose native language does not know tenses or any rules related to it, this lesson especially conditionals is quite he
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Teaching aids can dramatically improve the teaching process as it can complete the teachers' explanation on the lesson. It also helps us to be more creative on planning the lesson and guide us to plan
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This lesson might be one of the hardest to teach to the kids as we have to emphasize more on the rules and practice. To make the student train better on using the rules without thinking to much and ca
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In this lesson I learned on to adapt my class and my approach to the students based on who they are and the reason they study English. The reason and background my vary, thus the teaching method shoul
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In this lesson, I am prepared to face the potential problems that I might face in my future career as a teacher. There are many more problems that could happened in the real class, of course, but havi
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Cartagena de Indias
Creating a lesson plan is important to provide high quality content and improve the teaching process, it can work as a guide for conducting the class or as a record for the aspects covered in the diff
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In the video example the difference between a planned and unplanned class is notorious, during the second class there was more rapport between students and teacher and thus more participation and eff
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Although all skills are equally important receptive skills help students in specific scenarios such as looking up in the news paper for specific information or reading a book from our favourite author
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Dos Quebradas
The writing of lesson plans is very important. It helps you to keep on target and gives us something to refer to during the lesson. Writing down what you expect the students to achieve by the end of t
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In the first video shows a grammar lesson where the students appear to have trouble with the lesson content. Because teacher does not explain the directions well. Second video shows the same teacher
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There are four basic skills in any language these are receptive skills:reading and listening and productive skills; speaking and writing. I think all are equally important and also I think we should
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I am aware that writing is the most neglected skill in the TEFL world as many teachers do not like to see classroom hours being devoted to what is often quiet time. In many ways writing is the more di
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Important functions of writing a lesson plan are; act as an aid to planning, a working document and be a record for future lessons. Basic principles of a lesson plan are to keep it simple, try not to
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The two videos that were provided were completely different. The first one was not a good example of how to teach english and conduct a lesson. The second one was a great example of how to lesson pla
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Reading and listening are equally important. They are used for a purpose and for entertainment. There are many ways we read and listen; predictive skills, scanning, skimming, detailed information and
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Accuracy and fluency are equally important. Both come into different stages of a lesson. There are different types of activities: controlled, guided and creative. Students should always be encouraged
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Techniques for indicating and teaching intonation are nonsense words, by gesture, humming or singing, the board. A stress word occurs when there is emphasis on a specific word. There are different typ
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Authentic materials are real and therefore, more interesting and motivating, students gain confidence and they understand them and they can be geared to the interest of particular students. Created ma
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There are many different tests that are used to evaluate students level and progress. There are placement tests, progress tests, diagnostic tests, practice tests and general external examinations. In
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The conditionals are: zero, first, second, third and mixed. There are many teaching ideas that are used for conditional sentences. In addition, there is reported and direct speech.
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There are many resources found in classrooms and study centers. The board, interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, the cassette recorder, CD player, video
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Unit 18 looked at English grammer. Modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice were explored. In addition, phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Modals can be used to express a number of different ideas
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This unit looked at specializing groups. Teaching beginners, individual students, children, business English, the monolingual and the multilingual classes are some examples. A needs analysis is import
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Unit 20 consisted of the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom and also suggest ways of dealing with them. First lessons, warmers, different levels, large classes
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Santa Fe de Bogota
Through creating a suitable and flexible lesson plan, teachers can ensure the class will run smoothly and be the most benefit for their students. Making a lesson plan to rigid can lead to less engagin
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Santa Marta
This lesson demonstrates how supremely important the teachers attitude and preparation is. In the first class, he seemed unprepared and arrogant to the students. This led to much less understanding an
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Reading and listening skills are very important and have different purposes and techniques. Reading for pleasure versus reading for information require different skills. Some of these skills include:
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Teaching speaking and writing skills require a different approach than listening and reading. In speaking, both accuracy and fluency are important and should be focused on in different ways; accuracy
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Pronunciation and reading of English are both very difficult due to the alphabet and variety of rules. Teachers can circumvent this by supplementing the English alphabet with the phonetic alphabet. At
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When choosing the material for a class, the teacher should consider the student first. How will the students handle the material? Is this material relavant to the students? What will the students feel
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Testing students has a variety of uses. It van let the students or student's parents know how the they are progressing. It was also help the teacher plan future classes or tweak existing plans. Practi
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Conditionals and reported speech are something that most native speakers take their understanding of for granted. To be able to teach them effectively teachers must have a more clear understanding of
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There is a wealth of resources at teachers fingertips these days with the proliferation of online content and resources. However, even older technologies can be utilized effectively for different purp
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Model verbs are very useful to speakers of English. They convey a variety of points that are somewhat nuanced and difficult for students to understand without exination. The passive voice is also very
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