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Ain Beida
While creating a comprehensive and understandable summary of the important factors surrounding lesson planning, as well as providing a number of excellent examples and templates to develop them on one
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This unit, in contrast to previous sections, provided directly applicable knowledge toward producing an effective lesson through the means of example. The two videos shown give an excellent contrast b
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With this unit's specific focus surrounding the complexity, and conversely the truly simplistic nature, of understanding the fundamentals and approaches to teaching receptive skills, a new second lang
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Bab Ezzouar
This unit covering the essentials of productive skills, namely writing and speaking, provides invaluable knowledge to the second language teacher that is learning how to manage course work and classro
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By covering, in detail, the more pertinent aspects of teaching pronunciation and phonology, this unit provides a new teacher of second language with the tools to properly adjust their angle toward les
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This unit on the proper assessment and implementation of course materials provides the new second language teacher with the information they will need to produce lessons that will be effective and wel
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This unit on evaluation and testing covers the framework and base knowledge surrounding ways for choosing tests for the appropriate situation, and provide an understanding as to when and how to implem
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This unit covering the intricacies of both conditionals and reported speech provides a wealth of knowledge required to understand fully how important it is to properly teach these formats to second la
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This unit on the uses and properties of equipment and teaching aids will provide a new language teacher with knowledge required to properly utilize materials often used in teaching. While this unit co
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This unit covering the intricacies and proper usages of modals, phrasal verbs, as well as passive voice, provides essential knowledge required to adequately produce an effective lesson surrounding the
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Bordj El Kiffan
This section covering the complexities surrounding the plethora of different class types that one will engage with proves to be a great source for a new second language teacher, especially if they are
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This final section covering troubleshooting of the most common concerns regarding class preparation and difficulties provides many avenues for solving problems that may arise within a course period or
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I liked learning about what things make vocabulary items easy of difficult to learn. It is probably common sense, but it was important to see these things listed. The many specific examples of engag
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Forms: -Future Simple (subject+will+verb) Usages are future facts, promises, predictions/assumptions, spontaneous decisions or threats Teaching ideas: fotune telling, what will you take game or what
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El Eulma
Lesson plans are important to aid with planning all stages of the lesson, to serve as a reference document and to record and monitor class content and progress. It is recommended that lesson plans inc
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El Khroub
The teacher has many roles during a successful lesson such as: organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, facilitator, modeler and monitor. There are many factors to keep in mind when creating
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El Oued
When we read and listen we use a variety of skills such as: predictive skills, scanning, skimming, detailed information, and deduction from context- to understand the meaning of individual words or ph
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The productive skills to teach are speaking and writing. Writing relies more on accuracy as speaking requires more fluency. Accuracy activities are generally in the study phase to check on the use o
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Skilled pronunciation reflects feelings and personal reactions to different situations. Intonation is the variation in volume and pitch and expresses emotions or feelings. -normal intonation pattern i
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Since authentic materials are real they are more interesting and motivating. They can help students gain confidence when understood and they can be geared towards different interests. Created material
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There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level: tutorials, evaluation by the students, and tests. Placement tests assist in forming new groups at the same level or language ability at
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Conditionals contain 'if' or 'when' which refer to past present and future possibilities. There are 2 clauses- the 'if' and the main clause and either can be first in a conditional sentence. The mai
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Teaching equipment to help make lessons more interesting and effective: -White/Blk board and Interactive whiteboard(IWB)-essential info highlighted, diff colors for language points -Overhead projector
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Modals or Auxiliary verbs are : can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to , have got to, need to, and ought to. These can express obligation, possibility, permission, ability o
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Teaching special groups: types of classes-- -absolute beginner-no English -false beginner-previously exposed to English but didn't retain much -adult beginner-motivated since made decision to study -y
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Troubleshooting common problems: First lessons= establishing rapport, find out about students, their needs/ aspirations with English, the English level of each student. -Questionnaire/survey- -'Tell
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In this unit I learned the importance of the different future tenses and how the verb "have been" can be the most confusing. Learning your own language can help learn another language as well. I have
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This unit has taught me the differences between the roles of the teacher and that of the learner. I have come to understand the importance of choosing the right role for the right situation and learn
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It is important to be able to engage the students and make them comfortable in the classroom. I noticed that students are often not confident in speaking a new language, so being encouraging and uplif
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In this unit there are different aspects of reading and listening to help students become comfortable with the language. The more they read and listen, the more opportunities they have to learn more w
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In English, it is hard to associate speaking and writing because it is not a phonetic language. but the more students can write in this language, the easier it will be to speak and memorize the words
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This study unit revolves around the best practiced and most commonly used EFL methodologies, theories and techniques as well a list of very fun and useful language learning games and examples. The me
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Souk Ahras
This unit has taught me that it is important to manage your class room correctly, to ensure a effective and relaxed learning environment for your students. My body language and presence in the classro
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This unit states the value of preparing your students for different life courses as often times students who would like to use English in their lives will have to take a version of an external test. T
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This unit has learned me that the four things a student needs to do to learn a new language are; exposure, understanding its meaning and construction as well as how to practice and produce it. When
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This unit has taught me that planning a lesson is a important tool for a teacher to aid in various situations. A lesson plan aids in planning for allocated time, it provides a working document to kee
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This unit has taught me the importance of attitude in a class. It was obvious that in the first video the teacher was not motivated and that caused the students to be uninterested in the class. On ma
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