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Skilled pronunciation reflects feelings and personal reactions to different situations. Intonation is the variation in volume and pitch and expresses emotions or feelings. -normal intonation pattern is rise/fall. falling intonation indicates you're finished speaking -fall/rise pattern indicates surprise or disagreement, also the speaker wants a response or confirmation -techniques to teach intonation: nonsense word repetition to express different attitudes, hand gestures with high/low pitches, humming/singing to hear stress or intonation, angled arrows on board for directional pattern Stress is the strong/vital syllables emphasized parts of a sentence that convey the essential info. -techniques to teach stress: contrastive stress-practicing stressing different parts, hand gestures, choral work, board using stress marks or underlined parts Sound joining: linking, sound dropping(t,d), sound changing, and extra lettering Places of articulation: -velar-tongue is raised near velum/soft palate -palatal-central part of tongue and center of roof of mouth -palatal-alveolar- tongue raised towards alveolar ridge and palate -alveolar-tip of tongue raised towards alveolar ridge -dental-tongue between teeth -labio-dental-top teeth and lower lips -bilabial-two lips -glottal-opening of vocal chords Manner of articulation: -plosive-air is blocked before released fricative-obstruction of air -nasal-air escapes nasal cavity -affricate-plosive with contrastive release -lateral-air escaping side of tongue -approximant-narrowing vocal tract with tongue
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