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F.M. - Tanzania said:
Despite not being extremely excited about having to do this course while traveling in Africa, now that I'm in unit 20 I can honestly say that I feel so well-equipped as I prepare to return to china in mid February to resume teaching at an international high school. This course has helped me to see why I've had classes that weren't successful and how I could have done things differently. If I had done this course 9 years ago, before I ever set foot in a classroom things would have been quite different. This is not to say that I haven't done a good job as a teacher, but I'm certain that I could have done even better, much better. I look forward to using the ESA methodology in my class. This course has given me so many tools/ideas that I can easily use to make my lessons a lot more dynamic. I'm going to make sure I end every lesson with an "activate" activity. I've never really been the sort of teacher that uses many games, but now I'm looking forward to incorporating some of the ones that are highlighted in this course. I've learned why pair work is so valuable and do plan to use more of it in the future. I enjoyed the grammar units in this course, just because I had to learn most of that on the fly but I don't think I knew how to effectively explain them. This course, has forced me to think about how I would teach them to students in a way that they can understand. It's been a very good exercise. All in all, I plan to use a lot of the techniques, tools and ideas from this course in my classroom. And I definitely do intend to lesson plan, which is something that I've never done.

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