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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

L.V. – India said:
Overall, this course is very comprehensive and highly productive. I mighty pleased with the structure of the course with each unit containing highly relevant information. It covered all the major topics that a teacher entering the field of TEFL would need to succeed in the classroom and become an effective educator. This course is rewarding and has enhanced my confidence in being a teacher. Course content: This course provided me with what I was looking for, namely, knowledge of english grammar, classroom and course organization and how to teach in a classroom environment. The course content is broken down into various units covering teaching methods, teaching application, grammar and even classroom dynamics. The units ran smoothly into each other. The grammar units were spread out. They were quite intense but manageable. The material is presented in an easy to understand format Quality of the feedback: The feedback received in response to the answer units, was balanced and reflected the soundness of the teaching methodology advocated in the course. The feedback included not just the corrections of my mistakes but sharing of the tutor’s experiences as well as opinions, which added value to it. Lesson Plan Guidance: The guidance received for completing the course is excellent as well as encouraging. The comments received from the tutor smoothened the rough edges in my teaching approach and added value to my perception too. Instructor competency: The tutor (Mr Darren) is very competent and he guided, encouraged, educated, praised, complimented and corrected each homework unit with dedication. I am extremely impressed with the mentor, and learnt to the qualities of being a mentor from him. His approach and patience helped me to enjoy what I did. His encouragement and compliments motivated me to complete my tasks in time. How do I plan to put it in action? I run an online spoken english academy with students from varied cultures across the globe. Most of my students are from the Far East and seek assurance of international certification. Though I have been teaching for many years now, I have learnt new techniques that I intend to deploy in my online classes. Some of the key areas that I intend to put in action are; Standardization of my Online-classes: I have learnt many new and exciting techniques for teaching english, which are considered as universal standards in teaching. Deploying the same in my company will standardize the procedures in our teaching methods. The resultant quality enhancement of the online classes will translate in direct revenues for my company. Adorning my profile: The completion of this course will add value to my personal profile (through the certificate) and intellectual profile (the knowledge gained). This is adorning my resume with an internationally acclaimed and recognized certificate. It will add to my professional development as a teacher. Furthering my career & company goals: The mission of my academy is to provide quality education in spoken english. The knowledge gained & the exposure to advanced teaching methods will boost my confidence to attain my career goals. In addition, the formal certificate will improve my chances of being considered for various teaching jobs. This will enable to me to more profitable ventures such as “Editing & Proofing” outsourcing business. I feel excited and confident of using my newfound knowledge in teaching english in various that will benefit my budding business ambitions. I intend to put in action the knowledge gained in many ways in addition to those listed above and will share the experiences later.

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