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J.K. – U.S.A. said:
I have personally gained a wealth of knowledge as to how I should teach english. This tesol course, in effect, offered a variety of tools and demonstrated how I can use them most efficiently and effectively in the classroom. There are three things in particular that I found especially useful as I was completing the worksheets. Firstly, the grammar review spread across multiple units was very helpful. Since I graduated with an Engineering degree, I have not touched the idea of grammar since my third year in high school during french classes. Doing the multitude of drills and exercises made me realize that I have taken grammar almost for granted. Since I am fluent in english, sentence structures and grammar come naturally to me, constructing themselves as I am writing sentences such as these. However, when asked to actively think about grammar, I often second-guessed my responses. This opened my eyes to the higher complexity of the english language I have never considered and allowed me to understand why many ESL students struggle with certain facets of the language. Secondly, this course showed me a variety of teaching methodologies. Since I have never taken a class that taught me how to teach, certain units in this course allowed me to learn the ways a teacher conducts the classroom (such as using grammar-translation, PPP, CLT, etc.). I was especially enlightened by the unit focusing on teaching younger students. Since I am hoping to be teaching students in the elementary school age range, learning about their mentality and how to approach them given their young ages was immensely helpful. No longer am I afraid at the thought of not knowing how to handle difficult situations with younger learners, should they arise in class. Lastly, as painful as they were, all the lesson planning tasks that asked me to construct lessons using a straight-arrow, boomerang, or patchwork ESA style has certainly helped me improve my understanding of how to correctly conceptualize and create a lesson. Back when I applied to korea for my Teach Abroad application, they asked for a straight-arrow ESA style lesson plan. Not knowing that there was a certain template one should follow, I typed out in great detail all the steps and exercises the class would be doing, down to the specific things the teacher would say. Looking back, I can now say that I can comfortably and confidently create lesson plans that are more streamlined and less convoluted. Asking me to express in detail how exactly I expect to put everything I learned into action is impossible. Teaching is something that you have to plan theoretically, but always improvise in reality because nothing ever happens the way you anticipate them to. I can sit here and tell you how I am going to teach a certain facet of the english grammar, or how I may diffuse a disruption from an unruly class, but theorizing upon these things are rarely any help once they actually occur. However, as I have expressed in the first paragraph, I am confident in saying that this TESOL certification course with ITTT has given me a toolbox of knowledge, complete with all the tools necessary to teach an english class effectively, and for that I am extremely thankful.

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