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A.L. – Japan said:
Grammar poses a great challenge to me. This course helps me polish my bad english grammar and it helps me awakened my stocked up knowledge. The review of parts of speech, tenses, conditionals and reported speech, passive voice and other grammar items will give me a boost to engage more teaching jobs in the future. The teaching tips are helpful and ESA method is effective having tried it to my current TEFL job. I learned a lot in teaching pronunciation and phonology. This enriches my knowledge on how to use codes to be able to pronounce words correctly. The input of teaching individual students and business class provide detailed information on how to do it especially for me as a novice in this field. This course honed my creative thinking skills and challenged me to think deeply. Thanks to my tutor who is very patient to help me realize my own mistakes and who also share his own TEFL experiences on the other part of the world. This is such a wonderful privilege to take up a course within the comfort of my home, to study on my own pace and to pursue what I could become without sacrificing my job and family. As a whole, I enjoy this course and I learn a lot.

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