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Cost Affordable TESOL
I personally have gained a lot from this course and I think every teacher should have a course like this...
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Coruses TESOL
Before taking this course, I was assuming that I knew much more than I really did...
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Comprehensive TESOL Certificate
Being a native english speaker, I assumed, quite inaccurately I might add, that the course would be a revision of what I learnt (or thought I learnt) in school...
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Company Cheapest TESOL
Although I am a native english speaker, this course made me realize the technical aspects of the english language...
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Companies TESOL Teacher
I have gained an understanding of how to teach and how to make and teach a lesson plan that is suited to a particular group of students...
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College Affordable TESOL
I have reviewed the parts of speech (I learned them well in college but great to have to study them again, I have always liked english studies) but also have learned more details of present , past and future tenses; and new items such as Conditional and Reported Speech plus Passive voice and other grammar items...
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Classroom TESOL
I learned to have a better command of the english language...
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Class Good TESOL
From this course I have gained new knowledge and concepts regarding teaching english and teaching in general...
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Class Course TESOL
Personally, before starting this course I had already taught english for some years and over these years I have experimented and found some solutions about how to cope with many different situations and problems...
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Cheapest TESOL School
This course has given us a good sense of what will be expected from us in future ESL teaching jobs...
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Cheap TESOL Classes
This course has taught me the specifics of my own language and given me tools to explain the language to students...
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Cheap TESOL Center
I have looked at what I have gained from the following aspects of the course: Completing the tasks • Read the task instructions carefully and thoroughly take in what the task required me to do...
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Accelerated TESOL Courses
This course has given me great insight as to how it would be in the classroom and teaching english...
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