TEFL Reviews

TESOL Language Program
I have been able to reaffirm and solidify the knowledge that I have already gained by taking this course...
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TESOL International Course
For a long time I have been frustrated about how native english speakers “know english”, but in many cases are unable to teach it to EFL students because native speakers do not really know the “rules” of the language, but merely how to use it...
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TESOL Highly Accredited
The biggest advantage of this course is that through professional knowledge I acquired from the study materials I gained confidence that I can be a good teacher...
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TESOL Genuine
I have gained an enormous amount of ideas from this course...
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The biggest thing I have learned from this course is properly writing and organizing lesson plans...
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Having been a second language learner myself, it was interesting and extremely informative to study teaching a second language...
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TESOL Discount
I have gained a more in depth knowledge of my mother tongue...
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TESOL Courses University
The course prepared me to provide high-quality EFL instructions to english learners of any level...
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TESOL Courses Institute
I have learned a great deal of the english language which had either forgotten or never learned before...
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TESOL Courses Combined
I personally gained a lot from this course, which systematically sort out the knowledge for ESL teaching...
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TESOL Course Providers
The TEFL on-line course has taught me so much with regards to my own understanding of the english language, how to teach the language, how to plan lessons, how to interact with the students, and to make the teaching efficient, interesting, and enjoyable...
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TESOL Course Companies
This course has definitely given me direction as to how to approach teaching english as a foreign language...
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TESOL Companies
Although I am a native english speaker I have learned a great deal about the english grammatical structure...
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TESOL Colleges
At the end of this course I can say I feel more aware of the role I have as teacher; I feel more confident as for the way to deal with the class and its problems and I discovered a new way to submit and practice the grammar in class...
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TESOL Cities
I've really learned a lot throughout this course...
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TESOL Centers
This course was well structured and has helped me to gain a good overview of ESL teaching - I now feel more confident to begin to teach...
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TESOL Approved
First, I have gained a basis on teaching skills which will make my work (as a teaching assistant) so much easier in terms of classroom management, lesson planning and methodology...
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The two most valuable things that I will take away from this course are an idea of english grammar from the perspective of an english language learner and a better grasp of how to plan effective lessons...
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TESOL 4 Weeks
I currently work in a Nursery in spain and alongside this gave one to one english Classes to children...
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Teacher TESOL
Having had some experience working with ESL learners, I have to admit that I entered into this course expecting to simply go through the motions in order to achieve my TEFL certification...
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Teach English TESOL
I feel I have personally gained much insight into the teaching of english as a language but also teaching in general...
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Schools Weekend TESOL
I think that the conditions in which I took this course helped me internalize and see different aspects of language teaching as they occur in real life...
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Schools TESOL Weekend
This course has been a great learning experience for me in a variety of ways...
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Schools TESOL Teachers
This course has given me a much greater understanding of the technical aspects of english grammar...
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Schools TESOL Courses
When I first started this course, I had doubts as to whether or not I could be a teacher...
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Schools Running TESOL
Whilst doing this course I have found out that “anything” maybe used to teach english and that by using what I have around me I could find useful resources and ideas to motivate students to learn...
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Schools Fastest TESOL
There are a lot of things that I can count which I have personally gained from this course but briefly I would like to mention a few points...
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