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This unit focuses on grammar, various parts of speech, and the rules to follow for constructing a proper sentence. All sentences are made up of the same basic parts, always including a subject and a v
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The content of this unit covers the multiple kinds of present tenses, common errors or mistakes, and tips to help students understand them. The types of tenses dealt with in this unit are present simp
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This unit covered the types and the system of past tenses, which is very similar to the structure of the present tenses. Content included information about past simple, past continuous, past perfect,
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This unit has reviewed some of the present tenses, along with teaching the future tenses and their usage. Content focused around the seven most frequently used tenses, which are future simple, future
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This unit has focused on teaching the pronunciation of English along with phonology and phonetic script. Phonology is the study of speech sounds that make up a language, making phonetic script the sys
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Bar Nunn
This unit contained information about the 5 main conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing if (or sometimes when), that can refer to the past, present, or future, and con
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This unit has been about the various equipments used in a classroom and the different teaching aids available. Some resources teachers can use are whiteboards, over-head projectors, interactive whiteb
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Bear River
This unit focused on modals, phrasal verbs, passive and active voices, and relative clauses. A modal auxiliary verb is used to add meaning before other verbs and can be used to express various levels
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Big Piney
This unit focused on how to teach different special groups such as young beginners, adult beginners, individuals, and beginners without the Roman alphabet. Along with these groups, is Business English
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This unit was about troubleshooting, and how to make students more receptive and motivated to learn. A class can be made up of a new group or an existing group, meaning they may know each other and wo
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This unit was a review of the basic parts of speech. It included nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions. This unit also got more specific, explai
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This unit covers theories, methods and techniques used in teaching English as a second language. It also goes over the 'ESA' Engage, Study, Activate method in detail. The unit describes the importance
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The lesson is good because it offers good revision material. The structures and usage of the various tenses is an excellent presentation. I think that what needs to be learnt from this stage of gramma
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The lesson was well thought. Particularly, the explanations given for the usage of various times. As stated in the instruction manual, past perfect continuous is rarely used. It is that it doesn't hav
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This unit covered the present tenses, including present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. It explained the proper time to use each tense and gave many exampl
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This unit covers classroom management skills. It was a good review including how a teacher uses eye contact, gestures and the voice, grouping students, classroom arrangement, writing on the board, giv
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This unit covers verbs' past tenses. It includes past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tenses. The use of each tense is explained and examples are given. There is a l
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This unit covers vocabulary, grammar and functions. It includes teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures and teaching language functions. Each section includes a summary of what the stu
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I did a considerable amount of teaching English (and other topics), either to my friends, or their kids. And I was surprised to find out that a lot of the things talked about in this unit I did natura
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The techniques presented are up to date. Those are the challenges many teachers face in their line of duty. From experience, I identify with almost all the content of this unit. Simple mistakes in the
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This unit goes into the teaching and learning of each classroom. A good teacher should always be kind and patient when working with any aged student. The teacher has the job of understanding what th
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I have learned a more in depth look at the parts of speech in the English language. I learned how each part of speech has different variables. A noun has many types including common, proper, compoun
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I have learned how to build a basic lesson plan using the teaching methods in this unit. I believe that making a lesson plan with some or all of these methods and techniques will be helpful. I have
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I have learned about the present tenses in the English language. To really teach English you must have knowledge in all the tenses. We have learned about four aspects of the present tense. I need t
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The actions to be taken place in future are always difficult to express. This unit clearly differentiates the various forms of future tenses. The way future predictions, offers, promises are expressed
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This unit helps to make students familiar with the way native English speakers pronounce words. The symbolic expression of phonics and sounds is really helpful to clearly explain the sound formation o
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East Thermopolis
I have learned that taking the time to get to know your students is important. You need to know the school's discipline and rules and also how the student reacts to them. I am an introvert but I sho
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The availability and utility of various tools and equipment for computer aided language learning is discussed in this unit. The equipment developed from conventional to contemporary era of teaching he
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Elk Mountain
Unlike other countries, native English speaking countries use colloquialism and phrasal verb in their daily communication. In phrasal verbs, words used have other meaning while using them separately w
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Like in unit 4, I have learned a more in depth look at the past tenses. I have learned new games and ideas for my classroom. Learning all of the different tenses can take some time for the students.
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This unit revolves around the potential difficulties a teacher can encounter while starting teaching to different individuals and groups willing to learn English language, and the ways to troubleshoot
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Fort Laramie
UNIT REFLECTION: In all honesty, this unit was far too dense and included way too much information to be condensed into one unit. Even reading back over the material time and again, it is difficult t
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This was a difficult exercise. It was very dense and somewhat confusing. The instructions were sufficient, but nonetheless, not exactly crystal clear, if that makes any sense at all. Present Simple, P
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The general content consists of the good qualities associated with both teacher and learner as well as the different roles which the teacher must play throughout each lesson depending on which role ea
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The general content was over the various forms and types of grammar as well as examples for each. This unit also noted the difficulty both teacher and student would have in relation to the various exc
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In order to become a good teacher one must love teaching, be a motivator, allow learners to bring their experiences to the classroom and a good teacher must love children. A good teacher possesses ver
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Grand Encampment
Parts of speech is used in our everyday life through communication. There are different parts of speech such as verbs,adverbs, preposition, adjectives, conjunction just to name a few. At some point we
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The future tense unit was also very challenging as the other two regarding tenses but it is a very important aspect of understanding the English language and how the various tenses are applied in thi
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Green River
Theories, methods and techniques very interesting unit. As a teacher of Family and Consumer Science I learned new ideas in bringing across a lesson to students. This unit focuses on the different meth
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This unit is very effective to me. As a reflective teacher, I learned how to revise my teaching philosophy including the qualities of a good learner can only be achieved if the teacher carefully scrut
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The content was a good refresher course to me as a teacher and a learner. It directs me to the basic rule of grammar using the standard English. One of the best skills in teaching grammar is to under
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This unit talks about what makes a good teacher and an ideal learner. A good teacher seems to be aware of the different roles he can use in the classroom. He also understands the students language le
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This unit was very helpful, it demonstrated and highlighted the various expectations and guidelines to teach the various groupings of persons that would be taught English. The unit incorporated techni
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Plans to prepare for the classroom, how to prepare for disruptions in the classroom and how to have proper classroom control were explained in this unit. The various challenges in the classroom such a
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This unit covers the most important areas of the grammatical system. Such as: the different types of nouns, verbs and pronouns. I have learned that grammar has clear rules with lots of exceptions. I w
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This unit gives a brief introduction of what good qualities an impressive teacher should possess and also what makes a good learner. For teachers, they are evaluated by the personality and also the co
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This unit allows for each teacher to anticipate barriers to several circumstances they may encounter. Because of this unit, I believe I have better insight on the structure of the classroom dynamic be
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This unit was greatly supplied with information but to the point and useful. I was able to determine the differences in forms of verbs and I feel more confident in explaining their meaning. The unit o
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This unit was clear, concise and to the point. It didn't make a drawn out example of each type of tense which I appreciated. If a point is touched on for too long it becomes uninteresting and I begin
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La Barge
This subject was more difficult than others. I believe the instructors designed it as such to generate more thought to motivate the teacher 'in progress' to apply past knowledge of present tense to th
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