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During the process of learning new language, students need to be exposed to the language, understand its meaning and how it is formed and be able to actively use it. Therefor, teachers have to know ho
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This unit was helpful in familiarizing myself with the different teaching aids and classroom equipment that I will likely implement when teaching. The tips on how to best organize and use the material
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Unit one of this course focused on the roles of the teacher and student respectively, and their relationship to each other. It broke down the various aspects of the expectations teachers and students
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The future tense is one of the most complex tense systems a student will have to deal with during their experience learning english. Conveying the correct message and using the proper form will be nec
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I've been teaching English in Japan for just over two years now, but I got quite a few new ideas from this unit! "Engage, Study, Activate" is the structure I use in all my lessons, but I realized some
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In this unit I learnt of the various future tenses including future simple (used to relay facts, state predictions, and make promises), future continuous (used to refer to future events which are deci
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This unit was a good review for me in term of re-learning the different future tenses and their uses. As a native English speaker, I wasn't cognizant of the fact that there were seven common future te
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Unit nine discussed lesson planning. First we looked at how lesson plans function as an aid to planning, a working document for reference and a record of the lesson. Basic principles such as simplicit
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Unit Eighteen deals with Modals, Phrasal Verbs, and Passive Voice. It suggests that, due to the difficult and often confusing nature of the particles within phrasal verbs, they are possibly best taugh
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When I was in middle school and high school, I really enjoyed sentence mapping. 1) When = conjunction 2) I = personal pronoun 3) was = auxiliary verb 4) in = preposition 5) middle = adjective 6) sc
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This unit teaches how to be an effective teacher. In lesson one, I would have been unmotivated to learn. The teacher made students afraid to ask questions and I would have felt confused with the whole
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East Kingston
In this unit l have study about authentic materials to use when teaching English language.The teacher can create material during teaching English .Examples of created materials are flash cards,pict
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This unit talks about the unique criteria, function and responsibilities of a teacher and a learner. I have learnt what it takes to be a an excellent teacher such as been kind and caring in order for
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This unit covered different strategies for effectively managing a classroom. It covered how the proper use of class room organization, eye contact, and gestures can radically enhance the student and t
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This lesson provides an overview of classroom management with a focus on organizing and managing the class, and how to maintain discipline appropriately. I found this to be a great refresher on class
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In this unit I learned more about lesson planning. Lesson plans are useful for the teachers, because they help to have smooth and well-structured lessons. In addition, while planning, teachers can see
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Unit 8 on future tenses focuses on the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, 'going to' future, present simple, and present continuous. Each tense is distinguish
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Teaching Englihs could involve teaching to several different special groups including beginners, false beginners, business students, or perhaps a multilingual classroom. Each group requires different
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In this Unit, I have refreshed my knowledge about modal verbs, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modal verbs modify the meaning of a verb. For me, in this Unit, the most difficult part was learning abo
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In this unit I find very useful the roles and the descriptions of a good teacher, furthermore it is well defined who the learner is, what level the student may have and how to deal with it . I think
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Review the present tense meant exploring the four different differentiations of the tense, the present simple, the present perfect, the present continuous and the present perfect continuous. Although
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This lesson provides an overview of the different classroom tools that can be used. More so, it provides context on how to best use them and what to do to avoid problems arising. It then goes into d
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This unit helped me reflect again upon all the different roles I have in a classroom. It is very easy to confuse them or overuse them in a class. That is why I believe having a good understanding of t
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Lesson planning is essential to any classroom and ensuring that it runs smoothly. Although some schools of thought might suggest a more flexible lesson structure, it is still important that main focus
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In this unit, I got to go back and review basic grammar that I use on daily basis. I knew what nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs were, but I had no idea that there were different types within each
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This unit has provided many practical examples and ideas for lesson content. I found the most useful aspect of my learning has been the deconstruction of the lesson plan as this could be applied to a
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The unit provided insight to the different methods of teaching and gave examples such as Flash Cards, Gap Fills, Role Playing, lists, mime etc. I suppose this could or would depend on the level of la
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Great Unit and Techniques that were thoughtful and detailed. It would seem common sense that a teacher, building rapport between student and teacher is obvious. However, the seating techniques depen
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Most lesson plans focus on one of the main language components. The three main language components include vocabulary, grammatical structure, and the functionality of the language. All are equally as
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Once again, a review of the rules to the language I speak daily was helpful. First to review the quantifications of the conditional tense was a good exercise in their respective delineation. Learning
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Having learned many things about teachers from this unit. Looking back at the teachers I had in high school and the professors I have in college, I can see the many traits and tactics they employ from
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In this unit I learnt of the different methods of teaching, (including the Straight Arrow method, the Boomerang Method, and the Patchwork Method) and the steps contained therein (including the Engage,
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In this section, I learned that an important aspect of being an effective teacher is treating your students with respect, showcasing consistent behavior, and creating a positive comfortable learning e
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Pronunciation is the most negelected aspect of the English language teaching. they lack the confidence and training to teach such skill effectively. Native English speakers rarely learn phonetics in s
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This Unit tough me the conditional clauses and reporting direct speech. Conditionals are sentences, that have conditions. One can recognize them by the word ‘if’ in them. There are three 5 clauses
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This unit goes over productive skills, which consist of speaking and writing. Accurate activities focus on producing correct language and are applied in study phase. Fluency activities allow students
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Unit 13 was filled with new insight for me as a native English speaker. Topics such as stress, intonation, and rhythm rarely arise in my day to day life because it all comes as second nature to me. Ho
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In this unit, I received an overview of the typical resources in a classroom, including a white/black board and an overhead projector, which I was apprehensive about before this lesson because I have
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This unit was the one which I was most looking forwards to as it provides a practical scaffold for preparations before entering the classroom. Obviously you can be as adaptable and flexible as possibl
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Overview fo this Unit: This unit is mainly talking about learning and teaching English grammar is necessary, espacially to higher grade students. And it is primarily concerned with recognizing and cl
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Unit 19 focuses on teaching special groups including beginners, individuals, multilingual groups, and business English/English for Specific Purposes (ESP). When teaching beginners it's important to de
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The Units for Tenses, Units 4 6 and Unit 8 were the most challenging part of the course so far. However, Unit 8 was little easier to understand. Probably because I needed to reflect back to Unit 4 and
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Hampton Falls
This unit provides a broad overview of classroom management. The lesson not only covers various discipline strategies but also ways to command a classroom based on gestures, one's voice, and classroom
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Unit 15 focuses on evaluation and testing techniques that provide insight into level of students' knowledge and progress throughout course. The main types of tests include placement tests, progress te
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In this lesson, I learned the two receptive skills: reading and listening. I learned the two categories of motivation for these skills, as well as the specialist skills, which are predictive, scanning
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During this unit I noticed 3 things. One was that the Lesson Plan had an Engage, Study Activate and Activate which was not a true straight arrow as was taught in unit 3. Also the structure for the t
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Hart's Location
Unit 10 consists of watching two virtual lessons. In the first assigned video, the teacher demonstrates poor teaching techniques such as a disorganized lesson plan, shaming students for wrong answers,
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The material from unit 2 was a different pace after such an easy unit 1. I did not know that there were so many rules in the English language after growing up in Canada and being able to learn English
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In this unit I have learned about the classroom management. I have learned about the appropriate body language of the teacher. I find the note to avoid using eye contact during the pair activity to be
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Unit 1 - Teachers and Learners was an overview of teacher and learner characteristics and various roles in the classroom. We learned about the characteristics that make a good teacher, their personali
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