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Unit five addresses classroom management, and the many factors that go into running a smoothe and successful course. It covers the minutiae of logistics, i.e. the arrangement of the seats in relation
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As this unit states, the tense system can often be difficult for students to understand. The unit explained the present tenses, including the form, usage and active stage teaching ideas. It gave examp
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In this unit I have learned how to teach productive skills effectively. Speaking and writing are productive skills. The students possessing efficient productive skills are able to produce a speech or
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Sugar Hill
Unit 12 titled "Teaching Productive Skills" focuses on the writing and speaking aspects of learning a new language. This lesson emphasizes that both accuracy and fluency are equally important for both
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Unit 1 examines the role of teacher/student, the characteristics of good teachers/students, and an overview of different learning levels. The unit brought clarity to the relationship between teacher a
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Truthfully, this unit was quite difficult. It's difficult to explain how the rules of pronunciation that apply to the English language since there are so many instances where words are written with si
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Unit Fourteen, Coursebooks and Lesson Materials, discusses the various uses of different resources and materials, as well as their suitability for different teaching needs. It also provides helpful in
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This unit consists of two videos depicting how the teacher's attitude can affect the dynamic of the class. In the first video, the teacher was rude and did not provide the students with enough of expl
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In this unit I have learned about teaching the receptive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening. Reading is easier for the learners, as if they don’t understand, it is possible to read i
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Unit 12 focuses on teaching productive skills such as speaking and writing. Fluency and accuracy are major components of productive skills, both equally important although taught during different stag
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Unit 5 examines a variety of methods used to manage a classroom including eye contact/gesture/voice, student grouping, classroom arrangement, writing on the board, individual attention, TTT vs. STT, g
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This unit looks at the advantages and disadvantages of coursebooks, how to pick a coursebook for a particular class, and authentic/created materials. I've had to help with the decision of picking a co
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Receptive skills (reading and listening) are critical parts of the learning process and language acquisition. There two reasons for these activities are for a purpose or entertainment. Skills include
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This lesson was extremely helpful because lesson planning is the unit I was most unsure about how to implement as a teacher. I feel that I have learned the major components of a lesson plan, how to st
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Unit Twelve, Teaching Productive Skills, builds on Unit Eleven classroom model by moving onto the importance and teaching of speaking and writing, and the students' ability to produce and create their
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This unit about teaching phonology and pronunciation was the most difficult yet. Personally because I have never studied the phonemic chart, it felt like learning a new way of writing my own language.
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This unit covers different groups of students that we will possibly be teaching. Basically, ESL students can be classified into five different groups including: beginners, individuals, young learners,
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This unit review the four past tenses: the past simple, the past perfect, the past continuous, and the past perfect continuous. After explaining their construction the unit reviewed in which context e
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Unit 9 focuses on the skill, purpose, and structure of lesson planning. The unit begins by explaining the importance of planning (i.e. a working document) and being organized (i.e. check that equipmen
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From this unit I have learnt which qualities make a teacher either a good or bad teacher, as well as the qualities that make for a good student. I have learnt how to assess a students level of underst
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This lesson was useful in presenting a range of teaching methodologies, followed by practical steps for teachers. In particular, the Engage, Study, Activate structure was helpful to conceptualize what
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Waterville Valley
Unit 13 delved into teaching pronunciation and phonology. This expansive lesson covered everything from the International Phonetic Alphabet to articulation and the different areas of the mouth associa
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Unit Thirteen, Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology, focused on the necessity of phonics and phonemics to help to non-native speaker to learn and understand the many different sounds of the English la
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The Unit Ten video lessons were samples of lessons that were meant to illustrate the distinct contrasts between a successful lesson and an unsuccessful lesson- basically, what to do versus what not to
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Being a native English speaker I form sentences automatically and didn't realise the varieties of the present tenses which can be deconstructed. I have learned about the present simple form, the prese
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This unit goes over different types of teaching equipments. Basic principles of board work include starting with a clean board, writing clearly, keeping the board clear and easy to read, and cleaning
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Similiar to the present tense, there are four different forms of past tense. They include the past simple, the past continuous, the past perfect, and the past perfect continuous. The past simple is di
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This content covers the different teaching methodologies that have been developed over the years. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each. It then focuses on the ESA (Engage Study Activate
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In this Unit, we looked at the most common issues in the TEFL classroom. The first issue is how to start the classes on the right foot. During the very first lesson it is important to try to know the
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This section provided an overview and guidance for planning a lesson. It incorporates the ESA method into the lesson planning as well as grammar in the form of building a lesson about teaching grammar
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This lesson discussed the various resources a teacher could use in the classroom, including but not limited to: computers, OHPs, SmartBoards, video cameras, DVDS etc. This equipment can all be used as
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This unit gives an effective way to manage a classroom. A good teacher should know how to efficiently use eye contact and gestures to establish a good relationship with the students. Teachers should g
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This section provides an overview of grammar and the different parts of speech. It gave me confidence to accept the fact that while I do not understand all grammar mechanics, as most do not, that thi
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This unit helped me understand that although the word 'teacher' comes from the verb 'to teach', in fact, teachers perform many different roles throughout the lesson. Depending on the type of activity
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