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It's interesting to note why a student would need to learn certain aspects of language and why they wouldn't need to learn other aspects. I think a really important thing to consider is the type of st
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Amargosa Valley
There are many pitfalls for students learning reported speech and conditionals. In conditionals, there are many subtle differences between the types which can be difficult to grasp. In reported speech
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unit 1 examines the qualities , role and responsibilities of both teachers and students in a classroom .I learnt that a good teacher should be kind and patients, really love teaching , lively and en
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Ash Springs
In this unit, I learned about modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, and relative clauses. There are three categories of clauses, an independent clause, a dependent clause and a relative clause. A
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In this unit I learned about the system and structures of past tenses. I learned that all continuous forms feature some form of the verb to be, plus ing. All perfect forms feature some form of the ver
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This part so far has been the biggest challenge. These methodologies are not easily understood and takes quite a lot of thought to visualize and get the main idea of what each aim is trying to teach.
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Battle Mountain
The content in this unit outlined the key aspects of being a good teacher, as well as the key aspects of a good student. It was very helpful, because it discusses the needs for both the teacher and th
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It was interesting to see the different methods of teaching languages. Having studied two foreign languages, I have been subject to the pitfalls of standard teaching techniques used in public schools
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Unit 17 reviewed many of the teaching aids that can be used to help assist a teacher in their lessons. These teaching aids allow for etchers to make their lessons more interesting, effective and less
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Bennett Springs
Lesson planning can have a number of advantages. Primarily, they help the teacher to be prepared to teach the class. They give the teacher something to reference and insure that the teacher knows appr
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Blue Diamond
In this unit, I learned about how to deal with common situations that could be a problem while teaching a class. This unit showed me what to do with a first lesson and how to deal with a new group and
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A teacher should always modify material in order to fit the needs of their students. While textbooks can be helpful in supplementing lessons and providing extra practice for certain lessons, they shou
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This lesson taught about the integrative language skills: Speaking and writing. These two language tools are very different but are both used for the same purpose, which is to communicate in the other
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Carter Springs
Receptive skills, in contrast with productive skills, are about understanding language that has been presented. These skills are reading (for understanding written language) and listening (for underst
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Cherry Creek
I was able to gain a considerable amount of information regarding the roles of a teacher in a classroom setting. From there, I was able to understand deeply the importance of each role and tips on how
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Cold Springs
In this unit, I learned about evaluating and testing students, and the different ways of evaluating students’ levels and progress, as well as some of the common external exams that I may need to pre
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Crescent Valley
The topic pertaining to the conditional and reported speech given in this unit provides a great reference to people like me who needs reviewing in this particular part in English. The outline presents
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Crystal Bay
In this lesson, I learned about course books and lesson materials, authentic materials, and created materials. I learned authentic materials are more interesting and motivating because they deal more
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In my experience, my ESL students tend to default to passive tense when they are writing. I think that if they're able to identify the passive tense, it'll be easier for them to ensure they write and
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Well, this unit is all about introduction to grammar, whereby it briefly expresses parts of speech and some of their types and Speaking about what I learnt from the unit, Of course there is a number o
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Double Spring
The nineteenth unit has provided me a number of wonderful insights regarding on teaching special groups. From there I have learned that there are tips and reminders to be considered in teaching whethe
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Dry Valley
This unit is very helpful in regards to reviewing the present tenses of the English language, which can often be difficult for those people who are learning the language. In the unit, it reviews the t
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Naturally, from Unit One, I learnt a lot of things including qualities of a good teacher and how to apply them. different Roles of the teacher were among the things which inspired me much while learni
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18. Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice are also important in Emglish Grammar. Unit 18 , not only elaborate on how the above are used in English Grammar but also gives some ideas and aids on how
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East Valley
There are a number of resources that a teacher can utilize to help with lessons and supplement any course book. These can include archaic technology such as an audio cassette player or VHS tape system
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It's important to remind that students that when they are repeating what was told to them to another party, they should be careful with the time shift. If they were told, "I'm going to the mall today"
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This lesson, was very useful for me. This information, was helped refresh my memory, special about different variations of verb forms,prepositions,when i studied in junior school, this part of "early
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It's no wonder people say that English is very difficult to learn. The number of irregular verbs is intimidating. The subtleties of the different tenses could pose many stumbling blocks for the lear
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Fallon Station
Course materials can be helpful for the teacher and students alike, but caution must be used in their implementation. Going by a course book can lead teachers to use fixed lessons which aren't necessa
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Fish Springs
The fifth unit provided me a significant amount if insight on classroom management. I was able to understand the underlying importance on the proper use of eye contact, voice, and gesture which was an
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Fort McDermitt
As I have been teaching high school English for the past two years, I have had to do multiple lessons concerning parts of speech. However, there are certain things, such as gerunds and participles, th
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The future tense in English is complicated. It has been said that the more important something is to a society, the more terms they have for it. The future must be important to our modern society a
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This unit consist of the methodology, mistakes and feedback in the study of English.In this unity i have learnt that they are many methods that can be used in teaching English, the best method depend
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Gardnerville Ranchos
I feel I've gained a good idea of the characteristics of what makes a good teacher and a good learner. Arguably the most important characteristic of a good teacher would be to have a deep desire to te
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Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in the classroom. Thus in this unit i have learnt the different way
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unit 4 is about the present tenses which can be divided into : Present simple tense ( subject base form +(s/es)for the affirmative, (subject +auxiliary verb "do"+ not +base form ) for the negative an
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In this unity i have learnt that the students are paying much attention to the lesson unlike in lessen one.In the second lesson the teacher was making use of students names and the teacher also manage
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I have done several lesson plans in my work history. I was Chief of Training for the 4th Medical Battalion in the US Navy. I was also an instructor of Anatomy and Physiology and Electrophysiology at
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Gold Hill
I have learned the types of test and evaluation under this unit and it made me understand the purposes behind the conduction of these evaluation. Though evaluation help the teachers measure the level
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Golden Valley
I have learned a lot specifically about the tips on the usage and benefits of equipment and teaching aids. I admit that I am familiar with most of the teaching aids provided since I have some experien
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7. Vocabulary is very important to the students, especially at the early stages when students are motivated to learn the basic words they need to get by in the language. In this unit I learnt that ho
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This unit gives a good overview of all parts of speech and explains the different types of nouns and articles, what adjectives and adverbs are and what their purpose in a sentence is. It also elaborat
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Grass Valley
The needs of a class vary according to the type of class and the type of students. Generally, younger students require less inspiration to be motivated because they are naturally curious and want to p
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Unit 16 is about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing “if” (or similar such as when) which refer to past, present and future possibilities. I learned in this uni
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. Planning a lesson is very essential for a teacher because it acts like an aid to planning, a working document (a lesson plan helps you to keep the target and gives you something to refer to during l
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Humboldt River Ranch
The four forms of the past tense follow the same trends as the four forms of the present. The past simple involves conjugating to the past, usually by adding 'ed.' The past perfect involves the same c
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This unit elaborates on the parts of speech . Reading through this unit I have learnt alot on the various parts of speech ( that is kinds , usage etc) .I leanrt that teaching grammar will be very easi
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Incline Village
The eleventh unit which is all about listening and reading provides me a general review on the types and purposes of these two receptive skills. This unit also gives me an idea on how to conduct lesso
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Indian Hills
I have learned a lot just by watching the two videos of this unit. I have observed that the attitude of a teacher has a profound effect on the students’ learning just by comparing the two videos. Th
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Indian Springs
This unit talked about conditionals and reported speech, their forms, and their usage. I learned about their common mistakes as well as ideas on how to teach them. There are five main conditionals, ze
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