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As a brief understanding of this unit 3 A teacher must know when to be firm and when to leave the students it must know when to be firm and when to leave the students alone.The teacher must be flexibl
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Unit 15 contains information about Evaluation and Testing. There are 4 types of test: placement test, diagnostic test, practice test, progress test. Every type of test corresponds to the goals teacher
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As a brief understanding in this unit 4teaching new language for vocabulary, grammar and functions there are still some techniques and should have the teaching vocabulary in a way the students can und
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In brief overview of this unit, i have learned the principles of lesson planning to make it simple where I need to refer during my lesson and not try to script the lesson to have a precious time with
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In this unit I have learned on how to teach effectively to the students were English is not the first language is giving them an example or a picture so the students can understand and encourage them
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The unit 15 is about conditional and reporting speech. as for me It is most confusing topic in English. I have to pay attention on it, carefully. This Unit contains grammar ppoints, problems and solut
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Beacon Falls
The unit 17 is about Equipment and teaching aids. Many teaching aids can be used to make lesson more interesting and effective. There are boards, interactive whiteboard, overhead projectors, visual ai
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The use of course book in teaching English in class are very useful with cooperation of teacher's research into language, and looking for difficulties not been talked by the authors. Not basing all of
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There are different types of tests have been tackled in this unit and I have learned a lot from the beginning of this course that to become fluently English speaker needs more practice and daily used
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In this unit I have learned what is required to be a good teacher as well as a good learner. I have also learned how can I improve my performance as a teacher with different kinds of learners, accordi
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This unit about methods of good teaching will be very useful for my future career. Not only I learned about how to organize a lesson, or make a plan. I also learned what is right or wrong about correc
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The unit 18 is about Modal, Phrasal verbs and passive voice. This is the last Unit which is covered English grammar. . Modal verbs are used before the main verbs to add them meaning.I this unit we lea
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Learning a new language is a challenge, teaching a new language is even a bigger challenge. In my point of view teaching a new language which includes vocabulary, grammar and function is a very intere
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I am so happy that I could learn a bit more about lesson planning. It's so important for a teacher to have a good quality lesson plans and flexible as well. The ideas given for the stages are very goo
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The lessons are different in a very clear way, while the second one is easy and enjoyable the first one is confusing and hard. I mean not even I understood what was the focus language point at the beg
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The unit 19 is about Teaching special groups. This unit contains information about types of classes. In this unit we looked at some more specialized groups such as: Beginners, Individual teaching, Tea
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In this unit I especially appreciated the games. They are a very good asset to some of the activate stages of the lessons. Finding the correct way to teach receptive skills is important as well, espec
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With this unit I was specially interested in learning new methods beside course book, for these can create boredom and loss of interest for the student and even for the teacher. The use of real materi
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The topic evaluation brings always a bit of worries. Either it is for students as for teachers. The word test or exam gives people a level of stress that sometimes becomes the worst enemy of a good pe
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Unit 20 is about Troubleshooting. It helps to predict, extract and avoid problems in teaching. There are some difficulties teachers can meet with: New or exist groups of students, first lesson, how to
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First, very brief unit, too brief maybe, about teachers and learners. The content could have been more elaborate. In the context as a language teacher, what are some of the things (knowledge and skill
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Classroom Management is a skill of organising and managing the class. Good eye contact in the classroom is essential to establish good rapport with the students. Gestures should only be used to studen
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This unit covered a more technical part of english language. As mentioned as well that this part could be quite difficult for both students and teachers. I am thinking if any games or some class activ
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I found this unit quite useful since it reminded me some of the qualities of a good learner as well as giving me a chance to evaluate myself in general as a teacher. Just like some of the students fro
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This unit was greatly educational in more ways than one. First of all, it helped me understand the reasons behind each technique used while teaching and now I can better plan my lessons, especially wi
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As a teacher and a former foreign languages learner, I know that one of the most important yet more confusing parts of a foreign language is the grammar structure of the language. Starting from the si
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Communication between people is a very complex and ever changing thing. The teacher must create the need and desire in the students to communicate. Accuracy based activity,language is controlled by th
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Course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers. Authentic materials are real and therefore more interesting and motivating. Students gain confidence when they understand them.Created materia
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There are a number of ways to assess a student language level. Such as tests, tutorials. Diagnostic test is designed to tell you and the students what they do and don't know at the beginning of the co
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What I learned in this unit is that you have to be patient with students because every student learns differently, and at their own pace. Another thing I learned in this unit is you have to organized
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When it comes to classroom management, younger learners’ lessons can be troublesome as most of the time they learn through play and language acquisition isn’t always obvious however, when using th
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Teaching a new language can be very complex and finely detailed. I can also be overwhelming when not planned well. From selecting vocabulary to introducing a new grammar structure as well as teaching
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In my opinion, future tenses are one of the easiest to have students talking, especially teenagers or adult learners. Because everyone has a plan for a certain time in the future and predictions and s
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What I learned in this unit is how to check for students understanding the lesson plans by creating individual activities, group activities, and other different types of activities. Another thing I le
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In my opinion, lesson planning is a vital part of teaching. Planning a lesson not only gives the teacher a peace of mind and an easier application of the lesson, it also helps when the teacher needs t
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These video lessons were truly the best examples of how a teacher should and should not be in a classroom. In the first lesson I hardly restrained myself not to skip to the end and be done with it. It
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Deep River
Although productive skills seem to be more of an interest point of today’s learners, receptive skills are as important and as necessary as productive skills or maybe even more so. Because if you thi
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Productive skills are exactly what they’re named – producing using the target language. Students and sometimes even teachers often see writing skills somehow less important or do not have time to
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This unit was truly wonderful! I have always been able to use myself properly and explain to my students which part of a word to stress as well as intonation but it has been a really long time since I
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East Granby
In this unit, I found the chance to see how a course book can be beneficial for an ESL class. Ever since I have started teaching I have been preparing and using my own materials and to be frank it rea
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East Haddam
I strongly believe in the importance of evaluation however, being from a country where testing is used on every aspect of teaching, I’m not a big fan of testing. I understand and acknowledge why it
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East Hampton
Conditionals and Reported speech were two of my favorite grammar points when I was still a student. I found them fascinating because there are no exact usages in my native language. It wasn’t easy t
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East Hartford
The unit content is very precise and straightforward. I have to say, a vital point was that of considering that students are different, from different family and cultural backgrounds and teachers sho
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East Haven
when talking about parts of speech, the commonly seen and used words i.e "nouns", "pronouns", "verbs","adjectives", "adverbs" "conjunctions" make you forget how much work you need to do in preparation
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East Lyme
listening plays a very big role in communicational language development, even as a child, u listen first, to absorb all the language around you before you can begin to speak. a very crucial point made
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East Windsor
this unit presents practical ways to engage students, with various teaching aids, a lot of which have become standard and can be found almost anywhere. the advancement of technology has changed the wa
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class management is probably the most important part of teaching, from rapport building to getting the students' attention with warm-ups, to engaging and interesting class activities cover drill diffe
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This lesson prompted me to think about the various roles that a teacher plays in the classroom and the effects of each role on the students. Furthermore, the descriptions of these roles presented the
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This lesson refreshed my memory on the different structures of grammar in English. Not only did it teach me the specific concepts and names again, but it also demonstrated how to teach these very same
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From this lesson, I have learned the different ways that I could structure a lesson in order to be the most effective in the classroom. Furthermore, I was given many ideas in which to implement the ES
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